Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dayglo Day

It is highly likely that another significant long planned perp initiative was begun today; and that is to have me wear dayglo orange rain gear for some two hours, and then run me across town on an errand with some thousand or more gangstalking vehicles all adding in their contribution, however that is measured by my tormentors. I personally would never purchase dayglo anything as I cannot stand the sight of it, especially in the past few years where they seem to have overridden my normal "couldn't be bothered" reactions. But, as I recieved them "free" from the outgoing grower at the farm I was working at, they are my only reliable raingear. And I have worn plenty of differing kinds and colors, sometimes for all working days over six consecutive weeks in my active forestry field work days. Any of us crew members would trash the rain gear in less than four months and get more, and naturally the supply seemed to change all the time as to kind, supplier, fabric, features, and colors. And too, often the pants of one pair would be worn with the coat of another pair to extend the rain gear's wear duration. Never did I have any clue this was in aid of a covert agency that is absolutely consumed with the color of what I wear, eat, see, touch and all other possible interaction modalities.

Today's rain gear "event", the first in some 15 years, save one rainy day in the daffodil fields last year, was at least planned since 08-2008 when I recieved the new dayglo set. The occasion was that I was power washing moss off my parents' patio, and that the rain gear was essential for the splattering of moss and water while performing this task. And I had my new gumboots on too, purchased yesterday and left at my parents' place, not having brought them to my apartment. So in other words, I was actually dressed for the job, and in never-worn-before clothes, and it also came with the ongoing noise of the pressure washer, the hissing of the water as it contacted the concrete patio surface, as well as the prerequisite noisy overflying aircraft which included one doing aerobatic work.

I finished up the power washing job at lunch time after hosing the side of the house and the plants to remove moss particles and did the same for my raingear which was hung on the fence and hosed with a light setting. (That is, cleaned with water from the house's supply). After lunch I drove across town to get a pair of shoes that were on hold from yesterday, and then the rainstorm came on for the 20 minute drive. And as well, it was falling on me as I went from the vehicle into the mall and walked through to find the store on the opposite side. I had my clusters of gangstalking yellow vehicles, four at a time, and the regulars, the greyscale colors of white, silver-grey, mid-greys and black accompanying them. This same greyscale consort would also surround red colored vehicles (also in many (over 10) clusters), then deep navy blue colors, and even some green variations. There was only about two light tan metallic brown clusters for the 40 minutes of round trip driving. But what rain storm it was, and if you subscribe to this story, you will know that I don't experience anything by chance, but by total and unrelenting design down to the last crumb. Once I got back to my parents' place there was my raingear in the rain. It got its dose of hosing down with city supplied water, and then some 1.5 hours later, by way of the weather system delivered water.

I don't particular make a big deal of this, but as I am constantly fucked with as to where I get my water supply from, and how much water I can imbibe, not to mention swim in, it would seem that my tormentors were engaging in an experiment that was likely enhanced by having me wear dayglo colors. And don't forget that the reason for these colors being so bright is that they are constructively interfering matter waves, and from what I have learned, this is a good thing for the Surrepticious Sicko's (SS) research agenda. An interesting dissertation on colors and related energy theory is JK Harms, and it is very readable.

And I did wear my new shoes later today to the partime cleaning job at the car dealership and I was duly swarmed and gangstalked by the staff, reaching blatant levels of having these Fuckwits cluster around me, or constrain my egress for some 5 to 10 seconds in the hallway. It is simply amazing as to how many individuals "happen" to be around a corner, or are in the highly constrained hallway between the Sales area and the Service garage. This is only a repeat of the same thing erupting wherever I went when overt harassment started in 04-2002. But as the SS is so interested in my footwear, and my runners got ground down, it was time to replace them with some sturdier walking shoes.

The process of trying on the reserved shoes got problematic when the size 10 was a touch too tight and there was no size 10.5. I tried a few other pairs, but for various reasons, (read, mind-fuck) didn't like them or the colors. After some 30 minutes with minimal staff assistance, I tried on another size 10 pair of the desired color/style, and lo, if they didn't fit much better. All that pissing around for some 30 minutes at the store, walking around in various pairs of shoes, and enduring the visage of the 300+lb store assistant and it was all over once the magic pair was found. Back out into the rain for the drive back to my parents' place. I wanted to load up on the particular kind of shirts in a stretch cotton while there but got totally skunked for desired colors and size. Nothing new there; dashed expectations is all part of the torment, and I have no reason why.

Another earmuff wearing evening tonight; they are a dark metallic green color and might be the reason that I am getting more green colored vehicles on gangstalking duty. And they maybe the reason for the "varigated green" vehicle clusters; a dark metallic green vehicle with an insipid green (BMW 3 series, a Favored design) vehicle immediately following it. In fact, much closer than regular folk would drive.

Two city bus trips today, to/from my parent's place. My dayglo raingear was in my blue pack when outbound, and I thought I would get a significant freakshow over this, but they were reasonably restrained. I had my coterie around me, and their senseless seat swapping games, as well as the odd thuggy dude and skinhead, but not too many weirds. Coming back in the afternoon was a little different; I was coralled into a rear facing seat with a blonde woman on coughing duty behind me, and a freakish Fuckwit 50 y.o. woman in a burgundy hooded coat with hood up and over her forehead to meet her oversized sunglasses. Totally bizarre to say the least, this get up, but who knows, perhaps it was my mother in some kind of morphover disguise.

Enough for tonight, and onto more pressure washing tomorrow, and a successive Dayglo Day.

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