Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Bread Loaf, New Brown Color Testing

I eat one slice of gluten free bread a day, and that at breakfast loaded up with peanut butter and jam. It is a 95% chance the perp will infuriate me while applying these to my bread, but that is a given. But as it was the end of a new loaf, with brown colored crust on it, why, it was an opportunity to incite yet more rage-ification as it offers some additional brown color testing. Most TI's and regular readers will know that the perps are totally beserk about this color, and test it in all kinds of manifestations, not the least of which is my toilet. Anyhow, this form of harassment (rage-ification) at this juncture (new bread loaf) is not new, and is expected should they remind me of the circumstances. It appears my own recall has been subverted as I would recall this in advance, even with the loaf in the fridge before use. And I suspect as I use a slice each day, the white-grey part (rice flour, sunflower seeds and flax seeds) has an incremental diminishment of these "brown energies", and the sickos wish to be able to detect these remotely, they being too fucked up to seek cooperation. Which is why the bread now has variable slice thicknesses as well as non-parallel slicing. This creates more vairiation, and for them and their pursuit of all things brown, that is good. Just leave my fucking bread alone assholes, and stop the infernal "bread stalking", hounding me in public with bread packing gangstalkers or even placing loaves at strategic locations, e.g. street corners.

Another perp/sicko construct has been breached; the representation of external noise from outside and in my earmuffs was that the earmuffs would reduce the outside noise. But as of today, there are earmuff only noises that have no apparent causal from outside. For the record, they are hammering me with backup beeper like noise, high pitched regular beeps, but there is no source when I take them off. And it might be that instead of the regular pulsing backup beeper noise it is now assigned wavering tones through my earmuffs, and these are more perturbing in that one pays attention to them, unlike noise that is familiar.

Other interesting (har, har) activities for the sickos have been doing laundry, bed sheets with a few clothes, and the use of a yellowish artichoke pesto instead of my olive tapenade, a deep green color. The latter has been "unavailible" for the last two shoppings when it has been consistently availible for the past year. I don't suppose this inaugural use of artichoke pesto has anything to do with having a hair cut later this afternoon, but one never knows. As it is a new location it might have that color of walls or who knows what.

And lo, if there wasn't yellow colored walls and a desk at the hair stylists'. Can't win them all, not even any. I had my gangstalk crowd, some 15 or so, all around the first pedestrian intersection when outbound, and also a faux vagrant lying on the sidewalk, doing the concrete bonding thing they like to put on about every two months. A few other shiftless Fuckwits were on sentry duty at the recycling bottle depot, and it was just like always.

And lo, while having my hair cut, the Victoria Fire Department in their yellow and white trucks didn't make three drive-bys.

More yellow at the part time car dealership cleaning job; a yellow car has been in the Service garage for two days with another of the same model and color outside the same time. And a Volvo was also in, 6' up on the hoist and all wheels off to expose the brake rotors, with the new ones on the bench in brown cardboard boxes. The significance of this is that this is a XXX dealership, and not a Volvo dealership. (I also owned a Volvo or two for some 30 years). And too, still two Hondas in the shop, just "hanging around" with no evident repairs in progress, and a Honda pickup is parked immediately outside the shop.

One of the new Sales staff looks very much like one of my elementary school pals, one who sat behind me for a year. But at least he is friendly, and not like the some of the other tense and sniffy dudes who glower and parade around. I don't know if any of them are real salesmen or not, the whole scene is quite strange with them following so closely behind me at times, doing their turns or back and forths in front of me and the like. A big part of it is that they also like to be seen through glass, often the door I am cleaning, and even better if the glass transparency is temporarily worsened by spraying cleaning solution on it. I haven't figured that one out yet, as to why they pose through glass, or multiple panes of glass, in mirrors and other reflections. Very odd, and not just at the car dealership gangstalk show.

The sickos let me in on one of their games; having me look into acquiring (or the ruse thereof) an Antec Veris multimedia center for a drive bay insert in the PC. As it so "happens", there are Thermaltake, Lian-Li, Soundgraph and Silverstone versions; which suggests that there is something in common they are looking for with respect to this item, or family of items in all their versions and re-badges. Another one of those maybe notions, though they had me spend over an hour looking these over for the last two nights. Naturally I don't have the scratch to acquire one, especially with the job prospects becoming an issue with no responses for even a berry picking job. Perhaps the job prospects jerkaround is on the front burner, as it has figured prominently since 09-2008 when the daffodil bulb job ended.

I finally recieved the shirts I ordered April 30; this took quite a few extra steps with the firm not able to send me emails until I sent one to them, the printer not working to print a copy of the order, two phone calls indicating the items were sent May 04, then they didn't arrive and I phoned (May 16) and there was a "problem" with the billing that no one told me about (but was billed April 30 as I found out later), then the claim in the email that the first "chick" got fired for telling me it was sent and it was not, and then finally having it sent May 17 and arriving today, May 27. All that for one package.

Though I did note at the cleaning job tonight that a very similar packaging to that of the above shirts order was marked to be thrown out, and intended for me to handle and physically toss them in the dumpster. This fits the pattern of having me handle similar items in differrent circumstances, time of day or location.

Enough boring details, onto another day.


Anonymous said...

I think my perps leave my dreams alone, except for having strange tones and noises inserted into them, for whatever reason. I figure the insertion of artificially-generated tones (which kind of sound like a typical cheap keyboard synth, except the notes are being "bent" all over the place). And it sounds close to a pure tone, but again, has that Theremin like quality to it, like the tones are very "flexible" and being swept across a range of notes. There is one "note" of this type, seconds long, followed by a 2 seconds "steady" tone that resembles the first one. Again, it resembles a higher-pitched snoring noise with vocal chords involved. I guess the want to discover how those tones will affect my dream.

They do play around with waking dreams though, like when I was halfway between awake and asleep, and I found myself staring down the barrel of what looked like a long cannon, something like you'd see on a tank. I thought I was awake, and I saw this big cannon staring me right in the face. When I became fully awake, I realized it was the perps messing with dream imagery again.

Those tones I was hearing... I don't see how that can't be perp-generated. I mean, they were in my dream, as though the perps decided to rudely intrude into my dream with those sounds. They didn't sound like anything I'd hear in a dream, but my dream's plot did start to "revolve" around them.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think my perps leave my dreams alone...

They might for now, or even wipe the slate clean so you don't remember. I suspect the wavering tones, Theremin sounds as one example, are to keep one paying attention to the sound as this is a more alert condition and therefore more energetically active. And as it seems that they are remotely sensing our energies, this is a preferred state. I suspect this state of alertness is a basic brain stem region response, as they have been nailing me with masers (magnetic beam) through my neck above my Adam's apple to beget more localized energy interactions. The perps can now put anything in one's dreams it seems, and new have the capability to stop any kind of self-defence bailout energies.

Anonymous said...

It's so interesting that they can make us hear these sounds with no apparent source. The one time, I saw this woman I know, as a passenger in a car. I was a good distance away from the car, the windows were up, and her mouth was not moving, yet I can hear her talking. She kind of hinted to me before that it's one of their "ventriloquism" acts... she isn't talking, yet I can clearly hear her talking, and it seems physically impossible from my vantage point outside the car.

Anonymous said...

I remember one particularly bad dream, I figure it was in the REM stage... but it was a dream that started out OK, but the mood kept gradually worsening as it progessed. There were strange omens in the dream, like blackbirds that do that "chuck" sound (maybe Starlings)? The scenery wasn't scary, but the prevailing mood surrounding the dream itself was one of fear. Nothing in the scenery suggested that at the time, however, although the "lighting" in the dream, not necessarily the surroundings, suggested that dark mood. The scenery and plot would eventually follow, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with things I fear.

It kept getting scarier and scarier, till finally I found myself running away from something very frightening. It kept getting closer, but I found that my ability to run was severly impeded, as in, I wasn't getting anywhere, I was getting more scared by the second. This "running away" scene lasted about 15-30 seconds, and normally it would take no more than 2-3 seconds before I woke up. It was one of those deals where you are trying to run very fast, but are moving very slow, and the "monster" is inching closer.

It turns out that I should have been able to wake up from that much earlier than I did, and I was in a pretty bad state when I did wake up. See, I normally would have been able to wake up much sooner than I did, which would have "saved" me. That was back in 1976 to 1977 (probably '76), and I don't think they had the means of defeating bailout back then. There were strange things happening to me back then, but I don't think I had the Big Brother perps monitoring my dreams. I assume this is how it goes with defeating bailout... the dream keeps getting worse, and your actual physical being that is lying on the bed sleeping is being worn down in the process.

Back then, what they could have done is use some sort of sonic waves to affect the brain waves, and change the overall mood from happy and serene to extremely fearful. I'm not sure they could "see" into dreams and manipulate them as they can now. Like I said, probably with some sort of subsonic (2-30 Hz) sound waves beamed somewhere, it may be possible. I've read that ULF sound can affect mood in a big way, and it's not as high-tech as some of the means they are using today to manipulate mood.

It was probably no coincidence that back in those years, I found myself the target of bullying and information gathering. My perps are trying to tell me I was a target since 1975, when I was 6-7 years old. It makes sense the perps would start very early. When I was even younger, maybe 4 or younger, I had these curiosities with electricity, like I was always trying to plug metal objects (such as car keys) into 120 Volt wall outlets. I also felt strangely compelled to plug in appliances by having my fingers touch both metal prongs, getting shocked (120 Volts AC line voltage) in the process. It felt really weird, like a strange powerful vibration (the 60 hertz power waveform actually is 120 hertz, so I felt 120 vibrations per second). It was kind of a sickening sensation, and I could see my fingers and the air around them become ionized in a bluish color. I feel that subconsciously, I was compelled to do this (get shocked on purpose), and it must've given me some sort of unpleasant "high" that still felt "good".

So maybe the perps were watching me and my tendencies with 120 V electricity, and figured I would make an interesting subject.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's so interesting...

And it can go both ways, the noise ventriloquism. The clattering of footwear on pavement when approaching, and then not heard when walking away.

AJH said...

Answer to: I remember one particularly...

There are no coincidences, only lessons one hasn't learned. This was conveyed to me at least two decades ago by someone who was in on the deal. I think your "advice" from the perps is largely correct; they start sooner than one thinks because we don't want to admit we were invaded and have to recast our entire lives in a new context. I figure they were on me since birth, perhaps even sooner. The electrical outlet play and zapping sounds like it is straight out of the perp training manual; they like an extra large electric field every now and again, and have been known to zap victims in many other situations, including gratuitous ones. Many of the Duplessis Orphans were roundly zapped as part of that institutionalized depravity in the 1950's and 60's. One survivor I spoke with had shattered vertebrae high on his neck area, and normally one becomes a parapelegic when those vertebrae are damaged.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about that, too. There were some things that happened many years before I was born that makes me think I was a target years in advance of my birth. I was told one family member committed suicide many years before I was born, and he supposedly wasn't in a good mental state. I figured that could be one possible connection. Things seemed kind of out of place from the time I was out in public every day, i.e., going to kindergarten. In the safety of my own home, I was insulated from most perp activity.

AJH said...

Answer to: I have been thinking about that...

Not sure what "Things seemed out of place..." means. I have very few recollections from aged 2 to 5 and I think most were deleted by perp fuckery. The current freakshow (gangstalker variety) seems to indicate such. A long way of saying that I cannot compare my early experiences, pre-five years old, to that of othere TI's or even normals.