Saturday, May 02, 2009

Skunk Trip

An earlier visit to a work wear store where I get a discount due to my out of town brother's business ownership. But it was a bust; they didn't have any quality walking shoes, my deemed replacement for the runners that were discovered to have the sole partially worn off. It was a 15 minute city walk in each direction, and there was the usual arranged vehicular gangstalking in color configurations. The ambulatory gangstalking was on the light side, much like an expectable normal number of pedestrians out in that neighborhood. The big event at the store was to have a monster motorcycle out front, and the thuggish owner at the shoe section where I was looking. And lo, after exiting the store, there he was at his motorbike and doing the startup noise and roaring off, then circling the block to catch me in the opposite direction one further block away. I also looked for more shirts of the kind I like and the selection was piss poor. A total skunk as they say in sports fishing, catching nothing. Onto other stores and endeavors to see what kind of shoes are availible. One possible outlet is on my way to work, and the perps do love me to stop in stores along my walking beat. All the better to evaluate in-store versus out-of-store energetic interactions.

A noise campaign started up; a thumpy stereo from above (12" of concrete and steel), that can even get through earmuffs, wind howl through the base of the sliding balcony door, duly timed to "happen" after I pulled the preventitive masking tape off it a week ago, clunking from no ostensible source outside, faux water noise in the pipes and likely a few others. It is alway difficult to know as to keep the earmuffs on and suffer the noise that gets through, or just take them off and take on the noise at full volume. Invariably an annoying noise will erupt and "cause me" to put on the earmuffs. Obviously, this is a big moment for this noise confluence. And to add to that, a Harley-like motorcycle noise has just erupted, the most annoying noise of all. It doesn't even look stormy outside, and yet this micro-storm erupts outside this apartment, now lapsing into wind whine instead of the howl that was "prevented" (read, playing the perp games) by adding a new length of masking tape to the sliding door sill after doing battle with it as the tape wouldn't unspool properly. What the perps find in these constant games with adhesive tape I don't know, but it is so consistent that it becomes a subject of derision; seven years of abusive life rape and here they are, putzing with fucking adhesive tape and complementing its application with multiple noise sources.

Another round of doing month end financial accounting just ended; it was another brute force fuckover and plenty of yelling at the assholes due to cognitive dithering, finger control sabotage, typos, strange Quicken behavior, and a few extra debits "showing up" that weren't there the last time I looked at the display. Plus, my online bill payment didn't respond with a confirmation, and that will neccessitate a phone call to fix that problem. There have been far too many email and online glitches of late, and I cannot think how it could be so when such a concentration of glitches never happened BOH (Before Overt Harassment, 04-15-2009). As I wound up the abuse session with the assholes, the church bells started up for some 10 minutes and the wind howled outside. Truly a momentous event for a depraved sicko. It is totally insane I cannot be left alone to do this exercise in relative calm and organic competence.

Earlier, I got a phone call from the place that I ordered two shirts from, making out that he was going to resolve the email "problem" that erupted, and he mentioned that he had an email address with a letter "k" in it, which is not correct, not what I entered, and not what the first correspondent from the same firm indicated. (And it so happens, is that letter "k" is the one letter the perps never let me handwrite properly). Anyhow, just another well timed call, often at the end of a certain person's blog page, or else after a category, say, TI blogs. They do like it when I am reading blogs from other TI's, and an overhead rumbling noise was cranked up in advance.

Onto the science of remotely applied forces and mind-fuck games. Laser light used to make brain gamma waves; I don't get lasers aimed at me often, though to be fair, I assume they are plasma beams because there are so many anomalies in magnetic behavior around me, not to mention 400x normal readings in 2002. But this might be the reason I get headlights directed at me, and so many Fuckwits sitting in their vehicles at the curb with their headlights on. And never mind the extra light sources in the daytime from nightime lighting that happened to stay on. All to seeming create gamma oscillations for the Fuckwits to remotely detect, especially around the brain stem area where they are still at it, even a year later.

Getting zapped and laser/plasma beamed at the same time? Old stuff for me, having been through this particular fuckery after being hunted down in the streets of Seattle in 2002 with these very devices. What the perps needed most was to get their sickos in reasonably close to get a better energy read off me to then calibrate the zapper device. I had no idea such devices were availible, let alone trained on me for some Fuckwit's jollies in pissing me off. I actually saw one person near me get nailed instead of me as I had just started to move and the beam nailed this woman 2' from me in the doctor's office waiting area. This is the kind of sick shit they do, hunting down innocent victims to nail with zapping beams. I haven't had one for a few months, save the odd "static electricity" like zapping of my hand when grasping an object. Hard to know if that means progress or not.

I did my cleaning job tonight, and Saturdays are when I get to arrive earlier and get a few extras done. For the first time in a week the entire Service area floor got wet mopped, normally I only do high traffic areas, save obvious spills. I was the bait for this series of vignettes to play out; one of the saleswomen appeared to have consumated a deal with a E. Indian couple with a small child in tow. I got to see them at her desk, then later at the other side of the building through the glass door of Service that I was cleaning, and later through the upper windows of the Service upstairs area. Later, I was vacuuming in the upstairs Sales admin and the saleswoman happened to replicate my activities in part by first going to the cleaning closet, getting a plastic bag, then walking past me in the hallway and going back to the lunchroom that I had just vacuumed. A short time later she was on me again, happening to pass by me with the vacuum set up outside an office she dropped something off at. The buzz from the perps was this was an exercise in detecting her energetic interaction with the E. Indians via me being exposed to her. Anyhow, it is all too complicated, though it could explain why the perps often pull E. Indians and negroes from my proximity in short order.

Other games was the boss man changing his story; I told him about the mysterious tar patches "showing up" in the Service area that were uncleanable a few months ago. He told me it was the "floor man's problem". Fine. Then yesterday he started scraping them off with a knife, and today when I asked him about whose responsibility these tar patches were, he says the floor man only does linoleum, and as these were ceramic tiles it was up to me to clean them. Another story change, and who knows what the deal is, save the perp's obsession over petroleum, tar and asphalt products.

On the glitch path, my attempt to resolve the above curious online bill payment was itself glitched; the "phone network" was busy for crissakes. I never had so many problems with glitches before, and now they are compounding.

And the planted ideations about summer employment seemed to have abated. I applied for a vineyard laborer job as it would be a perfect complement to my once wine making interest. For the next two days after emailing my resume they kept planting notions as to how the job might be and what I would be doing. All this without hearing a peep from the prospective employer. Now, six days later still no word, but for me, that is "normal"; no further contact. But why all these planted ideations that are totally useless for a scripted job that did not materialize? I don't get it, save the FUD angle; keeping me in the murk. And now the job notion is to send off my resume for some inside warehouse jobs, but when it came time to do this, some other online distraction erupted. All the fakery and fuckery over this topic, and then the ideations as to what the job might be like; totally absurd.

This one is done for the day, dull as it has been.

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