Saturday, October 06, 2007

Girl Guide Cookies

Today's cover story for operatives loitering outside the grocery store I went to was Girl Guides selling their cookies. At other times it is faux Amnesty International representatives, wandering around with their white plastic binders with a colored page insert in the transparent front pocket. But today, the perps outdid themselves by posting a young woman with a 30" diameter brown fabric cushion at her back, and one on her front with them loosely linked together, something like a sandwich board. At first she was visible from the inside checkout through the glass at the front of the store, and when I departed, I turned 90 degrees in front of her and had another look to make sure what I was seeing was for real. In passing, one of her mates said something about Girl Guide cookies, and then this ridiculous prop's cover story was allowed to be known to me. It was a oversized imitation cookie, this two cushion act. One cushion of brown fabric for facing me inside through the glass, and the front one when I went by after completion of my transaction at the checkout.

I was duly gangstalked at every turn in the store, and as usual, they were reprising themselves to appear at a new locations even before I got there. And more of the step-in-my-way act, putting on the inadvertent obstruction stunt. And while figuring out which coffee package to get, some rube in an orange anorak parades in front of me, placing himself between the (brown) coffee (in packages) and me. More of the peekaboo games, and passing operatives and vehicles in front of one another. This fucker was also putting on the stare, not bad for someone who was expecting that I was going to move without so much as an "excuse me", as he was walking so fast. Fucking bizarre to say the least.

The grocery store had changed its lighting since I was last there, about three days ago. It was brighter and there was considerably more reflectivity off the shelf item's packaging. And another renovation is going on inside, and I can only assume it has the dark hand of the perps behind it. This is the same grocery store that was repainted in a silver-grey paint this summer, one of the perp's top vehicular gangstalking colors.

I bought the national newspaper to read, and it is a huge source of harassment games for the perps. There is alternately page collapsing, page stiffening, excessive central fold shadow, excessive reflections off the page, plasma beams placed on or over the page, and of course all the placement of the content; colors, people pictures from the perp's chosen demographics, and even a black dude with white woman pictures for the perp's games over auric blending, or whatever their sick minds are up to.

As a rule, there is a huge shadow at the center line fold, and the perps put on the noisestalking anytime I am reading over the fold. They are onto something about text size, text color, and greyscale of the background of the text. This is not new, but seems to be of elevated importance to the perps of late. As always, what I read, and whatever the size of the text is not my problem, so why am I being hounded over this?

There will be no answer to that, and one can be assured that the above complaint has been planted into my thoughts, as I have come to know that most persistent habits, phrases and thoughts are nearly always planted. If the perps did not want this, they would expunge them , which they have done innumerable times since the overt harassment began in 2002.

A big read on deleterious food components, gluten, lectin, casien and soy. And when I encountered specific words and phrases, the noisestalking started for that brief moment.

More overhead pounding, this time accompanying vision assaults; turning a page of text that I was reading into a distorted shape. Other vision assaults have been placing bright point sources on my LCD panel, just out of central vision, a flash of light in front of me, color plasma displays in peripherial vision in addition to the many masers and plasma beams in my central vision. It is getting weirder and weirder as these assholes hack at my neural functions, keeping me under their microscope for continued depravity.

More snap, crackle and pop noises are "happening" in my vicinty. These are faked joint creakings, and without any sensation in the joints. Just blatant noise with a threadbare cover story that seems to suit someone's needs, but not mine. And too, it could well be about having me vocalize my complaint immediately following the sudden incursion. This goes on all day and evening; the planted joint noise, though interestingly, doesn't happen much during yoga or gym workouts.

A variant on this is the faked neck creakings that are heard, or more like, internally detected as noise, but again, aren't linked to any neck injury or sensation. The perps like to plant these anytime I move my neck when first at a new location or task, and then back off for a time. Owing to my aforementioned workouts, I am much more flexible than the average person for my age, and yet these neck creakings keep "happening". That really translates to more perp activity, especially the internal mouth and neck noises that are nonaural, not detected by my ears, but specific brain regions, bypassing normal auditory channels. This is a big deal for the sick assholes, and I am sure it has to do with exercising certain neural pathways and not others, so to remotely detect the applicable energies.


The pictures are from 10-05-2007, my double outing day of yoga and then gym in the afternoon.

This is the Victoria Police station; an amazing aerial collection, and the folded dipole type is exceedingly common, even on some houses in this town. These could be all normal police communications towers, but this is a considerable increase in their height and quantity when I last saw them.

I suppose having a green vehicle parked next to a green wall isn't very conspiratorial, and nor are the coffee cups lying on the sidewalk. However, the perps carry coffee with them on public streets and even in grocery stores in some kind of brown color referencing practice. And as these color energies appear to persist in the event that the contents of a container are emptied, it appears that these two coffee cups with spilled coffee beside them, are being tested for their "browness interaction" with me, and likely with the added complexity of having a significant amount of green color energy in close proximity.

Again, nothing too secretive about having a goof in a brown coat accessing his shopping basket that came from over a mile away, but as I see these shopping cart acts up to 6 times per day, and always in my proximity, it surely must be some kind of perp prop to measure energy fields, not unlike the near ubiquitious aerials .

Then again, same for ladders. By themselves they are don't convey much, but when I see over a hundred a day, in all kinds of configurations, and in or on vehicles in file, there has to be something about ladders, of varying construction materials, that the perps gain some kind of extra energy from, not unlike an aerial. These goofs parked on one side the road and carried the ladder across, effectively sweeping the road surface for its energies near me and the yoga classroom just before class. Note the matching colors of the green vehicle and the buildings, again, not a signature stalking event in itself, but having many photos of matching gangstalkers to background color, it just isn't a coincidence anymore.

A pair of black sedans on opposite sides of the one way street, and though not the same model or manufacturer, but with very similar profiles. Matching vehicles by design features such as windsheild rake angle is very common. A silver-grey and a red in file on the opposite side of the street are also part of the perp's game, the first mentioned color being leveraged as it is more likeable (by me), while I don't care for red colors much. There is a second silver-grey vehicle outside of the frame, behind the right-most silver-grey vehicle, visible in the pictures below. The blue vehicle is also in the mix probably for the same reason as the silver-grey vehicle behind it.

Further up the hill, a cluster of four white colored vehicles, one silver-grey vehicle, and one parked vehicle under a tree that I cannot make the color out. Then the cluster spreads apart and the perps put on individually pass-bys in front of the above setup of the two parked silver-greys in file, red, two blacks and blue vehicles.

The cluster spilts apart some more so that the pass-bys are individual, one at a time. I suspect that the perps are looking to see some kind of neural response to one color of vehicle placed in front of another color, the same thing they do with their gangstalking operatives in public locations, as they also have my family members do.

Time to call this day done, and leave the abundant masers and plasma beams for another day, maybe even for some early, ~0400h singing from somewhere like last night.

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