Thursday, May 21, 2009

Direct Sunlight Cycling

The unusually quick changing, almost flickering, direct sunlight and seeming mixed cloud conditions are proceeding, along with contrast altering games on this LCD, even as I type. The usual plethora of maser and plasma beam interference has also been ongoing since starting online since 0745h. Another early awakening at 0630h with freeway like noise conditions that abated anytime I looked directly at the two lane secondary artery outside, the putative source. (Same one in many of the pictures, running horizontally).

Part of the perp excitement might be that the laundry is on; a towel laundering was unexpectedly undertaken after last night's skin hacking; another of their signature ovoid lesions was inflicted while nut shaving and that meant much blood on the towels again. This kind of fuckery has been increasing of late, these "blood samples" that were once just for face shaving, and yet not razor cuts. I get the "pore bleeds" on my face and the ovoid hacks on my torso where shaved. Last night was a logical advancement of their ongoing skin lesion infliction games. Often, the facial pore bleeds will "self erupt" some hours after shaving, even into the evening.

Off to yoga shortly, and with the grooming ahead of time, e.g. skin hacking & bleeding, laundry and extended online time in advance, this should be a major gangstalker show.

I saw the dentist for teeth cleaning, and there was extra tooth sensitivity that cost an extra $110 for the face time with the dentist, X-ray, and ice testing. Nearly all of my dentist visits have been preceded by some "sensitivity" two weeks ahead of the dental hygeinist appointment, so it seem that this fit the pattern for extra delay, moving me to another chair, waiting and then getting nailed for the extra tab. I don't have a dental plan in this disability setup, so I pay real cash, and I don't need the expense. One could be sure if I didn't go to the dentist the assholes would devise some stunt to get me there. They like to have this same aged female dentist have some face time with me; first with the face mask and closeup specs on, then later with just the face mask, then full face, and finally full face with glasses on. All this takes place at the same dentist office as the former dentist got back pain and had to retire early. It does make me wonder if the perps didn't pull the back pain stunt to force him out and have a female dentist in his place effectively, having bought the practice.

I had my freakshow (aka Unfavored demographic group members), around me at the bus stop, some of them making deliberately strange moves, incrementally getting closer to me and then looking at the bus schedule on the pole near me, sitting down for a few minutes and then taking off. Another vagrant act managed to attract the police attention, replete with skinhead male and blonde female police and the white van with red and blue flashing lights. And this served also to constrain the passing road traffic down to one lane less as it passed by the bus stop. I have given up on the number of these feints and stunts.

Another "feature" today was having a "fellow traveller" in each direction, someone who gets on and off at the same bus stops as I do. A dubious dude when outbound, and an Asian woman with a violin case when inbound, and both with extended delays in getting on the bus, as it is coming late more often.

More WTF games while at the part time cleaning job. It has been a busy day; one laundering with double drying cycle for the towels, yoga, dentist, and the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. At yoga we had a different instructor, an unannouced substitute, but a good session nonetheless. They might have put her on for the fugly reddish hair dye job she had. They put the negro woman in the class again, and had two latecoming women set up their mats on either side of her. Kind of like the vehicle gangstalking, put the problematic color (skin in this case) between better reference gangstalkers (regular yoga classmates, now 2.5 years). On my way to yoga they had the streetworks gang on asphalt road crack filling and then spreading sand over it for whatever reason. The dudes on this job did some 90' of road N. bound only when I first sighted them headed for yoga. Over an hour later they had moved some 35' of road (two lanes). One more hour later, they had moved another 45', this time sitting in the intersection with their vehicles, blocking bus egress for at least two traffic signal cycles before it could arrive at the bus stop where I was waiting to take it to the dental appointment. I had my usual consort of weirds at the bus stop, some five of them ready, and even had the police come to "visit" a Fuckwit/faux vagrant in a brown hoodie that had been doing some bizarre ("just stand there") things moments earlier. So, while waiting for the bus that was over 10 minutes late (more exposure time to the gangstalking freakshow than planned), the police van with its blue and red flashing lights was also constraining the flow of road traffic on the one way route where I was at the bus stop.

Repeating myself here I see; I am not allowed to know about it when it occurs as my capability to detect repeats has been fucked with, now doable for the past 1.5 years or so.

The boss man came early to the cleaning job tonight, not giving my usual 30min. of quiet time before he arrives before he ramps it up with a "quick job tonight". And he meant it, as he was pulling out by 1830h when we normally stay until after 1900h when the staff were all gone. He hadn't been there more than 45 minutes, which tells me that is all about the perp games. The gangstalking staff dudes were all over me tonight, "happening" to do their back and forths at my every turn. Then a bizarre couple "happened" to be in the Service garage (no public access) when I returned to there while the boss man was on his motor scooter, ready to leave. They wanted a car seat from the silver grey vehicle 5' up on a hoist. A Sales staff/gangstalker came through, giving them a perfect cover story to be all hanging around when I drained the brown mop pail and walked it past them. The Service guy was also up to some strange things; first he was tromping around upstairs in the washrooms as he often leaves a "deposit" there for me to encounter. Then no one came down, and some five minutes later I was in his work area doing his garbages and I hear this clunking behind me, and he was behind a wall, passing through the entrance way. I don't get it, how did he arrive without making a noise (5' away)? But this dude has been known to teleport to other parts of the building before, appearing and disappearing to protract his departure, also to arrive from an unexpected building location/direction, as well as to do the gangstalking thing.

A Fuckwit from last year's farm job also "happened" to be in the Parts section when I started work tonight. He was dresssed in a baseball uniform and was sauntering around, doing his reprise "back and forths" gangstalking. As far as I know he is not on the staff, but was "just circulating" in the most locked-up section of the car dealership. Fucking bizarre.

Tonight's egress inhibiting car arrangements in the Service garage at the car dealership were to have the deep metallic green vehicle next to a black vehicle and a red one on the adjacent hoist, 5' up. I had to partially pass under the hoisted vehicle with a 1.5' passage way to ensure that the boxes and garbage bags I was carrying got plenty of contact with the green vehicle.

Other games were to step up the negro gangstalkers; three encounters on the same block of the same street. There have been flurries of Fuckwits on the sidewalks, as if it were still Christmas time. They even put on a seven strong herd all walking together when I first exited the yoga class. The weirds were thick for the first two blocks, one being the above mentioned brown hoodie act who just stood there at the intersection, not taking a pedestrian crossing in either direction. It was a near obstacle course to ensure that I didn't get to walk in a straight line it would seem. Extra Fuckwits were posted outside the bakery, in keeping with the perp obsession over bread, aka, "breadstalking". The loud 2 cycle motorcycle Harley noise has also been predominant today; at least 10 independent encounters, not including those that I routinely hear from this apartment (as I write about it) or while on the cleaning job.

I just finished a screaming session with the sickos; they would not let Windows select, copy and paste function work in Yahoo email, and instead, selected blue text for flashing in reverse video. Therefore, I had to type by recall, as fucked as it was by insane impositions, and type out five names and product numbers to a potential seller and installer of PC components. This is all about getting started on a bigger power supply unit (PSU) to run a video card for this PC. As I mentioned in a recent blog posting, the last PC "happened" to get a new power supply some six months in advance of the motherboard going kaput. The perps like to have long lead-in times for new PC components. One wonders if they even go so far as to get it directly from the factory and dispense with any possible interactions with shipping palettes, shrink wrap, cardboard boxes and the rest of the packaging they are so obsessed about. Or perhaps, they get one customized with their chosen wire insulation colors and other changes deemed to be harassment abetting.

I got plenty of coincident noisestalking while vocalizing my vexation with the assholes over fucking my Windows cut and paste functionality. I have been using insufferable Windows for nearly 18 fucking years, and here they are still screwing me around. And much overhead clunking also erupted and the outside faux freeway noise has also been amped up. Obviously, this is a big Fuckover day, and the silliness at the part time job site was but only one example.

And I should mention there seems to be an inculcation aspect to recent perp actions; that is, keeping me nearby Unfavored demographic group members for sustained durations; at yoga, at the checkout (skinheads, negroes) and at the bus stop and on the bus. A "hold me to the fire" strategy is emerging after grooming me for years on fleeting looks at said Fuckwits/Unfavored specimens. Definition of inculcation:

To impress (something) upon the mind of another by frequent instruction or repetition; instill:

And I see the headscarf traumatization (speculated) remediation games are also continuing. There is something I don't like about the sight of headscarfs or hair adornments, and it is noticeable that the perps make sure I get cranked up about it. So..., as mentioned in a recent posting, the assholes are arranging their shills to have a scarf around their necks, and presumably, after a suitable inculcation/remediation, they will start putting them on their heads. I wonder how all that bullshit started, though; it is interesting that the perps have been arranging some nun scenarios while doing internet surfing. They ran the so-called orphanges in Quebec in the reign of terror for the Duplessis orphans/human experimentation/abuse. And, as regular readers will know, I lived in Montreal for two years, 1956-7, 1958-9, and have nearly no recall as to what transpired there. Or, how I got there, as I would of surely remembered a three day train trip, still the parental choice of travel into the mid-1960's.

Just one remaining picture from the last batch, the "forgotten" one of the strange stacks on the apartment building. These are extended plumbing stacks that need to be only 12" high or so, off the roof to equalize air pressure in the waste systems. And yet this apartment has them at least 3' tall. And to no surprise, they have become the source of masers that project from them and toward me, especially when waiting at the bus stop. Do other TI's have this peculiar kind of roof enhancement?

Taken 05-13-2009

This one is done for the day, and hopefully less provocations and fucking games are scripted. Maybe they take a Memorial Day holiday as well, a small reprieve from constant swearing at the assholes.

With sirens screaming in the background; not yet. Here is an interesting whistleblower link, Annie Marchon, and she is on a speaking tour and will be in this very city, the gangstalking capital of Canada May 24. I am intending to go, but one never knows what the perp Fuckover script will be in the no-reserved seating arrangements. More Unfavored Fuckwits perhaps; a red haired dude with a bald girlfriend?

I learned a new word today, Agenticity from: Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World. That makes me an Agenticist, a believer in an overseeing agent cum Supreme Fuckwit that hounds the living shit out of innocents all because they traumatized them as a child, and haven't yet figured out in over 54 years as to what they fuck they did, as recall wiping wasn't enough. Not my problem, so why am in the middle of this sick prison, and invaded up my asshole and to every last thought? But of course the article doesn't broach the topic that some people are truly hounded by onmipotent (almost) forces that lack the gumption to front for their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda. I never would of believed it myself that harassing someone over fucking bread crumbs for over seven years would be important to someone so fucking insane.

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