Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mouse Lockup

I am getting more PC mouse lock-up games of late, especially early in my web browsings, and nearly always locked up with red colors in my face. Access to the tabs and Firefox Bookmarks display both get frozen and I am being forced to look at some fugly reds for my tormentors. Why they do this a small portion of my online time I don't know, and it is not as if I don't see enough red in any given day. And too, they can add red where it is missing; about two weeks ago they had two red vehicles in file pulling up the intersection I was crossing on foot and a third red vehicle parked beside them, some 8' from the last most red vehicle. So what did they do when they didn't have enough red coverage and that gap between a parked and mobile red vehicle? Why they put on a red colored plasma cloud between them for a continuous red colores display. Just another day in this insane alter-bubble they maintain me in.

It was a yoga day, and I had a host of Fuckwits on me as soon as I got out, more than usual. Not only did I have two grey vehicles parked outside the door I exited (and that no one else uses for some perverse reason as it is the most direct route), and that one of them paralleled/followed me walking down the street, but also some six Fuckwit blackshirts/jackets ahead of me, walking in two parties, the larger foursome doing a full sidewalk sweep in advance, some 10' ahead. The front two who were some 3' in front of the rear four split N. bound at the first intersection and the foursome proceeded to maintain their gangstalking by leading ahead of me as I turned S. bound. And they swapped around and effectively blocked me from passing them on the sidewalk until the first street intersection and arranged themselves to cluster rightward so I passed them on my right. The rest of the walk back was filled with the Unfavored demographic group members; red haired, big hats, bald heads and even two native Indian dudes huggy moment where they embraced at the corner of the traffic controlled intersection nearest this apartment. A third native Indian walked ahead to act as some kind of mobile reference I assume, leading ahead while the huggy dudes continued their absurd act at the corner.

I don't know what all the gangstalking and noise excitement is all about as there are many candidates based among the many events the perps find fascinating. I did laundry this morning, a nut shave last night, spent the morning before yoga in my black workout pants while both pairs of jeans were laundered, and was in a black Tshirt as well. All dressed in black, and having been "groomed" for some two hours in advance, not changing before immediately going out. That too is of no end of recent excitement for the perps, variations in how soon and where I change in or out of clothes, including coats.

At yoga I had the "usual" plasma beams flitting or sitting about, and the infernal crumb eruptions under my hands when I wanted to place them down. At least five such events where some kind of grit "arrives" on my hand immediately before placing it down on the mat. I usually brush my hand on the carpet immediately beside the mat to remove the crumb. Most times I don't look, and this maybe entirely faked by way of invading my touch sensation cognition.

An interesting site was "discovered"; Stop Alien Abductions by using a "thought screen" helmet. It is a hat lined with eight thicknesses of Velostat, that electrically conductive material in which sensitive electronics are wrapped. I found the site fascinating for the stories and testimonials as to the effectiveness of the protective hat and their experiences. Some abduction victims report that the hats are getting stolen as they are too effective for the alien's harassment agenda. And too, many of the abduction victims as well at the site author claim that their thoughts are monitored all the time and that one's intent can be re-directed or blocked. I found it interesting that the abductees are essentially targeted and harassed and even assaulted sometimes. The degree of intrusion is only different in its constancy, and often their recollections are allowed to remain, creating traumatization associations. Even the children are drawing accurate pictures of the aliens and their experiences.

Back in the relentless disruption harassment days of 2002, I ordered a hat with a liner that had a electromagnetic sheilding properties from and it was stolen within a few days. I ordered a second one and the assholes had pulled out the lining and put some non-shielding fabric in its place. I ordered a third one and it was similarly sabotaged as well. To provide shielding I sprayed the inside liner with a spray on metallic shielding compound and some weeks of not wearing the hat, "forgetting", the assholes had picked off the metallic coating. That was the last time I invested in countermeasures, but when something gets stolen, or goes "missing", one can be sure they perturbed the perps. I find it interesting that the above site recommends that one keep the thought screen helmet in a locked cabinet to prevent theft. I am quite sure the aliens/perps could steal it if they wanted but perhaps they are concerned about violating conventional physical forces and our concepts of object permanence. Not so with me.

I did the cleaning job tonight and their were a number of feints and jerkarounds. The latest is to foil my finger control so to prevent me from picking something up off the floor, very often the pebbles and debris left behind by the suddenly dimished vacuum cleaner capability. The boss man claims it is the vacuum cleaner bags but those are the same ones we had before. And I see that in the Service garage that the only route to the dumpsters is still underneath the hoisted silver grey vehicle and beside the one of the same color that is parked below it. This little pinch play was also set up yesterday, and I find it fascinating that the same two same colored vehicles would be in the same orientation two days in succession. Never mind the fact that usually service is completed in one day, never mind over 24 hours of hoist time.

I suppose the perps might also be interested in the fact that I cleaned my own bathroom today, and even the toilet where they put on red algae growing games to annoy me all the more. I get brown algae growing on my dishes drain mat within 24 hours of cleaning with soap and hot water, so I am sure it is my tormentors playing yet more games.

The endless games over employment prospects continue; these jobs that I am interested in are bookmarked, and "magically" I forget about them and so many are withdrawn by the time I "happen" to get it together and attempt an application. I don't know what the perps get from these repeated bookmarkings and then mind-fuck impasses to further action, but it has "happened" so many times to be anything but a ordered vexation generation exercise.

More games playing pretend PC builder. Interesting that the perps will arrange a search outcome on Newegg with the pictured PC cases as the same size as the power supply . Playing their scale games again.


Anonymous said...

What about "animal stalking"? I seem to encounter stray cats at strategically placed locations along my walk. Also, I get a lot of people walking their dogs, and they sometimes are the vociferous types (very loud barking). They like to leave their dogs outside at night, so they can have them running all along the fence barking at me. Usually there will be themes: when I start my walk, there will be the small yapping dogs. At the end, there will be the big, "woofy" deep-voiced varieties, e.g. German Shepards, Saint Bernards, Rottweilers.

Anonymous said...

Red is highly charged color for a lot of TI's. I once had a man wearing a all red suit and hat stand behind me on the dance floor, just staring at me. My friends pointed him out. He didn't even apologize, or seem embarassed.

He just stood there, staring, while I danced with my friends. It was totally agressive and deliberate that he wore red. Just yesterday a woman wearing red snow boots (of all things in the spring!?) and a red trenchcoat got onto the train. I am convinced she was a plant to scatter/confuse any possible targetted people on the train.

AJH said...

The dog walking gangstalkers are prevelant in my experiences, more lately, in the past two months. I surmise that this is in aid of psychic energy detection; animals and children are more sensitive to psychic energies, and that might be the reason both these gangstalker props have been increased of late. I now nearly always get one or two baby strollers on every city bus trip leg, and dog walkers on each leg of my daily two block trip to the part time cleaning job. And I surmise that the dog barking noise is likely processed by a more psychically sensitive part of the brain, hence it too increasing of late, even without a decent cover story in this downtown neighborhood.

An interesting dog related anecdote; when growing up our family had two Newfoundland dogs, serially with a year or so between them. When I had my own place and was married, I had a Newfoundland dog for some six years, succumbing to premature cancer in 1988. A nice breed, save for obedience problems, but always gentle. So..., on the past two city bus weekday N. bound trips to my parents' place to do power washing, the perps arranged a Newfoundland dog lying down on a small grassy patch with the owner doing "stand there" duty. This has occured at least five times in the past year, and was there again three days ago. The putative story is that the dog and owner are taking a short rest at the end of the street before turning around and I "happen" to pass by on the city bus. The next day on the same timed bus at the same location was a different Newfoundland dog and owner doing the exact same thing, taking a seeming rest stop at this same patch of grass. Go figure.

Dog picture:

AJH said...

Answer to: Red is highly charged color...

The red color stories could be its own full time blog. There seems to a few major perp reasons for it. I suspect that I have some kind of trauma association the perps like to emulate and then beable to model and then ameliorate. But also it is the color of blood, and likely has some kind of energetic interaction with other bodily structures and substances. The perps will often put a deep green or blue colored prop (or clothed gangstalker) in front of red objects, seeming to create a color combination that occurs inside blood vessels (deep green or blue often). Needless to say, I am totally fed up with this color flashed at me as often as it is; even towelling my face dry "begets" red flashes, or similarly, when closing my eyes. It is endless as it is totally insane to attempt to quantify blood color energetics in live nonconsensual human subjects by remote means. And too, blood has its own magnetic properties, and their big push when going into overt harassment in 2002 was (and still is) to keep me in a constant magnetic field, measured at 400x normal back then. So it seems every so often the perps need to do a blood analysis in situ, and on an expiring victim, hence these massacres IMHO. They must of been totally deranged when starting this overt life rape for the impossible sources of variation that they cannot yet understand or model.

Anonymous said...

I get a lot of green variants too, for some reason, and I suspect it has connections with the lawn mowing I need to do every week. In particular, there is a very light yellowish green they sometimes use, but on rare occasions.

Funny how the other day, two vehicles were parked side-by-side, and the two drivers were conversing for a period. After they drove off, I saw one of them must have "lost" his or her umbrella, which was green, and it went blowing away in the wind. It was fully open, too.

I get persistent color themes with Marlboro cigarette packs left at strategic locations. They like to do empty cigarette box stalking: each brand "means" something different, such as Newport, Marlboro, etc. I also get crushed soft drink cans, and sometimes half-full plastic drink bottles, usually containing orange soda. For what reason are they left half-consumed, I wonder? Probably the color or properties of the liquid inside? Sometimes it's the standard dark-brown cola color.

AJH said...

Answer to: I get a lot of green variants too...

The cigarette packages might be there because of the brown tobacco content (and residual brown energies) and the red packaging. These are internal bodily colors, and are likely the reason they always rage-ify me with provocations when applying peanut butter and jam on toast at each breakfast. Similarly for cola cans, and other brown colored drinks. Having a partially emptied can or bottle allows the perps to separate container and contents interactions with their chosen victim/subject. Thanks for the comments.