Monday, October 22, 2007

Keeping Clueless

This is the post-dinner digestion period, always one for perp excesses. Then add dusk onset, another perp obsession, and it is a "perfect harassment" moment. One always knows by the noisestalking increases, if the increased plasma and maser action in my face hasn't increased.

One aspect of being harassed like this, down to every thought, is that there is a strong component of being kept clueless about certain news events. This is managed in good part by constraining my news feeds from the web, as well as the "don't see it" mind control games that are now endemic.

After being kept out of the loop on the baseball playoffs and the penant I was totally planted with the wrong notion that yesterday's baseball game, that I "happened" to catch part of at my parent's place, "I" (read, mind controlled me) was led to believe that the game was the World Series, and not the penant series. Then as part of this, I got the teams wrong, or at least one of them as I was explaining this to my mother, no baseball fan either, but who somehow had an "expressed interest", (read, perp planted and scripted). So finally I have it figured out; it was the final penant game, #7, and the Red Sox are going onto play the Colorado Rockies for the World Series. This is what it takes to be TI, never trusting what one says for fear of it being a planted notion.

Another clueless round was this morning; my mother wanted to go out this morning after breakfast for me to drive her to the carpet store and get underlay. And somehow, I had "forgotten", and she didn't mention it until the last moment when I thought I was set to be driven back to my place. There was the usual 100's of vehicles coursing around us in coordinated colors and we got the underlay after visiting the second store where the right size was availible. Wouldn't you know, it was brown colored, and in the form of some kind of synthetic plastic foam, much different than the old heavy carpet stuff we pulled out last week. And lo, if we weren't put in the double white vehicular gangstalking "sandwich"; two white vehicles ahead of us, and two behind as our escort for some 10 minutes of road travel. I suppose the perps must be looking for some kind of brown to white interaction, or whatever it is they are chasing me over, never mind the odd assault.

And last night while sitting around in the musical sofas of my in-town brother's place, who had put dinner on for us, along with inviting his native Indian on-off girlfriend too. Another case of brown (skin color) time as I see it, fitting the perp's color energetics obsessions. The TV was on to watch his favorite antiques show, and then my father (in the guise of a dementia) got up and started fingering and pissing around with my coat that was hung on a peg on the living room furniture. I told him to leave it alone, and he backed off. He then got up and did this twice more, grasping my coat at the location where the perp's planted the blood they extracted from my face last week. Which tells me that the assholes didn't get very much out of it if that is what they are doing some four days later, even if the coat was laundered.

All these wars and strife, now and the over the long past, and here are the sick perps pounding on lifelong victims on the street to figure out their fucking games. Never mind the world of blood donations and transfusions, something else they might have their hands in. And I note, an apartment massacre of six in Surrey BC on 10-19-2007, one day after my street assault, something the perps surely must of had a hand in. (And as the news is slowly divulged, there were two Caucasians and four Asians, and oh what planning that took to have a multi-racial bloodletting in this geographic region. Excuse me for being so cynical, insensitivity isn't intended). The perp's problems with the bioenergetics of my blood, or anyone else's, is not my problem, so why am I being assaulted on the street for yet another blood sample?

In addition, none of the First Feral Family dared to mention how I got the cut at my left eyebrow and how my eyelid was a dark purple, both souvenirs from Thursday's assault in the street. Funny how that happens, like they already knew and didn't dare instignate a scathing diatribe as to their collusion, with a ringing rejoinder for them to see their handlers and put an end to this sadistic depravity. Not that they have any pull, they rolled over decades ago and are in full play with the perps. I even challenged my in-town brother as to why he was playing ball with the very assholes that pulled his eye out when he was two years old. All I got was the bullshit shrug and smirk. Talk about complacent and complicit all at once.

I once harangued the Feral Parents to go see their handler when I was being relentlessly lashed with maser strikes to my eyelids, nose and lip for weeks on end. This started at the end of the hospital stay in 2003, and carried over until I found my place about a month later. I, as in mind-controlled me, was getting relentlessly harassed to the level that I told my parents to go see their handler and put an end to this highly exasperating harassment method. After some back and forth they actually did go out, and lo, if the facial maser strike harasment didn't end the next day. And my parents didn't bother to ask about it afterward either, knowing of course, the entire event was scripted, including my scathing rebuke to their suggestion that the maser strikes were an aberant mental construct. I told that story to my then shrink and he didn't have anything to say about it. Another behavior oddity not of my making. I still get the maser lashings, but not to the annoyance level or the frequency of that time.

And I am still getting screwed out of listening to radio; the internet players "somehow" don't work, and the feed gets messed up. So much for being informed. But I am allowed to listen to a few CD's per week, a change no doubt suited to the perp's games, especially if one notes the coincident noise flurries going on in the background.

I saw an interesting vehicle and gangstalker configuration today while driving; it was three parked burgundy sedans, each pointed a different direction, and two women were in the center of this cluster, one with burgundy colored pants, and the other in black colored clothing on a cell phone. It would seem the perps were attempting some kind of color energetic interaction as I passed by, and perhaps the brown colored carpet underlay in the cargo area of the vehicle was the reason for such an obvious gambit.

My mother took me out for lunch today, my "reward" for aiding in this morning's driving and carpet underlay installation. We had four blonde waitresses and hostesses circulating around our booth, close to the kitchen. My mother made out to be confused as to the menu, futzing over the definition of a clubhouse and a Cesar salad. The waitress bent over her menu and explained it, all the while offering me a look down her front. This happens too often to be the innocent act it is. (One of the better harassment methods though). For all of lunch the perps had male kitchen banter ongoing, likely for some kind of neural energetic correlation, visually pleasing blondes to male voice being interpreted for tone and content. The perps also put on some "customer"/blonde alignments, having one of the blonde staff member "happening" to be in the line of sight of some obvious looking male operative, also making himself obvious with the head spins and lookaway poses.

More boredom as I troll the internet, guided by my keepers and the constantly enforced typos that go on, usually "borrowing" letters from the next intended word that "somehow" get intermingled with the one I am typing. Failing that, there is always the jerkaround of forcing me to contact two keys at once to disrupt my flow. It never ends, all this intrusion after a lifetime of being monitored and controlled.

I was on the end of a new method of harassment today; the perps sucked the light out of my left eye when I got up this morning, and had me in total snit about it. When I went to the bathroom to see about it, they then laid on a batch of mucus in my eye, as if that were the problem. I never get mucus in my eye at anytime, only when the perps put it there, so that was not the cause.

I am getting the double noise game; the irritating quiet hiss and and the overhead rumbling and pounding.

Music and some decent site visits, even closing in on harassment free moments, a true rarity. I was allowed four CD's to listen to tonight, a radical departure from the usual sabotage of my players and related software.

Time to call this day done and blog off.

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