Saturday, October 20, 2007

An All Quiet Order

This is moment in the current all-quiet environment that was orchestrated about a half hour ago and is continuing, likely until I have lunch. Only prescribed sudden onset noises are allowed it seems, and those are usually when an unbidden thought or image comes to mind. Very often the perps will plant illogical precepts in mind, and as I am digesting this and then refuting it, a sudden burst of overhead rumbling and clatter starts up. Other intervening noises are vehicle horns and the odd muffler eruption.

Just another day in being kept, both in thought and deed. Weeks of annoying ads on my regular web sites will go by and then the "sudden" recollection that the ad or image can be blocked with AdBlock Plus (Firefox browser extension).

A 10.5 hour sleep last night, which is totally absurd, and likely to arrange my awake time for their precise timing vis a vis the sun angle and the sidereal time that the perps seem to monitor. More planted nightime dreams of helicopters and no significant awakenings, a radical departure from all past sleep interuption stunts this past week.

And plenty of maser and plasma games; I have an array of scuzzy black balls that drift around in unison as a regular item in my vision, and then there are the transitory flashes that are getting more disruptive of late. The perps put on a momentary display of red plasma dots that emulated blood for a subsecond exposure, and they seem to be interested in how I deal with this anomalous information, and if I have a second look or dismiss it out of hand as more of their juvenile incursions. Other vision perturbing games are creating double vision on selected objects, screwing with my focus when a new web page displays, and sometimes there is a "regular" double vision event; one particular shelf that I see to retrieve the coffee pot from is always portrayed in double vision.

I got more vertical filamentous masers drifting around as I shaved my face this morning; they erupt just before I apply the razor to shave, and loiter for 3 to 5 seconds, hovering over that same location. As always, I get faux neighbor water use noise while I shave or undertake other activities in the bathroom, and these are timed to when I am there. My morning routine start time has been highly disrupted this week, from 0700h to 1000h, and yet the putative "neighbor" unerringly begins their water use simultaneously with my routine activities. I have yet to be convinced that there are real tenants in this building as the residents seem to be transitory, and time variant, not fitting with that of regular working folk. Usually the perps put on a little skit to tell me this is the case once per week; they like to refresh my perception, or planted perceptions, of what is going on. My father over-doing his dementia state at least once per weekly visit is another example of the perp's managed Potemkin Village games they like me to be aware of. Most strange to say the least.

All the while, the perps have been keeping up the annoyance level for whatever benefit they get from this, likely an increased aural energy signature. They mind-controlled me to interupt coffee making to then begin toast preparation, and then made me aware of this first time anomalous behavior partway through the latter task, and then had me switch tasks again to finish the first begun coffee making. Then they had me extremely pissed at this mental incursion, as it is a never-before event; interupting the routine activity to start another that is secondary to the first task. I have been making the same breakfast in the same way for over 5 years, and this is the first time the perps have interupted this activity to suit their own depraved collective mind state.

The coffee beverage is of extreme interest to the perps, largely because of their brown color obsession I suspect. The perps regularly blow fresh coffee grinds off the spoon and onto the stove surface when loading them into the French press Bodum vessel. All to obtain a different color and energy signature I would assume, and also prompt the use of the blue colored sponge on the white enamel stove surface, another telltale stunt the perps like to have me do. It just isn't enough that I wipe down the stove surface with the same blue sponge three times a day, following each mealtime after completion of doing the dishes. I am usually accompanied by two or more loitering gangstalkers at the specific grocery store location whenever I buy coffee. They always know in advance.

Once I had some lunch in me, the noise campaign started up, and attained the level of introducing the most loathed sound of all (for me, that is), the throbbing 2 cycle chopped motorcycle noise. This noise has changed its habits, it now idlles for 20 to 40 seconds, and then "proceeds" as if driving away. The whine of an overhead vacuum cleaner has started up, and has had enough run time to clean at least five of these small apartments. The "source" also serves as a "reason" for the outbreak of clunking and thumping that began once the post-food digestion noise flurries began. Just to elaborate for occasional readers unaware of my world of being subjected to unconventional technologies, nearly all the noise I get to hear is orchestrated and usually comes from some kind of ability of the perpetrator's to project sound from sources that would not ordinarily be that close, or that loud.

The shooting head pains in my temporal lobes have been continuing today, and exhibit the same degree of timing as that of the introduced noises; coincident with thoughts that are not planted, i.e. thoughts coming from me. Very often the perps will pose an illogical proposition that I am unaware of, and as I am responding to this in cognizant thought form, a body zap, noise, plasma flash, maser strike, maser display or head pain will immediately occur, attempting to make an electromagnetic or visible light/color association with the thought. Another challenge method to my logical interpretations is to have a shill or quisling make a bozo proposition which I will invariably challenge as untenable. My mother and ex are both masters in this respect, as was Ms. C of the story, who was a whole lot more cleverer than she made out. I call it "bozo suggestion swamping".

Just to think, the planted idiot show has been going on all my life, and I have met quite a few in the past, but I never had the idea it was orchestrated to create friction, an impasse or otherwise crank up my angst or annoyance level. It does make me wonder why the perps are chasing me down on this front; perhaps they want to defeat this last line of defense by way of their mind-control actions.

The perps also like to "feature" themselves when I am complaining about them. This can only be done in public, and invariably there is an initiating event about which I am remarking upon to my in-town brother or parents, and as I am doing this, an operative goes by, or my attention is directed to an operative making an in-close gangstalking pass-by, or stand-around. Invariably, the operative has performed his "strut" in advance, to ensure that the sight of him (usually a male in these circumstances), has "earned" prior credibility as a perp.

Three directional noise sources; leflt, right and overhead all sounding off together at the same time. Bizarre, and only a small vignette of what goes on around me at any given moment.

Now, after 10 minutes of clunking around in the hallway, the vacuum cleaner starts up outside my door. This the first instance in this apartment since I moved here in May of this year, 2007. Regular readers will recall how this same device was used in such great frequency at the last residence location, the putative rooming house. And the same before that, at a nearby apartment complex. And at the apartment location before that, back to late 2004. It is all part of the ongoing games that the perps need to pummel me with it seems. Now that the noise has gone of for five minutes outside my door, it is interesting to note that the device hasn't moved any, and that it remains stationary. And the vacuums are typically run outside my door later in the day after residing in my apartment for at least 8 hours of awake time.

The hallway vacuuming started up, a first for this residence, and the noise went on for 30 minutes under the guise of carpet shampooing. This noise and vibration covered me from PC activity through shutdown, making and eating dinner, doing the dishes, and restarting the PC for some more web browsing. Commendable timing, getting all that in at the dusk onset time as well.
Now the street hollaring has started up to add some voice into the noisescape.

Music listening again, this time with external interference and an obvious obstruction in accessing folk artists, and instead, I can only get electronica, ambience and undifferentiated vocal stylings; e.g. Happy Rhodes, Tori Amos, Magenta, Iona, etc. I cannot believe this; I am not allowed to listen to the kind of music I Iike.

My brother phoned about arrangements for tomorrow's dinner, and now another model of vacuum cleaner has started up in the hallway. At least 40 minutes of earlier music listening without any hallway noise, and now this. There does seem to be an elegant progression of noise and music going on, and a need for the perps to somehow tie this neurally to whatever they determine from their vacuum cleaner games. A fucking outrage that this is going on at this time of night in an apartment block. And around me, as if I don't get enough harassment as it is.

Some pictures from two days ago when walking to yoga, and then later to gym class. This is being done while the vacuum cleaning noise is going on, so perhaps they want this noise as background to picture posting. Over the past two weeks I have been picture posting with a music background, and now this. The noise and music games are becoming too predictable.

Symmety in color clothing, or color trim. I invariably get something goofy at this location, an apartment block once I get out of downtown. Both males with the same color of yellow clothing, one as a jacket color, the other as trim for a black colored jacket.

Three mini-vans arranged side by side with a white colored reference SUV of similar proportions. And a fugly two tone pickup truck for whatever aggravating brown color influences the perps seem to think that I have, and are relentlessly pursuing.

Three white colored vehicles escorting a small size dump truck. And the cab of the dumpstruck was also white, though you will have to take my word for it, as only the rear silver-grey box is visible.

Back at the Caribbean Apartment's parking lot. Again, the supposed "instant towaway" lot location has a black and a dark green vehicles parked (photo center) at that spot. To the left is a olive green and a silver-grey vehicle behind it parked on the grass. This grass belongs to the hospital property next door. It seems as if the perps could not get enough vehicles packed in this location, and decided to use the grass area. The dark storm clouds are also part of the arranged scene; there has been an increase of this sky color in combination with a brightly lit foreground. There is a picture of this kind of high contrast scene from another location in another blog posting.

Two red vehicles with an intervening dark blue colored vehicle between them. Behind the center dark blue vehicle is a light colored blue vehicle. And the dude crossing the street is dressed in two blue colors. Perhaps an round fluke this picture, but in my life there is no such thing.

A threesome of red vehicles, and there were at least two more in the immediate area that wouldn't fit in a single picture. The Volvo V70 pre-2002 version is in the picture likely because I think it is one of the better body shape they have made. The perps put on a copper colored Volvo V70 yesterday next to the charity I visited to drop off donations. They have done this in for past visitations to this same location, except yesterday they kept the tail lights and the back up lights on without the engine running.

Two silver-grey vehicles outside the post office, the owner of those red-orange delivery vans (not shown). Nothing too extraordinary here.

Another nondescript picture of the intersection where six silver grey vehicles were photographed (in yesterday's 10-19-2007 blog). This photo is only included for the showing the actual picture that the assailant took exception to.

A close-up of the vehicle that the assailant came from. He is pictured in the front passenger seat. The stunt was likely predicated about getting someone from a specific vehicle color in close range, and ultimately contact with me.

And while listening to music and putting photos into this blog, the vacuum cleaner started up unbeknownst to me. At this time of night, "cleaning" hallways all to catch me doing this while listening to music.

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