Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Imminent Chicken Run

A Chicken Run is imminent and I am getting tensed about it already. This is the acquisition of a hot cooked chicken from the local supermarket and the gangstalking and other feints that go with it. As it is my protein source for 2/3 of my meals, and it lasts some three weeks until consumed, it takes on a sizeable perp interest. So much so, that they constrain the availible choices of whole, partial or half chickens. For a while they were beserk over making sure I had only a half chicken, but of late it has been whole chickens with the price jacked up for some reason.

As part of the ritual, I bring it home, remove the skin and then eat some off the bone for my first meal. As there is no dinner plate or other ceramic contact they tend to put on extra gangstalkers just for this alone. (Cutting board is a soft plastic). It will follow that I head out about 1715h and whatever digestion that has occured will be of intense interest. Don't ask me what exactly is so important, but one can be sure they won't tell me and would rather do this remotely and anonymously.

A few days ago I remarked on the seeming moderated harassment of the past week, one in which there was a Canadian National holiday (Victoria Day) and a week later, the US Memorial Day holiday. I predicted they will be up to full harassment by today, and they certainly started out that way by creating extra street noise and then extra noise seemingly "made" my the razor blade while shaving. This is one way the assholes rile me up as nearly always there is no conventional causal event. There isn't a freeway outside with traffic ripping by as the noise suggests. And when I look out and see very few vehicles, or ones coating past, the aggregated noise will die down some.

I did the Chicken Run, and sure enough I had two gangstalkers ready for me in the elevator, one on a cell phone. Then another coming into the building as I was leaving, and the usual cyclist on the sidewalk and at least a dozen extras on the sidewalk until I got to the supermarket, a three minute walk. An attractive blonde passed by the entrance doors to the supermarket before I entered. And lo, when in there for no more than three minutes, she somehow turned back, met up with her boyfriend and was holding hands with him while shopping in the supermarket. Simply amazing that one Favored (attractive blonde woman) demographic group member/gangstalker backtracks 180 degrees, and goes grocery shopping after passing the supermarket, and then finds her boyfriend (Unfavored demographic group), and does the handholding bullshit that I get to see more of. Day after day I get these strangely behaving people, often reprising the gangstalking in a different location within minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. I had another fucker swoop in behind me when I selected the hot cooked chicken I was to put in my shopping basket. I got skunked on getting tapenade and frozen gluten free bread; the unavailble bullshit again, all to arrange the groceries the way they want for that three minute walk back to my apartment. And when inside, I was only rage-ified twice while taking the chicken skin off, which is a new record for fewest number of abusive incidents when dealing with the just-purchased chicken.

I have also done the cleaning job tonight, and got jerked around while attempting to clean glass surfaces of the cubicle partitions. The squeegee is too wide and the perps made sure it chattered and slipped so I couldn't get a clean swipe at cleaning the glass. This fuckery was then manifested as leaving tracks of water on the glass which took at least another two attempts to clean up, even if I used new cleaning cloths. This extenuated jerkaround took plenty long, and I noticed that there was a huge amount of road traffic outside the building, noise, configurations and all. And the cubicle resident's name was on the glass, and lo, if the residual squeegee traces weren't arranged to be over the person's name. And when cleaning the person's name, why extra male banter erupted among the Sales staff, doing their "stand-arounds" at the front door. One did his back and forths and made sure his heels made a resounding click noise as he passed by.

Enough dulldom for one day; I get to go out and get my hair cut tomorrow. This was a three week pissing match with the perps who kept up on "forgetting" me until this week. And a unreturned phone call was part of the show as well. The "problem" was that the last guy pulled a disgusting BO stunt while cutting my hair (blogged), so I decided to move on. I would not be surprised if it was the same guy in morph-over at the new shop. The hair stylist has been seen to be gangstalking me three times in public, once outside my apartment, and this is not the area of town he lives in. Another one of those Fuckwits that keeps resurfacing, possibly more than I am allowed to know.


Anonymous said...

My perps are now giving me some more advice. This time, they're telling me they can help me regain my popularity. Last time, it was they can help me with software choices. They do offer a lot of "help" to me. Don't ask... I guess they are helping me make the right decisions with their mind control (or so they say).

Anonymous said...

Another constant thing I hear sometimes is that I don't show enough appreciation for the things that my perps have done to help keep me out of "trouble". Of course, all the provocations are merely helpful "tools" to keep me on the right track (or so they say). They tell me it takes a lot of hard work to "study" me and to keep dispatching people all over the place, and overall, it's a tremendous effort on their part.

AJH said...

Answer to: My perps are now giving me some more advice...

Interesting that they are "looking after" you. I get the rare helpful direction from them, though I have been burned so many times that I usually don't follow their advice (aka, I tell them to go fuck themselves). But if they need to prevail, they can somehow convey a importance to their request (that it is legit), I will take their advice. (Or more like, I don't have a choice but feel good about following their direction). They can influence me as to the sincerity of their requests in some way, it just strangely "feels" legit. As you can discern, about 99.5% of my interactions with them are adversarial and even abusive. Thanks for the comment.

AJH said...

Answer to: Another constant thing I hear...

LOL! They create the "trouble" and then want to be thanked for having you avoid it? And if it is too much work for them to manage you and your circumstances then they can STOP! Imagine that, the perps' audacity to troll for compliments. In my case they have done a number of physical and likely neurological improvements (straightened my spine, improved my abdominal musculature) and I sometimes get the odd fishing for compliments. My answer to that bullshit is that I was fine without all this overt intrusion (started in 04-2002) and didn't need the improvements, so that they can go fuck themselves and cease harassment. Naturally they don't, and so it goes. I even get fuelled on revenge strategies though I am sure it will never be permitted.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to think that perps are a lot like suckerfishes or leeches that attach themselves to you and live off of you. It's been shown that leeches, when attached to a wound, can provide healing of the wound. In this case, the perps are inflicting the wounds, and then attaching themselves to me like leeches to help "heal" the wounds they created. I suppose I'm supposed to learn something from all this abuse. In reality, I've only become more hyper vigilant and averse to certain things that I normally wouldn't be averse to. For example, they've created so many phobias, it's not even funny.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'd like to think that...

I'm not sure I ascribe to the leech wound model. It is more the rats in a maze model I find applicable. It is all about nonconsensual human experimentation with no choice as to experiment, objectives or duration. The phobias come and go for the most part, and it seems they can remove one's learned containment of them (cortex brain regions?) and open the victim up to the more primative brain stem region reflexes that may even be inherited.