Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Habit Disruption

As I type this I am getting overhead pounding by some means, there being a concrete floor above me. And serious typing sabotage.

Yoga was different today; they were all in place when I got there a few minutes before the class started. This is very typical, making sure I am nearly the last to arrive, or among the first. Two new women in the class, one blonde, the other grey haired, the latter putting on the long-time-no-see act, even though it was the first time in over a year. She was named "Heather", the same name of my ex, and I was definitely meant the hear it. She was beside a woman who just might be the morph-over of my real ex. The instructor was sitting where I usually do, and I took the place opposite her, where she usually sets up. A good session, even if the yellow brochures for a possible alternate yoga business location were close to my mat for some strange reason.

Anyhow, there were plenty of masers and plasma beams flitting about, and making sure to supply transitory replications of the objects in the room, even if another color. And a few other "whoopsies"; the brown anodized aluminum cane "happened" to get bumped off a chair and fell down, as well as the seeming kitchen staff next door doing their door opening and closing, the ongoing game of pretending to need the room, and not realizing it was occupied. This has occured so often that I think all members of the kitchen staff have done this at least once, dressed in their all white outfits for color referencing.

And the voluble cretin of Tuesday yoga has come back to the Thursday yoga, just to pollute my life with his pointless banter and his vile red shirt he had on today. Just when the going gets tough, he flakes out and does his own thing, not even yoga poses. This serves the purpose for the perps to have one of their operatives adding more variability into the energy field they are measuring. Now, more glass bottle bashing has erupted in the hallway with some voices; just like old times in the rooming house where this would go on up to four times per day, the putative residents putting on the bottle collecting act for a cover story. But here, in a downtown apartment building, the cover story doesn't matter, the perps just put on the bottle bashing act all the same. And they hound me in the streets with the shopping cart act, full of glass bottles bashing together as the cart rumbles along. It never ends, it just gets stupider.

And I had three motorists take a run at me on the way back from strength training, this being part of the increased initiative to have people and vehicles following as closely in my tracks as possible. One red car swept behind me at speed while I was on a crosswalk, then a black Mercedes took an abortive run at me, again on a crosswalk, this while the traffic control woman was standing there and doing absolutely nothing but watching. Then the third time, and only a block later, a white van was encroaching on the crosswalk attempting to make a right turn while there was a walk signal on. The perps like to have me vocalize on the street, and they duly had me yell at the asshole operative doing the "don't look" stunt while moving his vehicle into the crosswalk. This has been happening at least once per day of late, but this time, it was so absurd.

As it "so happened", the driver of the above red car was one of the Victoria Masters Swim Club members, one who "managed" to be the perennial student for over 8 years. He has been gangstalking me the past in his normal appearance, and this is his fifth showing.

The perps went fairly beserk each time I came back from my exercise classes; yoga, and then gym in the afternoon. They must of put on over 1,200 vehicles on gangstalking duty, and that number again in parked vehicles, sometimes over 100' either side of me if I am reading the color coordinated arrangements correctly.

More searching for the right keyboard online; and I get reminded about the cost if is a pricey one. So far, the Fujitsu 4726 looks promising, though no USB ports on it, and a PS2 connection cable. USB has been around for at least 7 years, and still no move forward on this one. Most curious. But it is a big industry, and plenty of old time users want the IBM click-clack keyboard still. It is familar to me, and I have spent many hours on that particular keyboard, though I don't need the noise.

And the information about these keyboards is so sparse; even the Fujitsu site cannot bring themselves to provide keyboard height, or state if it is mechanical or a membrane type. Though, in perpland, anything goes, and that includes reducing the information availible so to up the FUD factor, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Said to be the IBM salesforce mantra of old.

The perps kept me disrupted at the OB Rec. Center when taking gym today, taking up all the usual places I go, and effectively herding me to take the bicycle first, when it is usually last in my routine before the group exercises in the floor exercise room. Then that was shortened by an offensive perfume smell coming off this woman in a crimson red coat and matching lipstick. She wasn't even dressed for gym work, and came only to plant this noxious smell up my nose in addition to the vivid colors. As soon as I decided to move on, the two women in the class who were wearing the same colored dusty red top grouped together, putting on the social act. These same two women were also grouped together when I was leaving, just at their change room door. I suppose they were getting their last licks in as a combo on their matching outfits.

More of the "do-squats" were on today at the gym; these are the seeming gym members who are just sitting around, the biggest count was 9 of 12 doing nothing but sitting or standing there. I have never seen so many people doing nothing in a gym before as this one. Another managed event it would seem, though some do put on a busy act when I am looking at them, and somehow they know, as they haven't looked at me to find out they are being observed.

I took a number of photos today, but spent the better part of an hour cleaning them up; there is no reason for them to be so dark, and when using the Picasa album manager, I can reset the brightness level to normal and retain most the color and detail. Can't do that with film. My intent is to put some pictures in this blog in the day few days or so, and call this posting done.

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