Thursday, October 25, 2007

Clunking and Clicking

The overhead clunking has returned, and alernately, there is a clicking noise coming from the hallway. After last light's extreme thudding from above, the perp sickos have some gall to resume the noise from overhead. Not that a need for cover story bothered them when neccessity was more important.

I had my Thursday yoga class, and lo, if the chubby blonde from Thursday gym was there today, another crossover operative it would seem. They had another operative who participated in both these offerings in the same day like I do, a black haired woman, but she seems to have faded out.

I now have the evening free, having had a late appointment after gym class today. Before that was yoga, and it is Thursday, where these activities are stacked up. The overhead clunking has resumed, and now the faux neighbor water usage noise in two tones from the same general location. And that means the perps are blowing their cover story, as there are not two faucets in the kitchens, the location source of the noise.

And it has been busy with more improbable events, and more of usual ones getting to be more blatant. I had at least two gangstalkers stepping into my path when they each say me coming, before they decided to do so. None of the "sorry" bullshit, just blatant games on the sidewalks. Another trick is to have lead-ahead gangstalkers wander into my path as I am coming up from behind to overtake them. Never have I seen so many unerring calls about course changes while walking on the sidewalk, all the while pretending not to have heard me scuffle my feet beforehand. More bullshit to deal with, just to walk about.

And plenty of maser and plasma action; if the perps need an additional color show in mid air, they put it on; red, yellow and brown are the most common plasm beam colors of late. This can happen in mid street, at the gym or at home. Invariably there is a person's clothing or other colored object that is proximate, and the perps add a plasma beam into my field of view that is the same color, only offset by a few feet. The maser action is nearly constant; I nearly always have the fuzzy balls and the filamentous kind floating in my vision.

The usual procession of loud mufflered vehicles outside while reading all text web pages, or the text portion of a web page with graphics. I don't know what the attraction is for the perps, but the ongoing obsession over what I am reading and the orchestrated noise is not a coincidence.

And more vision interference; flaring and beaming from this LCD display; the faux dirty eyeglasses games again.

A news item from last week; it seems that the perps haven't done yet with running aircraft into tall buildings. The 9/11 tragedy was the most egregious example, but then a single engined aricraft flew into another building in New York City last year if my recall hasn't been hacked. But now, this geographic region has its very own aircraft crash into a tall building. This news item of last week, and the pilot was killed, but so far, I cannot find anyone to explain how this could of happened. I cannot say what is in this stunt for the perps, but it seems most odd that this type of incident is increasing in the past few years, with both the small engined aircraft incidents not being fully explained.

Now floor tapping has erupted overhead, another never-before event that follows me from one apartment to another, all over town.

I am getting some kind of de-motivating energies it seems; I had plans to detail all the many odd events over the day, and other perp-like orchetrations, and somehow the will to do this is getting sapped from me. The new order of being mind-controlled; variable motivation, another never-before.

A quieter time while reading the tales of Catherine Austin Fitts here and here. I don't have the mental wherewithal to understand complex financial arrangements, but it sure seems strange when one of her esteemed colleagues call the US Housing and Urban Development agency, HUD, a criminal enterprise.

And it does make me curious as to why a near all-quiet order goes into effect when reading this kind of material, a well documented conspiratorial thesis. There are annoying sounds of loud mufflered vehicles trailing off into the distance, for which "I" (read, mind-controlled me), plug my ears with my fingers for 5 to 10 seconds. I can only assume that this little long running game is for perp benefit, as is nearly everything I do.

Enough for now, being demotivated still, and not "willing" to detail the absurd levels of vehicular and ambulatory gangstalking and other harassment such as stroboscopic assaults that went on today isn't the "real me", but a remotely managed version.

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