Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Noise Front

A yoga class day, and the perps were full measure for creating accompanying outside noise. The vehicle noise was amped up and made more improbable with high speed road traffic in a residential area. An ten minute run of clunkings from below also debuted in the latter part of the one hour class. There were the usual horrid motorcycle noise excesses, (and just now hile typing this up), and even the odd well timed throat clearing from a class member, possibly with a simultaneous mild zapping, though I couldn't be sure, but there was some kind of visceral "reaction" at the same moment. Two late comers arrrived together with mats that were identical in blue color to the new shirt I am wearing. And about ten minutes into the class, the one other regular dude arrived, an OK guy, and then he worked out in his new flat black grunge pants next to me and then claimed he needed to go after 15 minutes. Then he spent another five minutes putzing about before finally departing. Like why did he even bother coming? Was it for some kind of temporary inter-male energetics study, with the early departure (residual energies) also a component in the study? It fits the pattern.

Last week's replacement instructor was there again this week. She has a dyed hair job, which is normally something I notice and don't particularly care for. But the perps are totally beserk with inculcation of Unfavored demographic group members, and it seems they wanted me so see this visage for the hour class duration. Before overt harassment began in 04-2002 I never noticed that I had any issue with reddish dyed hair, but the perps made sure I noticed, and have now re-scripted my "reaction" to yuk.

The class had plenty of hip opening exercises which might be code for crotch exposures in perp-talk. And that might follow from a nut shave last night, as there have been many such strange events following this now mandated exercise, typically last thing on Wednesday evening. Another reason for perp silliness is me wearing a new shirt for the first time, withough benefit of laundering yet. The perps go beserk over laundering, so perhaps the process creates some additional difficulties for them they would like to avoid, especially for a yoga day. I am to visit another TI who I thought I was done with later this afternoon to look at her IR scope. I cannot be sure, but it seems that the post yoga action, including gangstalking, is escalating. Last Thursday afternoon was the dental hygeine cleaning appointment, aka, mouth open for an hour or so.

And more yellow color testing it would seem; the yellow and white Victoria Fire Department fire truck was out again on a "drive by" when I was on my way to yoga, and it was supported by at least two following yellow colored passenger vehicles. I also had a boom truck working overhead at one streetside location on the same walk, again, yellow and white colors.

An insane high volume level of motorcycle noise just erupted as I finished reading a blog posting taking umbrage over the Governor General being parodied over a seal meat eating episode when she was visiting the northern Inuit. No one drives that fast around here to make that level of noise that would be at street level, not six stories up. The perps seem to find that the completion of an activity is terribly fascinating and now so important it gets this intense noisestalking barrage.

I visited the local TI, and see that she is now armed with gaussmeters, and IR binoculars. I have not seen the latter before and it was interesting to see some white spots on some locations that seem to be locations of heat. One instrument was reading over 500 Gauss; a microwave meter was going off constantly, something like a geiger counter. Another field strength meter was also picking up something but I wasn't sure what it was as she did not know. The vexation I had was that she didn't know what many of the instruments were measured in; Gauss was one, but the field strength meter she didn't know, and nor did she know the alarm threshold of the microwave detection device. As always, we never have much of a conversation with genuine empathy, it is more like two individuals talking at each other. Surely a perp prescribed limitation, not allowing conversational engagement as it is not the first time, and has been relatively consistent among all those I meet.

Anyhow; someone is pointing a magnetic beam at us, and while there it was over 500 gauss, or 1,000 times greater than normal. I haven't had the opportunity to measure the electromagnetic field I am kept in since late 2002, so I can only assume this was a correct reading. Given the plethora of masers and plasma beams I see every waking moment, as well as the vibratory look to everything, I had expected a much higher magnetic field reading. But regular readers will know that I am adamant that electromagnetic and light energy targeting/inundation doesn't tell the entire story, and there is likely other energies that are not formally recognized, e.g. scalars. I don't think I am getting ionizing radiation, the alpha, beta and gamma rays that can kill someone, though my gums are highly recessed, just as if it was this. She also claims to have high gum recession, but we didn't get into comparing our mouths thankfully.

During the late 2002 magnetic field measurements I noticed that the perps could force the meter reading to go down after some 20 seconds of the initial high reading, per above. It is entirely possible that the reading I saw today, over 500 gauss could be incorrect, that is, too low. Anyhow, there is a certain vindication buzz about it all, because I can now point to two independent readings some six years apart which indicates a targetted and densified magnetic field around me, and likely this entire apartment.

Another screaming rage show this morning over the peanut butter and jam application to the second-from-the-end slice this morning. It would seem that the perps want to measure the brown end's residual energies deeper into the loaf if I were to speculate on whatever they get from this insane ritual every morning.

More font changing games I see when moving from one tab web page to another, the font having changed in the interim.

I got another weird "come at me" stunt tonight; there were four Fuckwits standing outside the LD store tonight, none of them with a decent cover story. One was some dude in an olive green shirt, possibly of the same fabric of the one I have been wearing all day today, including yoga. I pass through this Fuckwit throng, and a few more that arrived from the opposite direction, including one tail from a block away who also "happened" to arrive there too. They put on a lead-ahead group of three to slow me down some, and they did finally let me get to the mouthwash, this time without a sentry standing over that very location. I get a open cashier, a rarity at the LD store and head out to exit the shopping center via the pedestrian route, and lo, if the green shirt dude isn't facing the street now looking S. his back toward me. Not a big deal, just another Fuckwit who moved his sentry duty position while I was in the store, making his rationale for standing around all the more tenuous. But somehow he knew I was descending the stairs behind him, and he turns around and starts toward me, then stops and puts out his hand for money, claiming he needs $1.35. I blow him off by keeping walking and the perps had me mutter under my breath, "fucking idiot" or something like it, which he didn't hear. It is bullshit like this that cannot be explained within the norms of public behavior that makes one feel especially targeted.

Enough of the games tonight, and onto another day, perhaps it will be a prosaic one, too dull to contemplate.

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