Friday, May 15, 2009

The Energetics of Disaggregation

That rather scientific title is mentioned because the terms were described in
"The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness: A Physical Basis for Immaterialism" by Samuel Avery.

He describes the giving the example of a pie being sectioned. And as I have been eating tortillas I make for the last six years for lunch and dinner, I end up cutting them into quarters and eat one at each meal, other than breakfast. And so it was today when I was about to cut up the tortilla; not only did extra outside noise start up while sectioning it, but they pulled a new stunt and rammed seeming crumbs from nowhere into my fingers, all to beget simultaneous extra sensory "action" as well as me screaming at the assholes to stop this insane bullshit. And here we have it; one of the most noisestalked events of any given day, and they have been at it for over six years and still won't come out of the closet and reveal themselves and their research agenda. They have taken on the most difficult method to perform their research, on an uncooperative subject and by remote detection methods, and have been fucking around on this and many other matters for six years of insane abuse. I don't get it, and nor why they seemed to incurr self-defeating past methods that represent a present day problematic challenges.

At breakfast, along with the incessant noise from outside at 0730h, they also pulled at least 20 provocations to have me vocalize my "reaction". The big event seemed to be the opening and stirring of a small jar of hemp and sesame seed butter. It was white in the jar, but when mixed with the oil floating on top it became an pasty fugly green color. Naturally, the perps go beserk over color changes in my proximity and this was no exception. And too, placing red jam on top of it was worth another round of noise and dithering my finger motor control as well as a rage "reaction". Yesterday they put on a green plasma beam just where the peanut butter and jam was to be placed, so I assume they are still pissing around with my color reactions they cannot yet fuck with.

And why does it happen to me, just like other TI's. The shirt order of Apr. 28, 18 days ago was expected to be delivered last week at the latest. Nothing this week even, so I email them yesterday to "find out" today they had put the order on hold because the address was being questioned by the credit card company. This is totally beserk; I had one email telling me it was sent, and person also phoned me up to tell me the same thing. This order got strangely messed up in the first place because I didn't get an order confirmation web page, and they phoned me the next day as they "somehow" couldn't email me. The submitted email was correct in the first place. The printer also crapped out and would not allow a copy to be made. And now, over two fucking weeks later I "find out" that the order was put on hold. How many events went wrong; I have given up counting, but one can be sure the assholes who created this litany of delays have this arranged to the last detail.

Maybe the deal was for this "discovery" to coincide just before heading out to the cleaning job so to have me pissed off when outside and in transit. I read somewhere that an aura viewer could see one's aura for greater distances if the person was upset.

A car alarm has just gone off to be heard through my earmuffs and cover me while sitting down, booting up and starting this blog. The noise barrage never ends. It is all the more noticed when having tea and chocolate, which I had just finished. The assholes are laying on the Harley motorcycle noise of late, even when doing the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. They had me going all over the place as there were still customers in the building and they don't want it started up nearby. Of course it is hard to gauge "nearby", hence the planted anxiety to keep the FUD level up.

And I stopped in at the supermarket again tonight to get peanut butter, and lo, if not again, they had someone standing over it like yesterday. This time it was easier on the eye; a couple shopping and one of them in a hideous lime green jacket, but at least they moved on unlike the skinhead stocking/stalking faux staff member last night. I wonder what the perps get from obstructing my intent.

Taken 04-24-2009, 1750h. Yet again, the odd one out, the navy blue pickup truck is stuck behind the tree. Three silver-grey vehicles arranged around it, and the very top of the roof of a fourth silver-grey vehicle opposite, barely visible above the rail, to the left of the tree crown.

Taken 04-24-2009, 1750h. Nothing new here, save a passing red vehicle, and by itself not too incriminating.

Taken 04-26-2009, 1550h, at the bus stop where, oddly, they left me alone and didn't post at least four Fuckwits/Unfavoreds smoking cigarettes around me. That is four red vehicles that I count, plus a red and black motorcycle between the two red ones. And two black colored vehicles, one on the far right side. A silver-grey vehicle is next to the two red vehicle in the off-street parking lot, seen between the two street parked red vehicles.

Taken 04-26-2009, 1550h. Red line on the sidewalk edge to denote a bus top. And just to make sure another orthogonal angle was covered, they put a fifth red vehicle parked off street, 90 degrees offset. An additional silver-grey vehicle is shown, this one street parked. A total of nine vehicles (not counting the motorcycle); 5 are red, two are silver grey and two are black. Is some bullshit artist going to tell me this is random? I hope not.

The cleaning job went OK tonight, save the required evasion to have the vacuum cleaner out of the customer's hearing. Again, this is a total set up to invoke more change ups to the routine, as I could wait later near closing time. But no, the boss man wants me doing this particular task then.

I noticed that one of the regular female staff/stalkers was in the used car lot some 80' from the building and was visible through the Service open garage door. (I was some 20' inside the building). It is always interesting to see the perps arrange their regular gangstalkers further away, meaning that they are making progress with distance dependent interactions. As far as I can tell she is a staff member, but she does get a starring role before they put the males through the same routine. In a few weeks they will have the regular staff dudes/stalkers that distance from the building in the used vehicle car lot.

And I noticed at the car dealership that there was a three way Service garage vehicle cluster with a narrow passage to transit though; two same color deep metallic green (vein color) vehicles were trunk to trunk with 2' between them to pass through with garbage for the dumpster and the mop mucket. An additonal deep metallic blue-green (also a vein color) vehicle was parked some 3' away, rear tailgate facing into the cluster. I suppose the perps are working on getting the blood vessel colors figured out, whatever it is that they do. I have also noticed that the extra fat on my hands has been removed, making the veins much more visible than they ever were.

That is it for today, and a dull one it was too. I could of got on with some job inquiries to support the grant grovelling I am to be doing, but "somehow" this slipped by, like every weekday for the past five months.


Anonymous said...

I get so many shopping "experiences" like this, with the blockers and aisle obstructors, or just two employees carrying on a conversation in the aisles. Or maybe they have an Unfavored standing in close proximity. In short, I get gangstalked near my favorite foods.

I got deterred enough that I started going to a Wal-Mart in a different town. The gangstalking experiences were significantly lighter, although it got progressively more intense as they "found out" who I was.

It's bad enough that I want to order all my food on eBay, or at least with some delivery service. Even when I go at early morning hours, I still get gangstalked by the employees. So I can never win. They make every shopiing experience as painful as possible. And I do try to get out of there as quickly as possible. They've learned to do their gangstalking faster, as I am just trying to beat the gangstalkers to their harassment.

Buy a new pair of pants brings on heavy harassment as well.

Anonymous said...

Last night I encountered another piece of theater: a "crazy" standing on his front porch, talking to himself, insulting me over and over again all the while making it look like he was talking to himself.

I'm sure you get the scripted "nutter on the porch" routine.

AJH said...

Answer to: I get so many shopping "experiences"...

My store shopping visitations are always about going to the same locations and getting out as soon as possible. Item selection is over in under three minutes, and I never browse now. Acquisition of clothing is a big deal, as they want to capture as much information (energy interaction) at the source as possible. Underwear is also important to the assholes, and they have gone as far as having me modify it so they can obtain the remnants from each pair. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Last night I encountered...

I get plenty of vagrant acts, and loafing homeless weirds at the local social services, but not the viewable nutters so much; maybe two per month. I hear plenty of street hollaring but never see the supposed source.

Anonymous said...

I also get the muffled hollering from inside houses, i.e., people yelling things inside their houses, loud enough for me to hear on the street, but the windows are closed. I can usually tell when it's an "act" vs. a real argument.

AJH said...

Answer to: I also get the muffled hollering from inside houses...

Interesting, this reversal of typical auditory inundation of TI's who normally would hear the hollaring when in their own places. I haven't experienced this one myself, but it would essentially take all the energetic interactions of auditory stimulus (with emotional content, important note) and place the experience when one is out in the street. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It seems like they can't possibly get enough people involved in their sick games. They probably went this route with the "auditory inundation" since they can't get anyone close enough to my house to start the yelling and loud conversation harassment.

Tonight, they had these two older women "leaving" the house of their friend/relative, saying real loud stuff to get me all pissed off. Among the things said: "Hahahaha! Keep on pushing, get it, pushing?!" as though accusing me of dealing drugs.

I'm sure perps get off on these phony in-your-face type accusations of this type. Another tactic I feel for. I reacted by walking out in front of their car and dared them to run me over. Not a very healthy reaction, but one I couldn't help at the time due to me being blatantly provoked.

It certainly is amazing how these perps don't care one whit about constitutional rights, and are despicable enough to let me know to my face they are doing as they please. They mocked me by saying "Keep on pushing for your civil rights, because as a TI you have none."

For some reason, perps are on this high, that they feel they are never wrong, as long as they are doing it to a TI and not one of their own.

An example of this is when two girls were working in this restaurant (Subway), and one of them started yelling at and insulting me. The other girl stuck up for me, and said "Don't treat him like this." The girl doing the insulting said "Yeah, but that's just him, so I do say anything I please to him or do whatever I want to him."

I'm sure you have Subway restaurants where you are staying now. Very popular in the States.