Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Chicken Run- Gangstalk Gauntlet

As part of being harassed and monitored up the asshole, literally, a significant component for the perps, and me by default, is one's diet. In this regard, I get mind-fucked to eat only one dish, and somehow "I" don't mind. This has never ever happened before and is a major behavioral change since the perps made themselves apparent as my nemesis 24x7. What I eat is chicken tortillas with a tapenade base, cooked red onion with melted cheese on top. This is twice each day, with only the breakfast menu different. "I" (in the collective sense) do not eat vegetables, salads, red meat, gluten containing flours, fruits except kiwis except when I visit the patrons of this venality, the so-called parents each Sunday for dinner.

I buy the chicken cooked and hot from the perp palace, Save-On Foods, and go through this unholy gauntlet of vehicular gangstalking to get there and back, and a modicum (usually) of ambulatory gangstalking in the store. Though, on occasion they have mobbed me in the store bigtime, especially with checkout obstruction.

Today was no different; huge trains (>20 vehicles) of color coordinated vehicles were arranged, the sampler pack (one or two of dark red, dark green, white, black and brown) starts first, and then the specialist corps, Volvos (one like mine) and then longer trains of color coordinated vehicles, usually blacks, dark greys, dark reds, mid-reds, silver-greys (my Volvo color), and very pale metallic brown colored vehicles, ahead or in formation in the oncoming lane. The latter color being an introduction to their "brown" color problem that the perps have created for themselves and for which they grind me down. Even if it is not my problem, if one is in the perp's crosshairs, their problem is your problem, no life-invasion permission is ever sought.

When I arrived, the Save-On Foods parking lot is usually arranged with a predominant color on the west side of the lot (silver-grey) and another on the east side (deep burgundy red) separated by an elevated sidewalk that feeds into the entrance. There is always some shiftless (nothing to do) types hanging about the entrance who then follow me as I pass by, and usually an obstructionist perp/gangstalker ahead to slow me up with the aid of aisle constricting promotional displays. They plant gangstalkers at each location I go in the store, and I don't keep a list in advance or tell anyone what my intended purchases are, and yet they always know. There is no privacy whatsoever, not even one's thoughts, in perp-land.

As part of the routine, "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) intend to acquire specific items/sizes/makes and invariably, many of these items are often pulled from display or else the perps "panic me" into a mind-controlled "don't bother" decision, usually with some "perturbing" gangstalkers posted as to where I intended to shop. Today was no different; no 3M souring pads to replace the one that is self-destructing on the kitchen counter, and no paper, ribbon or card acquired for my upcoming daughter's birthday. Just the basics today, that being the hot chicken counter.

And in doing so, I got surly service from the normally agreeable staff member. However, there were no gangstalker obstructors or "passers-by"/gangstalkers trolling behind my back, especially the accidentaly bump into me on purpose kind. Usually they make me wait at the chicken counter, but today it was the aforementioned brusque service. Though I did notice at the checkout they followed me with a Asian woman "customer"/gangstalker with the identical hot chicken for purchase in her checkout items. (The perps have been big on gangstalking me with brown skinned races of late; another facet of their/mine "brown" problem I assume).

In the checkout, the "customers" ahead often have obstructing "needs" that spring up. They also sweep the exit and parking lot (advance gangstalking) ahead of me. One of the perp' current interests has been extensively testing the same colored clothes on the same gangstalkers in differing lighting conditions and orientations (direction I or they are facing). Often, a gangstalker will stalk me again under differing lighting conditions; for example, the aisles then at checkout, then the parking lot. Today, they planted a red vehicle behind me for a minute before I could exit for which I was screamingly annoyed.

As part of today's Save-On Foods gangstalking, when exiting the store, they planted some of their gangstalking operatives to "loiter" that were gangstalking me at an ethnic foods community event I attended yesterday with my parents, ex-wife and daughter. This event too was gangstalked with an astonishing amount of careful preparation and matching colored clothing, skin tones, one stalker aligned with another then aligned behind my daughter etc. And as part of the organized confusion that my mother was up to, we all walked by six, yes six, identical dark metallic red color vehicles parked in a single row cluster. Nothing random about that. Of course no one mentioned this highly unusual vehicle color "coincidence", including mind-controlled me. And then a planted shill, dressed in brown clothing, "happened" to know my mother and waved hello out the open driver side window. (More brown (clothing) inside and outside vehicle lighting and energetics conditions).

At the ethnic foods event I went to the Portugese building for their entertainment and food, and lo, if some more (almost) familiar faces didn't show up on either side of me. I suspect, but couldn't prove, that there were morphed-over (or shapeshifted) former Ministry of Forests personnel who are now operatives, in that big hiring machine that follows me everywhere I go. And I do know from bitter experience that the perps have a major problem in their post-meal energetics assay , and perhaps this community gangstalk with no one eating but us "demonstration familiy" (what I call the First Feral Family) was to simplify their the remote energy assay activity. Most weird, with all that food, some 300 people in a near crush, and none eating within 20' or so.

Anyhow, if anyone has some ideas or knowledge as to what is going on in me being the centerpiece of a Fellini film I did not try out for, I would be glad to hear from you.

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