Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Second Dayglo Day

Another four hours spent power washing my perp abetting parent's patio in dayglo orange raingear. Today, none of the faint rain or rain after the job; it was full-on raining on me while I was power washing, and has continued into this evening. I don't quite know what the perps' interest is in the sources of water that I encounter, but it was quite clear that yesterday they wanted to separate city water use (power washing) from rain water encounters. They had me go across town to get new shoes before unloading the rain on me yesterday. Today, it was combined. I also note that a city water line was pulled up and relaid a block from my parents' place, so perhaps this is all part of the water games.

I worked four hours straight and without food, finishing up at 1400h. As it "happened" the E. Indian vacuum cleaner man was in the house with my mother who had just arrived when I got into the house. I had to wash my face and dry my hair with a brown towel to the sound of him jabbering with his sing-song accent that is so unique to E. Indians when they learn English as a second language. Then they were lined up for me to walk past them after the brown towel use when I had departed the bathroom and was headed to the kitchen for some food. Keeping me going longer without food is always a big deal for the perps as it seems they don't fully understand the energetic interactions, both for digestion activity and for food color. This E. Indian vacuum cleaner salesman has been a multi-decades long association of my perp abetting mother and her vacuum cleaner obsession. A new one every two years for a while, and she still has two powerful Electroluxes. It is interesting to note that the last time I saw this E. Indian salesman was in 2002 when my father was still relevant, but obstinate as always and we were at loggerheads over the source of the harassment until the E. Indian was scripted to arrive and the disagreement ended. Those were the days when I had no idea the fucking parents, collectively called the First Feral Family, had consigned me to this abuse from the get go and knew that I was set up for overt harassment years before 2002. I have been invaded and directed with stunts and jerkarounds all my life, all for the sickos that pull all these strings. And here they are, still dicking with with water sources and their energetic interactions. Like, water is fundamental, and if the fuckers couldn't figure this shit out in 47 years of covertly hounding my ass, including (seeming) childhood abuse that was later deleted from my recall, why in the fuck did they ever think of starting a more difficult quest under yet more adverse circumstances of remotely applied overt fuckery?

There is a notion that insanity is attempting the same thing again and expecting a different result. The perps have upped that benchmark and decided that overt harassment as a means of study of fundamental energetic human-water interaction is doable by introducing yet more adversity; isolate the victim/subject and have him scream and yell the new abuse onset. Lets see; I swam with two swim clubs in two cities for over 15 years; the assholes had all this study time with water and some 100+ compliant shills/swim club members/operatives, and they couldn't pull this water interaction study off. Can we say stupider and stupider? I don't have the time of day for the assholes who elected me for this depravity, and I won't settle for anything less than pounding the heads with a bat of the lead deciders and quisling shits who cast me into the perp's insanities. Seven years later, they are still on this overt mind-fuck/life-fuck agenda and aren't going anywhere for at least two more years as I read the stunts.

Other bullshit was the city bus freak show; they had five Fuckwits planted around me at the bus stop; the same bus time as yesterday and I had no one at the bus stop. But I suppose that the dayglo color effect from yesterday still might have been detectable, so they send in the clowns. This morning when outbound, the couple with the cat in the cage at the bus stop also "happened" to sit next to me in the rear seat, and so I had mewing cat noise for most of the trip. Not the worst thing, but I don't need this bullshit, and have had enough of being hounded by every freak with their dog (or cat), kid, plastic bag, packpack, ladder or their tattoos. Red heads of the Unfavored (freak show) are figuring more prominently of late, and I had one on the bus in direct view, though some 8' away. She didn't get pulled as soon as past Unfavored demographic group members, so perhaps there is a distance dependent thing going on where if the gangstalker freak is further away it is less objectionable to my subconscious recollections that my tormentors know much more about than I do. I have no idea as to why red heads are an Unfavored demographic group, though the perp supplied reason (always a highly dubious source), is that I met some aliens who have red hair during the lost years, aged 2 to 5 when a most of my recall was wiped. I don't really fucking care why I loathe certain demographic groups on sight, and I never did. So why am I being relentlessly hounded over some boneheaded experimental excesses that had an outcome they didn't expect? Not my problem.

Enough venom, though interestingly, I didn't feel this way when I wrote it which suggests that the above screed that is repeated every few weeks in similar forms must be from a mind-fuck feed without emotional connection permitted. Just another example of having to monitor every aspect of one's existence to determine if it was normal, as I once knew the term.

At the car dealership part time cleaning job I did not get hounded (read, gangstalked) as bad as last night, but there was plenty of late action of the staff that indicated they were loitering there as part of the show. There was already four vehicles in the Service garage and once I had been there for some five minutes and was attending to the mop bucket filling (having walked through the garage at least twice), they drove four more vehicles in to block egress. In transiting the garage to the dumpster room, the arrangement of vehicles meant that I walked under a silver grey vehicle raised on a hoist and beside another silver grey vehicle on the floor. A pinch play of a kind, and making sure there were other same colored vehicles to navigate past as if in a maze.

And the boss man pulled a major stunt tonight, or else I was unknowingly blanked out; I was waiting for him to exit the Service garage on his motor scooter which was running before setting the building alarm, like usual. I could not see him as he was at the scooter, but I would of seen him depart through an open area. The sound of the scooter was different from one second to the next as the acoustics were different between inside and then outside. What I am trying to say here is that I did not see him exit the building on his scooter, and only when I heard the different acoustics of it being outside did I look, and lo, there he was, outside. He was either teleported out of there or else I was totally blanked out while he passed by the location I was monitoring for his building exit. A sure fire way to tell that some fuckery transpired is that I get totally blanked out in even asking the question of him, as in how did he actually exit the building unseen? And when he put on the gangstalk at the supermarket when I was on my way back, the entire incident had still "slipped my mind". Funny how that keeps happening, failing to ask the needed direct question.

And I see that the spell checker in this Blogger has suddenly started working and now underlining the deemed exceptions in red. The sickos cannot get enough red colors around me, and now this.

Which means it is time to blog off and hope that this software "improvement" won't persist for tomorrow's posting.

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