Sunday, May 10, 2009

Temple Region Spasming

I just heard before lunch that my father is going into a "assisted living" home in two days, my mother not mentioning it as she legitimately might have been distracted by the interior house painting job that was ongoing last week. That is, it was a commercial firm, and not yours truly who has somehow developed a distaste for house painting, inside or outside. That has never been mentioned to anyone before, so it was not a factor in my mother deciding to use a commercial outfit to do the house painting.

Though it interesting to ponder the "coincidence factor" of these two events and reflect on similar circumstances in my life, such as the physical arrival of our (then) daughter to a house we owned some 19 years ago. My ex insisted that the baby's room was to be painted in advance, and once the color was chosen from the paint samples, lo, if it wasn't the identical color that was on the wall, a light yellow color. (And could of well been the same paint manufacturer as there were many remaining cans of the same make, from a local outlet). I had the dubious role of painting the room the same color, and got it done over a some two days a week before our daughter arrived. When she did, the room still had a faint smell of curing latex paint, and I made sure to keep the window wide open all the time, which wasn't an issue as it was June. No big deal, but it is interesting to ponder on the coincidence of a recently painted room/house in advance of major household life circumstances, the departure or arrival of a long term resident.

And if you follow this blog and the precents in the Essential Introductory Postings you will know that absolutely nothing is a coincidence in my life, not even street litter, arranged in orthogonal designs very often. And not even the non-gluten breakfast cereal flakes in the bowl if you were to see the totally unnatural fluid action of the milk with accompanying noise additions as I push them into the milk to saturate all flakes. So what is it about paint, and painting activity that interests my tormentors? One can only speculate of course, but the color changes, the curing fumes, the wet surfaces, the temporary difference in tones and who knows what else might be so interesting to those that are behind the microscope that I am kept in.

There have been many interesting gangstalking and other setups with paints and painters; the dudes in white with color coordinated paint flecks have been the most obvious example. At the last residential apartment building, 05-2005 to 08-2006, they had a commercial painter's vehicle parked next to mine, and it was an ongoing set design of paint cans, paint splotches, painted objects (step ladders etc.), and even once or twice, the putative painter, even if he did look much like one of my past co-workers in the forestry field. I have also had the odd gangstalking by a group of female painters, the "student" types, all decked out in white with various tone coordinated splotches on them. Anyhow, this is just a rambling pondering to ask what is so important about paints and painting that the perps arrange for me so often? One clue might be that the paints contain TiO2, titainium dioxide which has some peculiar light/energtic properties;

"Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a multifaceted compound. It's the stuff that makes toothpaste white and paint opaque. TiO2 is also a potent photocatalyst that can break down almost any organic compound when exposed to sunlight, and a number of companies are seeking to capitalize on TiO2's reactivity by developing a wide range of environmentally beneficial products, including self-cleaning fabrics, auto body finishes, and ceramic tiles. Also in development is a paving stone that uses the catalytic properties of TiO2 to remove nitrogen oxide from the air, breaking it down into more environmentally benign substances that can then be washed away by rainfall. Other experiments with TiO2 involve removing the ripening hormone ethylene from areas where perishable fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers are stored; stripping organic pollutants such as trichloroethylene and methyl-tert-butyl ether from water; and degrading toxins produced by blue-green algae. It remains to be seen, however, whether the formation of undesirable intermediate products during these processes outweighs the benefits offered by TiO2's photocatalytic properties."

Link from the from the No Odor and No Mold Network.

[More link exploring indicates that TiO2 is used for opacitation (making things opaque) in paper. And have I mentioned how often the "paper packing" gangstalkers on the beat? Another link indicates that titanium: ... is paramagnetic (weakly attracted to magnets).]

Onto explaining this posting's title; since lunch I have been getting these spasms in my temporal lobe area, the left side predominantly, and they are also enhanced to sound deeper in tone because they "happen" to be erupting underneath the hearing protective (supposedly) earmuffs that I am wearing. And it seems, there are many outside noises that are arranged to annoy me and promote me wearing them much more than I ever have. Remotely applied muscle spasming isn't anything new, the Surrepticious Sicko (SS) made sure I knew about this kind of bodily invasiveness early on, 04-2002 when they created a sequence of spasming locations on my calf muscle that were arranged in a line. The doctor didn't know what to say to this kind of "symptom", signalling that he didn't really want to hear of this kind of problematic diagnosis disrupting "condition" again. He did later (sort of) vindicate me and said that I was being persecuted, but only three years later before he got gifted with his reward in a new position elsewhere, never to be consulted by the subsequent two doctors who I informed of this (should of been) momentous clinical reversal.

It seems that the spasming is a method the SS uses to investigate one's energetic state, electromagnetic or even others not conventionally accepted. And that the spasming might be used as a remotely applied diagnostic method to then measure neural energetic interactions to then explore them. All conjecture to be sure, but there is no question part of this insane imposition is about mind control research, but also, much more. And not to forget that many organ transplant patients take on some of the donor's predilections, interests and behaviors; a change in favorite colors, foods etc. as well as recall of any final traumatic events. So it would seem that we retain our memories in other parts of us and not just in our brains. Hence the focussed spasming, also occuring in my legs, chin, thighs and torso as some kind of elicitive method related to remotely applied nonconsensual recall research, and possibly traumatization.

And it was a highly rage-ified breakfast earlier; the start of a new loaf of bread, plastic wrapped note, nearly always is accompanied by extra perp incursions, and the forced "reaction". Not only that, but they modified the first slice to have a domed form, lifting the center by 1/4" off the dinner plate surface. I also suspect that the extra brown colored ends of the loaf are also of interest, as is each decremental slice as it is one more removed from the brown crust. I also had a surfeit (over 50) of crumbs in varying shades of brown accompanying the bread, some of them blatantly teleported as I was looking. As always, there were very few crumbs (less than 10) when I finished applying peanut butter and jam, also of intense perp interest for the color combinations. For those not familiar with the details of this existence as the hands of deranged assholes with god-like toys, I am inundated with crumbs at various junctures, breakfast being one. The continuing incremental crumb disappearence games are also continuing, where I pick up a crumb with my fingertip only to have a smaller crumb "remain" (was teleported) in its place, and often this stunt goes for a third round.

Enough for now, as I will expecting the arrival of the First Feral Family to pick me up for a family get together in short order.


Anonymous said...

I believe my only experience with teleportations have been with street litter. Somehow, I can clearly see nothing is in front of me at the intersection of alley and street. But upon walking down the alley and back again, I can see a glove (or milk carton of some other piece of trash) that I know hadn't been there before.

I have seen gangstalkers playing the teleportation skit as well. One time I had this middle-aged guy with white hair chasing me down the street. The idea being, he was supposed to be Peter Norton chasing after a "computer virus" (making me feel like a computer virus in the process).

I turned around, and he is nowhere to be found. No doubt, he had been practicing this "magic trick" to make it look like a teleportation.

AJH said...

Answer to: I believe my only experience...

There has been at least 20 events when someone has landed on my ass, as in following or arriving near me very close (within 4'), and I cannot account for how they got there. Other times, someone has just plain disappeared; one when the person was 20' away and behind a telephone pole and they were totally gone. The perps make sure that my attention is distracted at the moment of arrival, which is always a tip off. Also, I am sure they do rehearsals with the main players before and after the event to continue their research. My brother effectively admitted to this once. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It must be a trick tied to short term memory span. They say you need a couple repetitions before something can move from short term to long term memory. The distractions are a way of keep those gangstalkers you saw in short term memory. I did have something like ADD when I was a young child of 5-6 years, so maybe that is why they find me so fascinating as a "subject".

Anonymous said...

This could explain why they are so interested in measuring me/others when doing my walk.

It could explain some of their other "induced stresses" on the body as well. I found this when looking up info at crystal earphones and also piezoelectric motors.

"Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials (notably crystals and certain ceramics, including bone) to generate an electric potential[1] in response to applied mechanical stress. This may take the form of a separation of electric charge across the crystal lattice. If the material is not short-circuited, the applied charge induces a voltage across the material. "

Anonymous said...

About the Piezoelectric effect:

That could explain why they are also having these themes and connotations (both hidden and up-front) to pizza. Example: the pizza box that found its way to the passenger's side of my car. And the walkers carrying a pizza box. I could never figure that one out until now, why I've always seen people putting in their "act" when carrying a pizza in a box.

I used to see this little pizza girl. Every time I saw her, she was carrying a pizza box on the sidewalk in this one part of town, looking kinda scared. It was late at night.

I'm sure you've seen those themes as well.

Anonymous said...

Some other links:

Anonymous said...

Many other tissues in the body exhibit this effect as well:

My interest in this area stems from the class I took in Ferroelectrics as a graduate student in Electrical Engineering. I really REALLY wish I would've stayed longer and taken more courses. Another year or two wouldn't have hurt. Bad decision on my part to try to hurry up and leave in two years.

Anonymous said...

Another thing: some of my perps seem to be foreign speaking. There must be a world-wide consortium of them studying me and others.

Anonymous said...

I should mention that I find the Piezoelectric effect very interesting, and it seems to not be a very prominent "area" in physics or engineering. Maybe I should mention that maybe it's ferroelectrics and not specifically piezoelectricity that I'm intrigued by?

For example, in that Ferroelectrics course I took as a grad student, the professor mentioned tiny machines and motors that can be built using Ferroelectrics. Ferroelectrics are a form of ceramics that have electrical properties.

Interesting stuff, because if they are using this to construct micromachines, then that means it won't be long until we see these machines enter the body and flow into various organs and other areas, like in the sci-fi movies and cartoons.

I took the course back in 1993, so if there was mention of micromotors/generators/machines back then, I think it's a safe bet they're well on their way to secretly mass producing these. So it's no wonder they are studying the various electrical/magnetic/piezoelectric qualities of the human organs... to pave the way for micro-machines entering the body, of course!

The professor:

AJH said...

Answer to: About the Piezoelectric effect...

Pizza and piezo; I am not so sure the perps "blend" these concepts based on their similar phonetics. I do get the "pizza stalkers" sometimes, the Fuckwit gangstalkers with a pizza box carried out in front of them, often tailing or paralleling me. And part of this is that they are consumed with brown color interactions (the cardboard), and often in combination like red print on the cover of the box. Also, as I get plenty of "bread stalking", Fuckwits with bread in strange situations, or just the loaf planted at the street corner, I would surmise that the "pizza stalking" is also a component of the bread stalking. I am no expert on how all these are important for the perps, but they are frequently part of the gangstalking props they like to have in my proximity. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I used to have this one pizza stalker that would snarl and growl like a dog or a bear as he passed me. Strange guy. It's odd that they would also have a little "pizza girl", estimated to be around 13-14 years old carrying a pizza up the street. I used to see her consistently. I used to see her and her brother together a good bit. Then, it would be her by herself. Some time later they had her brother by himself, looking all pissed off like he was ready to fight or something.