Saturday, May 23, 2009

Motorcycle Noise Parade

A train of motorcycle noise somehow getting through my earmuffs while at this PC. Often, they are as loud as street level when I am six stories up. Some have been even louder than that, verified when taking off the earmuffs to block my ears with my fingers. Two to three per minute.

The motorcycle noise is coincident with looking for 5.25" PC bay inserts that have home theatre functionality; volume control, forward, backward, play and stop buttons as well a IR remote control. The Antec Veris line looks to be the one major contender, save a discontinued SilverStone bay insert (no knobs or buttons, all controlled through the IR remote). As usual, I have been dispatched to look for something unattainable, a one bay high insert with the aforementioned buttons and knobs, but perhaps I will have to settle for less buttons and the one knob for the Antec Multimedia Station Elite. And by the time I have the scratch, say 6 months from now, why a new search will be instignated, perhaps finding too much choice, not unlike the PC power supply units research that went on for months, only to be dashed by the quality minded installer-to-be who only deals with the one SPI brand, which I had not heard of before. These "searches" and quests are endless games for the perp mill, and I have no idea why, but it happened often enough in the pre-PC analog world. But, I will have to say that I think these multimedia (slide shows, movies, music) inserts are the bee's knees and pre-empt purchasing a Home Theatre PC (HTPC) case that can get into many hundreds of dollars. And I suppose the perps should be thanked for that one as I had no idea that such products existed, and true to form, had already expended many hours on HTPC computer cases, all the way up to $700.

This looks to be a shut-in Saturday, even with the very sunny weather, until I head out to the part time car dealership cleaning job. If I get there well ahead of the boss man, I can do a thorough cleaning instead of cutting corners each day. That becomes tiresome as one is constantly managing which corners to cut and which got done yesterday and the rest of it. Recall games are a big part of the perp fuckery, and there is nothing so deflating as to be enlightened that one "forgot" a lifelong habit by way of remotely applied brain energy debilitation.

And I notice that certain brand names are also getting extra noisestalking the instant I read them, motorcycles included as a noise source. Again, I have no idea what is so important about my knowledge of brand names, mediocre at best. I don't do "branding" as a rule, save some that are known as rareified high quality, and just as often, are unaffordable. Especially on this disability income I get.

The local job scene is its usual unpredictable and mercurial best. Not even last year's farm has responded to my resume despite their repeated ads for the last three weeks. I had a good work record, they put me on more task demanding activities and I thought I would hear from them by now. But, as work in concept and in practice is so highly rated as one of the perps' jerkaround objectives I am sure that they have a plan, and the broad hint is they don't want me working. They also tell me that soil derived nanoparticle intake through one's skin is presenting a problem. Caveat emptor and the rest of the "trust me, I am a spy" skepticism is needed. But considering how often my work gloves would get a fingertip hole, sometimes over the break times with them in my posession, it would seem that the perps are indeed managing for highly constrained soil contact. And too, perhaps they are stringing me along with seeming job application non-responses. They always have a plan, and likely even a back up plan, so I will have to wait it out. Paying off my tab for all the chocolate would be a start.

I did the one and a half hour cleaning job tonight, getting in early so the "hurry up" mandate wouldn't come down at an inopportune time. I was even accorded "foresight" as the coffee bar plastic bag leaked out in a trail of splats in front of the Service counter. Even day I check for that possibility and today I somehow "forget", totally wiped out and oblivious to checking or even seeing or hearing the dripping. That set the stage for extra floor mopping, and doing all of it in the public Service and Parts areas. And just when I was done, why a blonde woman and two of her children arrived with the Sales Manager to transact her repair bill, the invoice being left on the counter. (Normally, after Service hours, the Sales area takes responsibility for the Service transactions, i.e., paying the repair bill. And normally, all the possible Service bills and keys are taken to the reception area of the Sales section, not in the long closed (three hours earlier) Service section.) Anyhow, it was a very good excuse to have a Favoreds come with her children and walk on my just mopped floor, or otherwise gangstalk. And lo, if a second blonde, the staff saleswoman didn't arrive too, to put her imprimatur on the just-mopped floor. A double blonde gangstalking perhaps, with the Sales Manager as part of the gangstalker milieu, possibly as an Unfavored. I don't know enough of what the perps are after to know if children are included for greater psychic energy detection, or that they have an Unfavored status or not. I once summarized the gangstalking scene as "everyone and their dog, kid, backpack, plastic bag and ladder is chasing me all over town".

And I see that the car dealership put on a new salesman who was immediately dispatched to sit on the concrete ramp all casual like while I was inside vacuuming the carpets at the front door. Like yesterday, I get a crowd around me when vacuuming, it is just that exciting (for a sicko). The new salesman later asked me a question about there being an outside hose bib and I said I really didn't know for sure, which was true. The guy's face did seem vaguely familiar, but as my recognition capabilities have been fucked with to the specific individual level since mid-2006, I cannot rely on any such hunches. I was later informed of his name, but it wasn't the same one I was thinking of. I see he has an office where the skinhead was, so I don't really know who is who in the zoo, just more gangstalkers as far as I am concerned.

Another piece of nonsense was a seeming salesman intervening to tell me that another person's recycle garbage wasn't to be tossed out as intended, the bin being on the floor, readied for pick-up or amalgamation with another bin's contents. He said there was sensitive information in the bin, so he put it back in the office from which it came. It seemed like a crock of shit to me, and as always, any kind of backtracking is a perp stunt of the first order. No big deal, it saved me a little work. The feints and games are getting to be plainly blatant of late, so the perps must feel or know that they have some kind of extra latitude to pull this nonsense. Don't ask me who is watching in deliberation because I don't know, or even remotely understand why the fuck the perps cannot come out of the closet. Doing leading edge research on nonconsensual human subjects by remote means is a recipie for fucking insane stupidity. (And as part of the show when outside, I got a "banana stalker", a gangstalker packing a banana in hand as part of some seeming yellow color reference. And there was a bright yellow vehicle in the Service garage tonight).

There were plenty of motorcycles and their particular noise while cleaning the car dealership tonight, keeping that particular odious sound within earshot, taking up from where they left off after a day's worth of inundation at this apartment.

Enough blathering and dulldom, and onto more of the same. (I just had a big thump and this apartment shake, a concrete building. Quite the feat).

Not quite, I need to quote myself. I recieved an email from a TI about Pres. Obama reversing his intention to close down Guantanamo Bay and I had this to say:

"Here is a left field take on Obama not doing anything about Guantanamo prisoners, and I even made a pre-election prediction (no matter what Obama said) that he wouldn't touch it. The entire Guantanamo Bay deal is all about the perps being able to detect the body's energy interactions with clothing color. I have endless gangstalker events of them putting or taking off garments in my proximity, or wearing only half the sweater or jacket, cutting shirts in two and wearing half of it and I get routinely noisestalked anytime I change my clothes. No one in Guantanamo Bay is going anywhere until they figure this bullshit out. How is that for a speculative and unsupported rationale?"

I know, it sound wacky for sure, but every so often I have to let one go as I have a ringside seat to this hidden agenda's feints, stunts and games, and the parallels of other news events are more plain to me than the naive public.


Anonymous said...

I also attract a small crowd of neighbors when walking to the other house to take care of the lawn. Almost every neighbor was out, playing along with their scripted parts. One house in particular had at least 6 people in their driveway, just lounging around, as thought they were at the beach or something. Of course, there was plenty of vocalizations from each, and the overall impression was that I felt like I was in a nuthouse. Mowing the grass really is a very exciting moment for them. I am completely surrounded by neighbors just lounging around on their lawns, all sides, while doing the mowing. In addition, I have a whole bunch of people walking back and forth in front of the house while doing the mowing. I've noticed that any other time, there is almost nobody out, except for maybe one or two neighbors, and there are no walkers.

Sometimes I wonder what I need to do to make it even more exciting for them, such as perhaps getting a green-painted electric mower, to provide color and electromagnetic fields as well. I suspect that regular combustion engines generate detectable magnetic fields, though, because of the piston action.

AJH said...

Answer to: I also attract a small crowd of neighbors...

Ah yes, the act of cutting foliage; mowing the lawn, pruning branches, picking fruit etc. The perps are nuts about this activity, and will parade cut foliage filled pickups (landscape service vehicles)around me while driving. I think there are at least two things going on here: one, they don't yet fully understand the steel blade/knife interaction, and need to have more gangstalkers around at the time of cutting, and after. They put on plenty of outside noise anytime I cut up cooked chicken even. Two, I suspect there are some kind of universal life energies that are expressed when a plant is cut or damaged. The book,
The Secret Life of Plants, by by Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird is one that reveals plant sentinence with unequivocal (IMHO) evidence.

And it seems that stressed metals also add to the electromagnetic/energetic fields all about us. The perps like to have higher compression diesel engines around me. That, in combination with other stressed metals events leads me to believe it is more than just electromagnetics involved. But having an engine with a magneto or alternator is something the perps like to arrange. Or, even the transient burst of a vehicle starter motor. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think there is more involved as well with the rotating metal(s). Maybe our fields interact with the rotating metals to induce yet some other properties... probably it's related to the Hall Effect. That always intrigued me. And piezoelectricity is also likely involved there, too.

Anonymous said...

Yep, forgot about that one... cars starting up as I'm passing. One variant of this is the car that doesn't start on the first try, hence, the need for multiple "attempts" at starting (again, as I'm passing). One incident had this car that "drifted" down the street and just happened to bump into a parking meter, bending the parking meter in the process. All this was with the car still idling, with no one in it.

Or how about the cars waiting all the way down the street until you get to a certain point, and THEN pull out? I used to get a lot of "idlers" -- cars parked with their engines idling as I passed. Usually they had the headlights on.

Anonymous said...

Another thing: the turning on of porch lights as I pass certain houses. I believe the tungsten filaments must have some interesting properties to the perps, as they have a high inrush current, just like starter motors. Those incandescent bulbs give off lots of infrared light, which must somehow interfere with their infrared detection of me (one of the methods they use, I assume, of remote surveillance).

AJH said...

Joint answer to Yeah, Yep, and Another thing...

The rotating metals is interesting; at the car dealership where I do a part time cleaning job they like to arrange disc brake rotors in my proximity, often changing their orientation from one day to the next.

Starting vehicles is a huge electromagnetic surge, and the perps do love it so. Same as when a PC is started up. Ditto on the parked vehicle sitters who then "decide" to pull away from the curb as I pass their vehicle. Seeing an unmanned vehicle runaway is quite funny, not yet experienced by me. The "pit lamping", parked vehicles with headlights on and of course, arranged to be directed at me when stationary at a pedestrian traffic control signal is another familiar stunt.
As for house lights and other outdoor lights, I normally get them on in the daytime, and as far as I can recall, I have never seen them come on or off in my presence. The perps like the sodium arc lamps a whole bunch and are sure to have them on if in a new neighborhood. Thanks for the comments.