Friday, October 12, 2007

The No Sleep Allowed Imposition

It has been quite a while since the perps pulled one of these, no sleep at all, harkening back to the days of them chasing me with head pains and inter vehicle laser shoots up and down the Puget Sound I-5 and I-90 corridors and into southern BC as part of their all night games at that time.

Last night wasn't anywhere near as eventful, but I wasn't even "motivated", per perp governance, to get up and get some water to drink for some kind of relief. And don't worry about me missing the 8 to 10 hours of sleep or needing to go to bed early, as "somehow", this physiological need can be overwritten and I won't be the worse for wear.

The big theme in all of last night's thoughts was for the perps to re-run their fantasy scenario in mind, one that has been playing for at least four years, maybe longer, as my alter-ego of accomplishment in the public eye, in a positive sense. And this story gets replayed often, as if it were mine, and should my thoughts make any additions or modifications to the script, why, a huge overhead pounding took place. This was in addition to the generalized pounding that was played continiuously, the sirens, the Asian gibbering voices, the singing, the outside vehicle noises trailing off into the distance, ongoing tapping noise of no ostensible cause (an all day and night noise now), hallway coughing, clicks and clunks in my apartment of no ostensible cause, and of course, the visual display of masers and plasma beams flitting about.

All this to create an early awakening time, and a longer run up of apartment time before venturing out to get the Rx the perps screwed me out of getting yesterday with the absurd lineup at the counter. Today I got the toxic waste look from the pharmacy technician, which even included her getting my name wrong after I told her, an ongoing harassment stunt of many decades. All the while I waited for this shorter line to dissipate, I had at least 20 ambulatory gangstalking operatives and shills arranged around me, parading back and forth, some hiding behind the aisle displays for a time before emerging, and the rest of the usual feints, dodges and routines I have come to loathe. And of course, even if a 10 minute round trip save queue wait time, about 5 minutes today, the perps put on the freaks from their chosen demographic groups; chinless (3 of them, one behind me), lardasses (5), geriatrics (10), brown skinned (3), malingering middle aged males (10), blondes (3, mother, 6 y.o. daughter, and the odious Rx technican woman), geriatrics with walker or wheelchairs (3), redheads (2) and a few more that don't come to mind.

Green has come to be one of the perp's focus colors of late. There was a total mid-green dressed male operative in the elevator who went into lead-ahead gangstalk mode over the next block on my way to gym yesterday, a green dressed female lardass gangstalker lying in wait as I exited the elevator in the lobby today, the chinless young blonde at gym class was in a green top three days ago and a green and white top yesterday, a predominantly green swarm of six gangstalkers grouped together yesterday, a charter bus in white and green trim did a pointless circle the block move while I was walking back from yoga yesterday, at least one insipid green dressed shiftless geriatric male gangstalker today with the comportment of my father with his same despicable encircling gangstalking moves (could of been a morphover), and at least another 20 or so that don't come to mind. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed all over town for it?

And my response for asking that tired question is more overhead rumbling noise, which surely means it was a set up; supply the script and noisestalk the event. Nothing new there. And get this, I sit in a green office chair most of the day, and have used this chair for over seven years. And it wasn't enough that the perps slashed the seat while the chair was in storage while I was incarcerated illegally.

The infernal ordering process of the keyboard continues; no email as to the actual order form as stated, and that I had to ask for, caused by the "software" problem that self-erupted for me only in total contravention to every online order I have ever made, >200x. Maybe the objective of this stunt is to have me cranked up about it, given that it is the only occurence. And perhaps the long and storied history of relentless sabotage is now being refined to smaller parts of the online ordering activity. All part of the constant deconstruction of everything I do, which isn't very much in a given day, per perp imposition. More of the vocabulary I use is "showing up" in the news, sometime days later.

Other recent visual or verbal routines are being replayed of late. That iconic image of Che Guevara is getting some news mention as it is an anniversary, but this image was planted in mind over two years ago when it had no basis as to my interests past or present. Then this blonde woman showed up at the elevator lobby with a red bag slung over her shoulder with a Che Guevara image on it. One cannot find these hoary items nowadays without express effort, especially with his movement being discredited in the past few years.

And the freaking mention of Turkey is getting out of hand; Canadian Thanksgiving and the obvious associations along with some mentions from the gym class coordinator, and of the country, where the Armenian genocide issue is coming to a vote in the US Senate and even Pres. George Bush is sounding on it, as if he were as sudden student of history. The relevance of "Turkey" is in this blog posting, and it is the country, not the bird, but for now, the perps are hammering on both, including pounding the concrete floor overhead as I type this. The perps just redirected me to a blank page as I was about to note this; more noise timed to selecting and linking to the aforementioned hyperlink in this paragraph. Time for lunch and to get off this bizarre circus show.

Another rage-ified time making, eating lunch and then doing the dishes. The perps are still into olive oil flicking, brown crumb inundation (from chicken meat and tortillas), cheese flicking and of course noisestalking my every vocalized complaint. This has been standard all week, as has the sleep reduction, last night being spent totally sleepless as mentioned above. The relentless tapping noise of no ostensible cause is ongoing, and is now a near 24x7 event, drifting in and out now and again.

Leftover dinner this time, the two plate version, from fridge to dinner plate with no reheating, and no cutlery. And the method of doing the dishes is emerging of prime importance to the perps. The let-the-water-run for two plate, the usual, or fill-the-sink method. For all meals it was the fill-the-sink method, and then when I was getting mind-fucked into the no-reheat leftover tortillas, the run-the-water method "came" into use. Though last time they had me fill the sink, and have now reverted back to type again. Believe me, I don't find this interesting in the least, and am only reporting on these events as they are done to me, as in a constant tightly scripted mind-fuck show.

And as this is also dusk, a perp primetime for stunts and imposed adversity, and it is also the post-meal digestion period, the overhead clunking, the improbable motorcycle noises continue from all afternoon, the constant tapping, hallway clicking, vehicle beeping and the rest of the noise flurries are continuing with renewed vigor.

And more plasma and maser action next to my face today for the first time; a white or black object comes to reside in my peripherial vision for a few seconds until they let me know it is there, and in doing so, I am now made to be "annoyed" and shake it off. These are often timed to unbidden thoughts or recall, still the nub of the last mind-control research objectives. Then onto who knows what next, but all their themes, the hundred or so main ones will surely be the next game. I have no idea if the perp's color and demographic presentation games will continue after the 100% mind-control goal is attained. One thing I have been consistently made to get wrong is the state of their progress; I get stiffed with overestimating their timelines. Even last year in the early days of the putative boarding house incarceration, having 80 sq. ft. to live in, I figured their objective was only a few months away. Shows me how much I get to figure this out on my own.

I get plasma blasts in front of this LCD panel should I read one of the perp's theme words du jour. The word "husband" immediately got a 5" plasma burst, and as type this up I am getting overhead pounding and outside vehicle horns sounding. More excitement.

A totally new stunt; someone unlocking and opening the apartment door some few inches before I was mind-fucked into saying something, then they retreated with a "suprised" note to their voice. Fucking stupid, more and more, all these feints in this pretense of an orchestrated normality. Who are they attempting to fool, if not me? The better move might have been to wait it out and have a look at a new operative, but I have no choice in the matter.

Meanwhile, the absurd procession of very loud motorcycles continues; we are at least five miles from a biker bar and not in any kind of area that would have so many as to warrant this amount of noise. Same old, same old.

The overhead pounding started up as I opened up this tab; an exciting moment to be sure.

Another new development is "somehow" recalling at least twice as many word associations that I have ever made before. Translated, that means scripted and planted. The usual format for these is to create typos that have some associative value to another word, name, place etc., and these now "come up" immediately when they never did before. Which means plain basic mind junk is being placed into my consciousness. Fucking depraved.

Some pictures from yesterday's outings to the gym and back, 30 minutes each way.

Three equi-spaced silver-grey vehicles parked in file on a one-way street. More excitement for the perps given how often they do this.

Further along is the proverbial boom truck, something good for at least a once per week gangstalking. When I was driving my vehicle they would put two or three in a cluster routinely, but now it is back down to one at a time when walking. My theories on these are that it lofts a large steel mass high in the air, always a big perp consideration, and that the color is also important, especially yellow yesterday. The perps had me off my yellow colored medication yesterday owing to a delayed refill, and lo, if they didn't lay on more yellow vehicles, this being one. Also, having men dressed in orange, or other bright colors is also a big deal. A dayglo pink back pack was placed around me twice today as part of the ongoing games of this type.

The favorite stunt the perps do to "cause" (read, mind-control) me to react to, bicycles on sidewalks. Another classic, a bicycle lane for the street, but no, it isn't good enough, on the sidewalk again. And he is part of yesterday's green squad that was all over me. The pole graffitti is now everywhere to aid the perps in localized color calibrations as I walk by. Adding orange colored reflectors for no road design reason must be another perp aid offering more color analysis opportunities.

Back to basic gangstalking colors like red, where this intersection gets "painted" nearly everytime I come through here. And an added tinge of yellow (vehicle) and green too, the bag of the pedestrian crossing the road.

This might not be so unusual in its appearance, but it was a first time event for the six months at 2x per week I pass by; four separate parties having "discussions" in the parking lot of this neighborhood pub. As it so happened, there were other parties further along having equally absurd outbreaks of street and parking lot debate. And there is the ubiquitous silver-grey vehicle cluster, and lo, if one of them isn't a Volvo, mentioned in past blogs as being a vehicular gangstalking staple, having owned a Volvo 245 for 16 years until mid-2006.

Counting the vehicles at the extreme left and right of the photo; four white color vehicles, three red color vehicles (extreme left, one behind the black vehicle, and one over the fence to the right of the green vehicle), one black color, and one blue green color. Eight of 10 parked vehicles are one of two colors.

Four mobile red or red variant vehicles in file, leading with the burgundy vehicle in front of the white van on the left. The perps must of wanted me to get this picture for reasons likely related to the use of the camera, having a sensor in it that the perps can co-opt for their own uses. Normally, they don't let me photograph more obvious arrangements such as this, as they will sabotage or block the photo. More food for thought as to what the perp's real intent is here. The coffee cup on the grass stunt, having had some brown liquid in it, that has some bearing on the games they are up to, even if no brown coffee is evident. There is a latent color energetic component to the perp's games, as they will often walk an operative over a just-vacated parking stall, with attention to the residual color interactions they are working on, especially on and around ashphalt and concrete.

This is the continuing rage in this city, direct import of left-hand drive vehicles from Japan. I have them gangstalking me more and more of late, and there are directional considerations to the perp's current experimentation/harassment. Such a vehicle would of picked up considerable energies in Japan from being driven on the left side of the road, and from the vehicles passing oppositely on it's right side. Currently, the perps wish to attain some kind of energetics relationships between the road surfaces and the vehicles for right-hand drive (North America), and have imported, or teleported (yes), this vehicle in to test and evaluate blue color related energies on my right side as I walked by. With more oncoming ambulatory gangstalkers making very obvious efforts to pass me on my right side, instead of like everyone else for the past 50 years of my life, there are a number of consistent clues as to their investigation into the anisiotropic nature (different properties in different directions) of energy, and likely ones that our world of conventional physics does not recognize in the main.

And lo, if in the adjacent parking lot the perps haven't arranged an interlacing of blue and silver-grey vehicles, some backed in, others not, in a possible attempt to replicate or compare to what the left-hand drive Japanese vehicle has in the way of comparable energies. There were another two blue vehicles opposite these four in the same parking lot.

Time to put this dull day to rest, and blog off. Maybe some sleep tonight, here's hoping.

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