Friday, October 05, 2007

Return of Nonstandard Windows Behavior

I am being run ragged this morning with all the incursions and the mind-fuck rage reactions. After being cursed with the edges of the Windows being extra wide, some 3mm, and doing battle with the perps every logon to move them back, they relented for a month or so, and this harassment routine was over. Until this week, when they started it up again, on three sides of the Window. Each time I successfully, or partially, move the extra wide border there is a like sized plasma image that erupts from it, sometimes off vertical. Invariably, this same moment of border re-sizing is met with noisestalking from outside; beeping vehicle horns, logging whistless, heavy duty vehicles, voices etc. Obviously an exciting moment for small minds.

More overhead rumbling as I remembered an like article to the one I was reading. And for good measure, the perps have added a squeak into the noise mix, something that particular noise did not have before.

I was given a 10 hour sleep last night, and was awakened at least twice to hear overhead rumbling, as mentioned above, and a second awakening to hear a faint clicking noise that was new. In this case, there was no cover story, it is another "eruption" of no ostensible cause. It is always a mystery to me when they create a new noise and why many have a cover story, and a few don't, < style="font-weight: bold;">Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it? It goes to show how carefully everything is staged, and the limitless resources they have to ensure just that. A small event arranged by small minds.

A tick "showed up" in peripherial vision, and once my attention was diverted, there it was, climbing up the vertical post of my desk/shelf unit. And "somehow" when I went to scrunch it under my finger, why it "missed" and the tick hopped off and dropped to the floor. This is not the first time such an anomalous insect has suddenly arrived in my 6th floor suite, but it demonstrates to me that the perps can materialize live things just as they do with hair, also been of greater nuisance of late. And this insect sighting, a biting insect no less, is now being leveraged to then serve as the potential reason all these skin sensations I now experience are being done to me. Funny how that goes, al to create more FUD, scratching and disruption.

The aforementioned tick fuckaround played for longer this time. I scratched at my leg, and lo, it fell onto my sock, and this time, with unstinting precision, killed it dead with a splash of blood on the sock. So when I inspected my leg there was no bite mark or lesion. This entire stupidity from the closet juveniles was likely all about forcing me to change socks in mid day. As noted in the past, the perps have a socks and foot fetish, at least proscribed by my father that gets into slipper removal, sock playing and rubbing his feet all while watching TV. Yesterday's street walks had one operative playing with his stocking feet on a bench, and this is the second such event in the past two weeks.

As this is the post tea and chocolate digestion mement, I am getting the "sleepys" with coicident noise from above or outside. Conicidental was a sudden change in light level, the sun going behind a cloud as the sunlight intensity changed within 10 seconds or so. Now, other noise has started up, and it would seem that this is a big perp study moment, having had me cooped up inside all day today.

Another foiled intention; free yoga only two blocks away, and just like last week, a motivational slump "happens" and sucks the juice right out of me. Ans also, the perps like to plant neurotic notions like feeling self conscious oaver being the city's harassment bait, and the rest of the imposed stigmatism, real or imagined, of being the harasee that makes the money flow in this town. It just maybe that the Friday evening yoga isn't going to happen at all, as two yoga sessions a week cannot be handled by the perps anymore. Not unlike the reduction of exercise they have been pulling in this 5 year overt harassment phase. First running was abolished, then swimming, then hiking, and perhaps yoga is being treated in the same way.

Still no replies from two vendors about their keyboard offerings; another dashed expectations arrangement again, straight out of Perp 101.

Some pictures from yesterday.

The "usual" lineup when I first leave my apartment; I call this the "sample pack". Three red colored vehicles with alternately interleaved vehicles, one of black color (first vehicle after leftmost red lead vehicle and one white (following second red vehicle from the left). Note that the black and white vehicles are at greater offset from the street's centerline than the three red vehicles. A small zoom in has been added; hopefully this clarifies the vehicle arrangements. I did not see the offset arrangement at the time, but only when zoomed in with Picasa Photo application.

Four blue colored sedan vehicles with very similar windshield rake angle and front end geometry. They are backed up with a white pickup truck at the end of the row. This is in a public parking lot, and is not from a car lot where such arrangements are common.

A vagrant playing with his socks and foot on the bus stop bench. The second such public foot playing in a week, on top of my father who now does this all the time I visit most Sundays. (Alternate thought; that could be my father in morph-over form!). Another part of the photo is showing a red dressed operative, with child, aligning themselves as much as possible to block the green dressed gangstalker in front of them. This constant game of "peekaboo" has also played out with vehicles whenever I drive, or did. And a full width smattering of blue objects from right to left; cherry picker crane, the vagrant act's bag, plastic rollup mat and clothing, bench on which the vagrant sits, telephone booth, child's clothing, and the garbage container on the far right. None of this is happenchance as I have come to know perp methodology and practice.

Further up the street is a silver-grey vehicle with a silver-grey plastic color over a parked motorcycle. The "stand there" operative on the right, background, on sidewalk also matches the silver-grey color. And just beside the operative who is standing outside a bicycle shop, is a bicycle trailer with a same silver-grey fabric cover.

As mentioned above, the bicycle trailer can be seen behind the operative, still posted on "stand-there" duty. The street grafitti on the pole (left) is entirely due to the perps who need color referencing as I walk everywhere in public.

Yoga was finished, and I got my first negro gangstalk as soon as I got out the door, camera not ready. But here are a pair putting on the vagrant act. The woman, who followed me for a whole block is toting a steel hamper, one of the standard perp props they like to have on my ass. It is loaded up with plastics of various colors, being one of the "plastic bag people" I have come to term this gangstalking variant. Note the operative just behind the woman, between the two figures in the foreground, putting on the "orange flash" from the inside of his jacket, doing the characteristic "look away" look.

More vagrants or their ilk, these two in the foreground doing something curious, in addition to the plastic bag and the blue and brown colored clothing show. A herd of six operatives is walking in a single direction in the background, doing a full sidewalk sweep, also a very common perp gangstalk method. It would seem that as the foreground and background operatives are sharing the same blue clothing color, there may be some kind of referential distance dependent quality between the two parties and figures. This color arranging from foreground to background is exceedingly frequent.

A laydown of brown granules, ostensibly for some kind of oil "leak", at the very corner of two streets, where I completed my return loop from my visit to yoga and back. Route choice was also prompted by getting away from the hamper toting gangstalker, two pictures above, tight on my ass in "follow-me" mode.

Three red colored vehicles parked in file with at least two other colored vehicles. These are the ones visible from my apartment window on a casual glance from my desk. Beyond the red vehicles, the yellow objects in the background are excavators, digging a ditch down the block of the street I lived at, 05-2005 to 08-2006. Large 18" diameter green colored PVC pipe is to be laid, and also fixing the 4' hump in the paved road. Everywhere I go, streets are being ripped up, sometimes pipe is laid in, and then repaved. It cannot be coincidence, as the level of many of these civic projects are inconsequential; e.g. traffic islands when there has never been any need for any.

Two white vehicles framing two red parked vehicles, with a silver-grey vehicle on the far right side, angle parked. Routine stuff for perp arranged traffic.

Music listening in conjunction with reading about dietary fats, and the ideal Paleo-diets, the low carbohydrate diet. As mentioned in past blogs, the topic of fats is of extreme perp interest, and they govern this in my diet with significant interest.

Time to call this blog done for the day.

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