Monday, July 30, 2007

Into Another Week

I am back at my place again after a stayover at the First Feral Family. My ex and my daughter came for dinner, and so the feints and games continued. As I am now the official roast carver, I took on the job amidst all the usual clutter in my parent's kitchen. And lo, if a plate hadn't been overwarmed, and was placed beside me while doing this task. As mentioned, the perps have a total obsession over eating and digesting beef, and had me off this food item through some staged events since 1978 or so. This is my once per week exposure to beef. And the hot plate serves as adding extra energetics in my proximity, all the better to analyse those coming from me.

Then on the cold front as it "so happened", my daughter burned her arm at work that day, and it was sore and a frozen gel pack was "needed" at the table; again, the perps just love to setup proximate temperature differentials. And they always put on extra gangstalkers at the freezer cases at the supermarket, so it doesn't take much to figure out what the real story is.

The dinner went OK, but I am not allowed much to say, as the "social leper" imperative seems to be continuing as a perp theme of how I am to interact with anyone. There were a few odd events; my wife remarked on my "new blue jeans", which were over a year old and were faded to light blue in short order, as mentioned in a recent past blog. And that was a segue (aka elicitation) for me to detail the current accelerated wear of my jeans, and how it has mysteriously progressed each day this week.

I also learned that some former friends are touring in Italy, Tuscany no less, and are not enjoying their holiday as it is so incredibly hot there. This is the same couple that went to Turkey at least a decade before, and if memory serves me, they made two visits over a span of some four years. In past blogs, and in the Essential Postings, I have noted that the perps have a geographic component to this harassment, and many family and friends have made vacation trips that seemed totally out of character in the past. But as it "so happens", I read that the Estruscans of Tuscany were originally from Turkey going back to the time before the Romans. (And I don't need to be reminded as to how many Turkey stories there are of late). My ex and daughter were in Italy last summer, and another family member was also dispatched there two years ago. All very strange to say the least. The only time I have visited Italy was in 1977 as a student taking a year off from college. So, in other words, my surrogates get the holidays while I get the ongoing harassment; another kick in the head from the thankless assholes running my life.

My father was on his usual intensifed evening-time gangstalking program; getting up just before or after the TV remote was used, walking across the IR beam path. Amazing timing and consistency for someone who "has" Alzheimer's. As in not, IMHO, it is an act, and there are plenty of "tells" each time I visit. He got up from watching the TV at least 20 times, and put on this pacing routine that was remarkably consistent, and always made sure he was seen through the doorway, and loitered there for me to see all or part of him. These partial viewings of the shills and operatives are also a highly arranged deal.

This morning, while driving in, there were two identically navy blue colored vehicles in front of me, the closest one was offsetting to the curb side so a third of the further one could be consistently seen. Then at the junction of another street, they split apart with a lane between them, where I was obliged to travel until the next traffic light. Then, a short time later after making a left turn, one of them "happened" to end up in front of me again, this time S. bound instead of W. bound.

And in keeping with the current perp obsession over brown, another negro gangstalked me into the front door and into the elevator. The negro apartment egress gangstalking is now at the 60% rate, which is just amazing for a negro population of less than one percent in this city. What this means to the perps I cannot be sure, but it suggests that this is related to the perp's brown color problem, and all associated events such as continuing sabotage while taking a shit, and all other matters related to that color. Not my problem, so why am I being relentlessly harassed over it, with abetting law "enforcement" personnel?

Other brown games were also scripted at my parent's place; there is the usual brown coffee, bread and peanut butter, but today, they put on a 4 point male (=brown) deer in the neighbor's yard, dining on their apple tree that had the protective chicken wire fence prematurely removed. Just another example on how far ahead (>6 months) these stunts are planned.

I also got the conversation setup routine from my mother when driving into downtown this morning; she starts on hybrids and then morphs it into hydrogen, and how these fueling stations are getting pulled out after being promoted as part of the "hydrogen highway" stretching from California by the premier four months ago. It was hard to believe her version of the events was true, as at present there is only one production vehicle that burns that fuel, the limited edition BMW. The real point of this "conversation" was that it was an elicitation, as she wasn't remotely interested in my response. And as I read daily news on alternate automotive powertrain technology, it wasn't a big stretch to know that she was talking about something she had no personal interest in, and was only about having me speak to this topic for which I have been groomed. Hence, I don't have conversations, I get only elicitations in this scripted existence.

Then more mind-fuck games also were laid on me when I got back; "forgetting" where the food and utensil items are stored in my kitchen, opening the wrong cupboard, drawer, fridge etc. These particular fuckover stunts get me screamingly infuriated (per mind-controlled "reaction") as there is no way that I "forget" where I store these items after the first day of moving in, and now it has been three months and still these "forget fucks" are continuing.

It is thumpy time; a sudden "eruption" of slamming doors from the hallway, as if there was a generalized exodus planned, a la putative boarding house, the last residence location. The amount of herd movements has gone up of late, and it isn't hard to do with thousands on the payroll as it seems. (And for that obsevation I got the siren noise). The typo sabotage is getting extreme; entering in the same wrong keystrokes three times in succession never happened before, and it that isn't blatant mind-control, then it must be a new clinical affliction that no one has heard about. As in Not, as there is so much fuckery invested in the shrink's bible, the DSM IV, the perps want to be sure that all their mind-fuck routines have a clinical cover story, and can dispatch anyone they want to an incarcerated existence. Getting their intended victims to hospital for "accidents" is another trick that I suspect they play.

The diversions of Youtube I have come to learn come with a price, the perp instignated events. There is the "usual" background noises of road traffic, sirens etc. but of late, they have added poppings and clicks of the headphones, both ears simultaneously, the odd loud beeping, and degraded pixellated imagery. I am sure they have more to impose than that, as the strategy seems to be that they want me to like it enough to suffer through all their games, as they are incrementally introduced.

More lighting games while nearing dusk; an orb of light, in the guise of an extremely bright reflection off a wondow in the tower opposite, some 120' away, is beaming into my room, and is trained on my eye. Moving around some didn't help either, but somehow, the flimsy curtains is blocking the light. More bizarre stunts, and all part of the intensified Monday games that are continuing.

I made an afternoon trip to the supermarket nearby; what a zoo it was, and that was on the street before I got out the door. They put two fuckers on me in the elevator, one leading ahead of me, another behind me, and the first one also preceded me down the street. The rose red shirt act again, and the goofy plastic carrying bag.

Then onto the store, where a very slow walking overdressed woman in a dark olive long coat and a brown wool shaw (a hot and cloudless day) was running interference on me getting in the front door. "Somehow", I "needed" to get ahead of her and then cut in front, being controlled to behave like a hyperactive perp thuggy dude.

Then when in the store, the stack of baskets was empty, and a woman operative was on bendover duty, while a guy stood around, "basking" in her glow. Every location I went to had two or more operatives, and most of these "teams" then moved after the first encounter, so to "show up" yet again. I got a dithering brown skinned dude with the shopping basket in front of me who knew somehow to take a U-turn in front of me without knowing I was there and miss me. The blonde woman and the skinhead dude (favored and unfavored demographic) where hovering over the spring water, and later the skinhead "showed up" in the aisle where I purchased dish soap. Then at the till, the brown skinned dude showed up again to hover about, "looking at" the magazines. I have never seen so many shoppers interupt their "shopping" to then loiter at the checkouts while I am there. And usually it is the most predominant aisle gangstalker.

At the checkout I got the "hold up"; another operative needed to talk to the cashier at length, while another nearby brown skinned cashier with a grotesque dye job on her hair was reviewing some paperwork. Then a woman with a single brown paper wrapped loaf (seemingly) came behind me and ensured that my groceries were "exposed" to her item which was kept off the belt, so to create a distance dependency brown color energetics testing opportunity as my groceries travelled on the belt while hers remained stationary. The cashier took at least two phone calls while ringing up my groceries, and by then I was treated to another ugly green tatoo show on the arms of an operative/gangstalker in the next checkout, and finally an executive skinhead as an additional gangstalker to lead me out of the store. (This is the second full arm green tatoo job at the checkout at that store in the past two visits).

And in the 30 seconds before and while making my payment by debit card, at least four women gangstalkers suddenly arrived in the lineup. As always, I was glad to get out of there, where I got my negro gangstalker in the adjacent parking lot, instead of the apartment entrance. And I got another two gangstlkers on my tail when returning to the building and in the elevator, one in an atrocious pink trackwear outfit that I was glad to see the end of. That shopping trip was no longer than 10 minutes, and would of been shorter if not for the obstacle course of gangstalker clusters and mid-aisle displays and the checkout games.

And more food availibility games in the deli case at the supermarket; no guacamole for the second time in a week when they have plenty as a rule, and the same for tapenade, the identical two unstocked items as last time. I have bought both of these regularly, every week, for the past year at the same store, and "suddenly" both are absent in two successive visitations. The substitute last time was kale pesto, but because it has become such a perp game with "leaking" green dyed olive oil all over the kitchen, I didn't want it any more. And it is no coincidence that the perps have also been increasing the dark green vehicle color gangstalking of late.

Time to call it a day, and hope the usual Monday imposed sleeplessness isn't prescribed.

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