Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Short Sunday Post

Another 10.5 hour sleep, that is, enforced get-up time being the same as yesterday's, approx 0945h again. As always, there is a litany of minor harassment games, my vocalized "response" and the ubiquitous noisestalking. This is all before starting breakfast and involves making the bed, a constant harassment game for the perps and putting my clothes on, another constantly noisestalked event. Sometimes the perps will force me to take a pee to interupt even those mundane tasks. Of late, the perps have taken to disrupting the breakfast routine, having me "forget" to put the burner on for heating the kettle, something that never happened before all the harassment began.

There are myriad reasons why they do this, and if one is studying the energetics in the life of a victim to every last detail and task, it makes sense that everthing be disrupted in some controlled way to isolate the brain and body energetics involved. And another technique is for force sneezing, which is what exactly occured as I was typing the "e" word, one that brings a huge amount of noisestalking or other phenomenon like masers and plasma flashes.

I was allowed a near normal sleep last night, now two nights in succession, something of an anomaly given the week's events. The only residual effect was to tag me with some recall as to the color red being dominant in the lastmost dream. No surprise there.

Last night's vacuum cleaning in the hallway outside my door lasted until 2230h, making this floor's hallway a 6 hour job. Quite the excuse, along with having young children's voices seemingly talking to the responsible adults. I wouldn't of been surprised to see dogs and cats there too, given that all these beings seem to be surrogates for the perps, acting as "psi energy" sensitives, which is reputably the case.

And more games with shaving razors again; the Gillette two blade system, once discarded for a Schick 3 blade system, has taken to clicking again, especially when the razor is near my ears while shaving. The clicking noise is self-erupting, and the razor does not need to be utilized for this noise to occur. Regular readers will know that the same thing happened earlier this year; a trusty long term owned Gillette razor handle began clicking unto itself, and that prompted the turnover to use the Schick system. Then this began to get spoofed with thoughts as to what a club is was to shave with, which is comparatively the case, and then the white teflon rub strips were replaced by a yellow and a green colored rub strips. Then, in a mind-controlled annoyance state, "I" (the collective mind-controlled me) reverted to the Gillette system again and had no problem with it until recent days. Now this self-erupting clicking by my ears. And senseless pissing away of money I need to conserve.

As I will be going offline as of about 1600h when my parent's pick me up to go to my brother's place for the same tired food he always cooks, this will be a short blog posting without any great insights or photo inclusions. And as I think about the recent implications of the latter item, a great rumbling overhead took place, again tracking my thoughts that are not yet scripted by the perps. The degree of coincidence it too high for any other reason I can think of, never mind the ridiculous nature of this noise following me where I am in this apartment, always exactly overhead.

The latest game the perps have of presenting images is to grey them down and remove the contrast and make the subjects barely discernable. When looking up Jan Arden on MySpace last night, her photos were rendered down to almost look like a heavy gauze had been placed on it. The perps know that this singer is familiar to me, and likely decided that it was "too much" for me to see all at once. Translated, that means the perp's remote monitoring and neural intrusions cannot yet cope with all the energetics that comes with seeing a photograph of a familiar person, so what better way to change the show than to piss with the photo? That is my take on this in any event, and I am always willing to entertain any other ideas.

I don't get much debate with anyone as to what the perps are after besides 100% mind control, and it is mightly curious that this covers family quislings to even TI"s, though in the latter case they could be inundated with other thoughts, even planted ones that defeat this very possibility. And it could be that this blog is not really on the internet, but on a spoofed server from the perp's IT department. There have been enough strange Windows behaviors to know that they routinely access my operating system, and that there are odd file references that don't make any sense except when on a larger system, e.g. "node".

And all-quiet order is in effect, so there must be some important neural monitoring and assaying games going on. This usually represents a high point in their games, and they add selective noises into the noisescape once in a while, likely to trigger familiar neural responses. Another still-frequent event is typo sabotage, and it continues without any respite with this new Fujitsu keyboard.

A subsecond siren burst is now followed by a simulated vacuum cleaner noise that is louder through my earmuffs than it is without them. This is very common if the perps want a particular noise for me to hear; screw the pretense of conventional physicality if/when needed. Who they are thinking of in these games isn't real clear, and they seem to know what plasuible cover stories to dispense with for a given harassment stunt.

More woo-hoos from the hallway, timed exactly at a web page change. There has been a number of noise games while reading about the nefarious deeds of outing Valerie Plame and the entire strangeness the case took in recent days. That is, she was working on preventing nuclear proliferation to Middle East countries, one being Iran. Another case of sabotaging noble work perhaps? More of the who-knows again; so many players and so many agendas, and even a blonde in the mix. I have see no major perp associations in this one beyond the generality of keeping "nuclear xxxx" in the news. Not likely a strong reason for perp scripting, as there are an infinite number of ways that they can do this, just spoofing my news web pages will do.

Time to blog off for the day, and call this done.

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