Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Timed Coughings

It is a "rile me up day" today, and it might because I am wearing the yellow-green shirt today, a moisture wicking kind for working out, which I will later do. Every routine task is getting sabotaged with strange extra-conventional gravitic events, or else I am getting mind-fucked to perform long established routines out of order. Then the perps make sure I vocalize my complaints. One can be sure it is always going to happen when I spread peanut butter and jam on my toast, but today they went further by pulling a 3/8" size crumb of bread from my mouth as I was putting the toast in, and then flew the crumb to my feet. They wouldn't let me retrieve it while sitting, and I was forced to stand up and get the crumb in hand. Then when sitting again with this crumb in my fingers, it "magically" fell apart again, and this infernal sick minded fuckaround was repeated. Then the perps make sure I get sufficiently enraged about it afterward. It is plain fucking sick, depraved and juvenile to have these assholes on my back for every breath I take.

It rained this morninng, and abated about 0900h, and since then it has been overcast. I reckon this beats street cleaners, sending them ahead of me when I go out. And it may also be timed for a high harassment day such as this, attempting to get more remote energy assays. I also noted that the perps put on a parked camper within view, and lo, if it didn't have same colored panels as that of my yellow-green shirt that I am wearing.

The perps are still constantly ragging my ass today; pulling objects from my hands, foiling my grasp, flicking olive oil around in the kitchen, putting on more coughings in the hall, as well as the background of noise, masers and plasma beams.

And I did my laundry earlier, another perp harassment obsession. First I was fucked out of remembering that the washing cycle had ended for over 50 minutes, and then the dryer cycle was protracted to create an extra trip to the laundry room, with hallway stalking acts and a screaming kid as I opened my door. Ten minutes later I checked it again, and the dryer was continuing well past its hour of normal cycle duration, and voila, the clothes were mostly dry. Then they sabotaged my laundry folding, something they have done all my life, and "disappeared" a pair of underwear that miraculously "arrived" on the floor 5 minutes later, just to make sure it was handled differently than the other two pairs. All the time the strange water usage noise, purported neighbors, kept going, and it is usually lounder than my own water use noise in the bathroom.

True to form for Monday nights, they kept me awake doing head turning on the pillows every minute or so for over an hour, and amped up many of their usual noises while this was going on. Just as I was allowed to drift into near sleep, they zapped me with a coincident overhead thud, but kept me sleepy so I would not yell at the assholes. I also noted that the perps won't let me anticipate this regular Monday harassment event, as they wiped the thought from my mind. This is new, and I have even made predictions of sleeplessness for Monday nights in this blog before. Slowly, all my knowledge of their stunts is getting purged from my recall.

Last night they chilled down the hot water to lukewarm, and this morning it was back to the normal temperature.

Back from the organized gym class of Tuesday afternoons. There was plenty of gangstalking action today; some 600 to 1,000 mobile vehicles in color coordinated configurations, and that many again in parked locations on-street, both the thoroughfares and the side streets. And the ambulatory gangstalkers were out in force, especially when I stopped at the local grocery store on the way back. They had at least 20 gangstalkers "hanging around" when I picked up the brown sprouted wheat tortillas in a green plastic wrapping, and even had at least six of them aligned, one behind the other. Then onto the soy milk where they passed two gangstalkers immediately in front of me before I could move the 2' to get it from the cooler case. And the local table grapes are not to be had, so no fruit again. But at least there was an open checkout so I could get out of there, as they have been obstructing them of late. And at least four starings while I was in there.

At the gym workout they put two new people in the class; one is a substitute instructor and the other was at least a 300lb woman who was grotesque. She seems to have replaced the 225lb blonde woman, so who knows if they are not the same person, just morphed over for this exercise. With two new class members the instructor introduced only one, and didn't make it clear who it was they were naming. So when they introduced "Janet" I thought it was "Jane", the new substitute instructor whom I had met earlier in the workout. But no, the perps wanted me to get it wrong, confusing one for the other. Last week, a new blonde tubby thug boy joined the class and hasn't been introduced. Go figure.

I got the usual parading around me when working out, plus those that just sit there and do nothing, often 50% or more of those that are in the gym are sitting around on sentry duty. I am getting more gangstalkers nearly up my asshole of late; they are coming in closer, crossing my path behind or in front of me within 3 seconds or less, not unlike the Feral Family gangstalking at my parent's where they are hot on my ass and occupying the very same location that I vacate within seconds. It is getting tiresome and enraging to be hounded like this, all because the depraved assholes won't come out of the closet and show themselves to be conducting nonconsensual human experimentation. That appears to be the only reason for this. This entire fuckover could of been done in weeks with cooperation, but instead, they have hounded the living shit out of me for over five years now. This, on top of 47 years of covert harassment with employer, family and then-wife cooperation.

And I suspect that their remote energy assays that the perps appear to be doing are made more difficult by the low level pollutants that are in my system, if the amount of these kinds of stories "showing up" is any indication. These are the same assholes that monitored every breath I have taken since birth, and here they are attempting to get past this problem that they created. There aren't any industrial processes that the perps don't have their hands on, and they must of known at the time that these pollutants are highly persistent and act in unusual electromagnetic ways. It just pisses me off that the perps have made this entire jerkaround infinitely more difficult than it needed be, and they let it happen. Sounds like a recipe for the 9/11 tragedy, where they also seem to have left evidence of their depravity.

I am getting the post-dinner sleepiness that is so common now, courtesy of the perps. As my eyes glaze over, and they know exactly when that happens, they begin projecting multiple plasma beams off the LCD screen at me in some kind of test. No doubt they want to determine how I can know a visually anomaly when I see one. That is my guess, and there is plenty of hallway door thudding, overhead pounding and loud mufflered vehicles to go with this particular harassment. This is also happening at the dusk onset, a period of time where the perps have an intense obsession as to how I percieve certain lights and colors. It is my understanding that for some vision cells, the absence of light turns them on.

This might explain why the artificial lights of the floor exercise room take at least five minutes to come on; me and my gangstalking pals are all being tested as to light sensitivity.

Another fruitcake event today at the gym. The entire class was wearing black, white or grey, save one space-out dude in all navy blue, and the coordinator in brown colored capri pants. I was wearing black pants and my yellow-green shirt that seems to have the perps cranked up. At the end of the session where we are milling about putting equipment away, and writing down the exercises, some young woman walks in and puts on the "looking for a class" act. She was dressed in a salmon pink outfit, so I can only assume this was meant as a short term color exposure for this particular hue. And thankfully the perps did not zone me out after class like last time, but there was some kind of dizziness as I was walking to the change room. And for some reason, they nearly all stayed back in the room after I had departed at the end of class.

Later, coughing erupted in the hallway with coincident door thudding while I was changing web pages. The fourth siren cascade is happening as I write this, making this city more busy than Seattle ever was for this puported level of "emergencies".

As I opened up this page, the hallway coughing started up at the exact moment I selected something with the mouse. Then I find that a later section of this blog was inserted between two earlier sections. Soo.. having done this many times before, the coughing starts up again, timed to the select, cut and paste. The perps cannot have enough to do, noisestalking mouse actions on the computer.

Anyway, I got some pictures from today's walk to the gym, but my camera was disabled on the way back. And it is the usual mediocre quality, a special something the perps put in the picture taking process, even if stock still.

This was taken yesterday; three red vehicles are parked in file in this high use area the perps use, top right. Then a fourth red vehicle which exited from where the black one is shown, is heading down the street, picture center. A red vehicle partially obscured by the blue van with ladders on top is heading in the opposite direction, lower left. Two blue vans of the same color, pointed in opposite directions, one mobile, and the other parked with ladders as mentioned. There are three more parked vehicles in the picture center, with the brown dressed ambulatory gangstalker nearby, one is silver grey (a very common gangstalking vehicle color), and the others look as if navy blue or dark green. The perps have a way to add more reflectance onto objects and thereby mask the true color from a distance.

This MIB, though probably a woman, was doing some kind of "bored pretend" act, walking and waddling in a tight circle in front of the red and white sandwich board sign on the sidewalk. Just one of many strange acts in a given day. Earlier, in the hallway today when headed for the laundry room, a woman did something like this in front of me, swinging her leg wide for no apparent reason, except to act like a child would if bored. The perp move of the day, the wide swinging leg for no reason except to look totally stupid.

At the location where the perps had three red vehicles lined up, parked in file, they now have put white vehicles in their place. Even if you don't buy into the three vehicles of the same color being odd, one would have to admit that a wholesale turnover from all red vehicles, to all white vehicles on the same stretch of street within a week is especially strange. But there is a red vehicle tucked behind the rightmost white vehicle. I am sure there is a picture of this same street section with red vehicles in a past blog, but if I remember, I will find it and link it.

Then onto mixing vehicle colors, an alternating sandwich of two blue colored vehicles between two same red colored ones, and then an additional blue color vehicle on the left. The perps went on to bring on more purple colored vehicles later in the day, attempting some kind of leverage off this mid electric blue, and maybe the adjacent red vehicles are part of this later development too. Mixing blue and red paints gets purple.

More paragraphs are getting moved around on me, and I know that I don't knowingly violate the order of these blog entries. I hope it is coherent after this sick minded hacking, repleted with more noisestalking as I select, cut and paste.

Some more pictures from today, while I listen to music, Laura Gibson on Daytrotter.

Outside the OB Recreation Center, the alignment of red vehicles is within 100m of exiting the building, with a white one backing them. A mobile black vehicle can be seen passing through, left, next to the left red vehicle's windshield.

Two identical SUV's left and center, and a similar window profile sedan following. The gangstalking vehicles are arranged by not only color and greyscale value, but also having similar features and design elements, even if a different type.

Two more red vehicles side by side and a green vehicle is sweeping in front of me. Red and green colors are often paired by the perps, an energetic association noted by J. K. Harms at this link.

More music listening, and then the perps changed the game by not allowing listening from one Firefox tab when at another; no multitasking allowed, unlike any music download I have ever known.

Time to blog off, and call this day done.

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