Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Long Day

No blog posting yesterday as I spent much of the day building a 4'x8' elevated box for vegetable gardening at my perp abetting parent's place. Later in the evening I got "consumed" (read, mind-fucked) into playing pretend PC builder, researching the most suitable and cost effective components, and of course the scenario changes over time; different prices, discoveries of new reviews, product availibility, and all these get reflected in the ever morphing spreadsheet that keeps all selected components listed. And besides, the perps just love me doing Windows select, cut/copy, paste actions, and this is a veritable study session for them.

So I reckon in not posting yesterday that some readers (ever optimistic) were disappointed, and I wouldn't be surprised if this mere normal reaction wasn't highly monitored in the TI community at least. The perps just love to arrange events to arrive at dashed expectations, and are continually setting me up for it. Last week's backyard landscaping work at my parent's place was fraught with both the gasoline power saw and the string trimmer not running efficiently or at all. In advance of that the perps had me scripted to remove a 2' wide stump from the area I was cleaning out, and lo, if the chain saw just wouldn't start, time and time again. After some on/off attention to the matter, the notion came to mind to give up on this last remaining stump, and so I did. And lo, if they didn't make me look at it again yesterday and lament the fact that it didn't get done owing to equipment sabotage. My in-town brother is the owner of the gasoline powered equipment and "never gets around" to getting it professionally maintained.

I commuted in both directions on the bus, and the accompanying city bus freakshow was in full form. And too, at the bus stop beforehand, the bus again late, this time by five minutes for extra weirds IMHO. One of the more notable weirds scenario was to have a grey haired male ponytail dude jaywalking across the street some 30' away, and then when I looked away from this Unfavored specimen they put a grey bearded gangstalker to pass in front of me, directing my attention to his grey facial hair. And then they re-directed my attention back to the ponytail act, even if I had no intention to see another male ponytail. The outbound bus had an extra complement of freaks on it, and I got a facing forward seat this time. After a black haired Caucasian women sitting in front of me I got a negro woman in the same seat with a way fugly rasta hairdo that I was allowed to block from my sight with my pack. I suppose that my pack containing a yellow plastic cased measuring tape and a hammer to take to the backyard project was also part of the deal, but in any event, the negro woman moved in her seat often enough for the assholes to give me a partial look at her dreadlock hair mess. That she lasted 15 minutes on the bus is likely a new negro gangstalker proximate placement record, as they normally pull negroes from my proximity in less than five minutes. I have no idea why this multi-racial gangstalker show continues in my presence, but negroes are quite rare here, and all that I meet/see (pre-overt harassment) were upstanding working citizens.

At my parent's place in suburbia I got the usual extra aircraft noise, and the hotrods and the loud motorbikes also kept up their relentless noise. Also added into the mix were neighbor lawnmower noise (two), wailing children, seagull mewing, and this highly unusual human-like chuffing noise that the recycle waste truck has taken to making unlike any other I have heard or at the high level of occurence. As always, these peak noise events are timed precisely, and that gives me a clue as to what is of interest to the perps. They like to noisestalk me at the precise moment of picking objects up of late, and this was confirmed yesterday.

I am back from yoga earlier; I got slightly moved to be close to the piano with the brown canvas cover over it. I had four in file male brown dressed gangstalkers on my way to yoga, so I assume they were doing their brown color reference thing while I was walking on the street. I am also getting more red dressed gangstalkers of late, a bright red. Even the instructor was in a dark bugundy outfit, and on account of the pre-emptive mat placement games, I ended up closer to the instructor than usual. The yoga practice was heavy on the pushups today, something we hadn't done before. I note my ability to do them was better than normal, but not as good as someone who is well practiced. I have had many unusual rounds of extra strength, walking gait change, arm muscle development, improved running style and improved swimming strength. It all points toward some kind of amelioration of physical weaknesses, possibly induced by lifelong targeting with strange energies. I have never complained to any doctor about this, and have never mentioned it to anyone, as it was my benchmark normal. The perps have been very prominent in researching my dopamine neural pathways in the past, and it would not surprise me that this is at the seat of musculature research, and remediation it seems.

I got awakened at 0550h this morning, making for a very long day, especially when there isn't much going on, especially after being out yesterday. I sense the perps need me to rest up and change the timing of my mealtimes for their digestion research. They like to stretch me out with longer durations between meals, having done this yesterday, and now today. Another of their interests, laundry got done earlier, and this always brings on extra noise while handling it after drying. Another first was the inclusion of a towel with the regular laundry, as the towels had been linting "by themselves". Normally, the lint inundation jerkarounds mean that towels get cleaned with the sheets, and not with garments.

The vegetable box building yesterday brought on plenty of mind-fuck perp hassle; having me lay out the landscape ties wrong, adjusting the wrong end of the level, flicking dirt on the landscape ties, having my fingers slip on the drill's direction switch, teleporting two spikes from my nail pouch at 90 degrees offset in mid air and then clanging together onto the ground were a few of the many jerkaround games they put me through yesterday. They also played up the color of the green grass to have some red tones in it that were bothersome. This is the same lawn they made entirely red when my brother and I were humphing my furniture across some two years ago. Another jerkaround trick of like kind was the assholes adding a line of navy blue plasma to the edges of objects, typically where I was measuring and needed to keep my gaze. I cannot recall all the fuckery that went on, but you can be assured the job was all about experiencing total adversity, all the time.

Big excitement in perp world is over; writing out post dated checks for my rent for the next year. In the past, they messed with my cognition to force mistakes, out of order checks and other jerking around. Not today for some reason; they take special interest when I sign anything, and the checks too. I took them up the street to the property management firm, and walked back with my coterie of weirds, and weird arrangements. The Harley motorcycle was in the front courtyard area of this apartment building, and a Japanese bike was arranged beside it this time. It is not a parking lot, but a pedestrian area, and here are these infernal motorbikes arranged there for my building egress. I am also getting plenty of loud motorcycle noise today, as it is particularly offensive to my ears. Another weird arrange for this short one block walk was to have a yellow parked vehicle with mid-street garbage beside it of the same yellow color as the vehicle. It was a yellow printed cardboard box, and I assume this is all about putting one Unfavored colored in front of another. The perps routinely rage-ify me at breakfast when I put the red jam over the brown peanut butter. They cannot screw me enough when engaged in this task.

No responses from two "sure thing" jobs I applied for yesterday; the perps intimated that something would come of these, and nothing has so far. It is all part of the FUD games, and their preoccupation with promises for which they have no intent on delivering. Worse yet, the assholes have me lined up to acquire an expensive ceramic blade knife, something that keeps "coming up" via email, Google finds and the like. I have no need for one as I get on fine with my 3" steel knife. Anyhow, they are at least $100, and I don't have that kind of money. I also noted today that they have taken a portion of my runner heels out, and this is my only regular walking shoe. There goes another $100. And I am fed up with all these accelerated and excessive expenses, not to mention $300 in chocolate each month all because they have a brown color problem with in their research.

All day I have been getting this message about a phone call, and that it would reference the two job postings I applied for two days ago. Though I did doubt that there would be a phone call, and if there was, it would be a sponsored prank call. Not quite, the dentist's office phoned up to make an appointment for teeth cleaning. Anyhow, it is so fucking absurd to be fed these ideations that are patently false, and for the record, never occured before overt harassment began in 04-2002.

I did the partime cleaning job at the car dealership tonight; being a yoga day, they were all over me, especially when I moved from the Parts and Service section to the Sales to do vacuuming. All manner of plasma and maser splatter was in my field of vision and kept following me around like retina burn. But no, I did not stare at the sun or a reflection of it, so it was the usual jerkaround games. Plus, they had two staff/gangstalkers on me once I began vacuuming, rather suspicious when no one is the usual complement. And too, they had young children cavorting about and making themselves heard in between vacuuming, and other staff were loafing and parading around. At one location I got the dude-talk, overheard male voices while the vacuum was running. It seems to be a prominent part of the harassment these days is to have specific gender voices to be overheard, and often without being able to discern words, just as general background chatter.

One of the Service staff at the car dealership put on four faked leavings; heading out and saying he was going to leave for the day and then coming back again, all to hang around over top of me while I was attending to the garbage can at his feet. Then again he said he was leaving, and five minutes later after vacuuming was done, and when taking the vacuum over to the Sales area to leave there, he was still there making out that he was leaving. And when coming back, lo, if he wasn't still putzing at his bicycle which seemed to be part of the parade/show that I was to see. Talk about tiresome, and the perps seemed to be scripting for a higher level of annoyance than would of been my own unmanaged reaction. I suppose he was getting his last day of crossing paths in, as we start the cleaning job one hour later until September, and Service and Parts don't change their hours.

Other weird or extra-conventional gravitic events tonight were minor; at one location they flipped the corner of the carpet over when facing away from it and just left it there for me to see and put back into place. The vacuum cleaner isn't working too well, and it seems they want to keep it on a reduced level for now. The perps also put me into a bummed out state for at least the first 15 minutes of the job, and even now, some three hours later, they haven't let me fully recover from the imposed mood state. I don't know what the assholes expect to get from this, but as it isn't the first time, there must be something they are looking for. They also swabbed my glasses with a whitish paste, having done the same thing yesterday under the guise of heavy sweat from working outside. They don't need any cover story now it seems; they are much more blatant with their teleportation and remote object manipulation games than ever before. The negro woman at yoga seemed to make an unusually quiet exit for some 10 minutes, given her extra labored breathing while in the classrooom, so I suspect that was her mode of travel at least in one direction. The tip off is that somehow I "just miss" seeing it happen, which if my assertion of high degree of remote control/mind-fucking is correct, then they manage me to be looking elsewhere when the disappearence moment happens. And for the record, I continually re-evaluate my model of what is going on and how, and did not arrive at this without considerable analysis.

More web surfing fantasical research, this time its stereo components (amplifier, speakers, CD players etc.) that are interesting and bookmark worthy. The perps even locked up my browser when I was about to bookmark a site, and I had to use the Windows Task Manger to stop the unresponsive session and restart the browser. All very important to them, just another jerkaround to me. I am sure this is how it is for the most part. This one is done, and time to head for bed and hope that I get to sleep earlier rather than suffering through these imposed wakefulness sessions that they seem to be so prone to do of late.


Anonymous said...

That's a constant game of theirs: ever since the overt harassment games started with me, I have little or no response to jobs I apply to, and I have the background and skill set for them, which I found odd. They do like me to search for jobs a lot, and I get chastised for why I am not working a regular 40hr/week job. They know I can't answer with "uhhh, well, my perps won't let me"... I have to come up with some "creative" sensible answer for why I'm not working full time.

Also get the "fumble-finger" treatment, where things just happen to fall from my grasp.

Now about the dreams I had the other night: I had these dreams where I could hear this strange internal noises, which persisted after waking up. They were not unlike an AM radio being tuned at night, with the variations in dropping/rising whistling pitch. There were kind of Theremin-like, although shorter duration, and spaced apart in uniform 5-10 second intervals.

Here is what they sounded like, kind of like a female voice, but more like a "pure tone", like that emanating from an oscillator:

"BOOO-ooooo", two different pitches, the first one higher than the other, and there was a smooth, gliding transition between the two. These sound bites lasted from 2-3 seconds, and recurred every 5-10 seconds. They sounded very "trippy", as though they were generated inside my brain.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's a constant game of theirs...

I don't know what the perp's objectives are over employment, vocation, work, out of work, idleness, etc. but they have been very intense on me (coincident noisestalking and other phenomenon) whenever the topic is mentioned, either generally (the economy) or specifically to me and my circumstances.

Playing pitch changes with their noise games seems to serve the perps purposes as one becomes momentarily morealert when the pitch changes, and they crave to be able to remotely detect the responsible brain energies for this detection. I suspect it is a brainstem region as I get masers through my neck sometimes. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I hadn't thought of that. I sometimes get conversations where the "talkers" will change between high and low pitches as I'm walking past. Thanks for that suggestions. They're apparently more up-front with you about what they're trying to achieve.