Friday, October 19, 2007

Second Early Morning Storm in Two Days

I really don't care what the weather does much except that I am prepared for it when out. But the early morning storms mean something different for the perps; it translates to waking me up to hear it, and especially all the added vehicle noises (engines, horns, backup beepers,etc.), logging whistles of diminishing faintness, street hollaring and the putative neighbor noises. The full meal deal of noisestalking while awake in the horizontal position with the streets cleaned up by way of the weather. No street sweepers this time, even if there are no parked vehicles in the way. Thankfully the wind howling bullshit noises were not added into last night's games, and I got within an hour of a real night's sleep.

I got my glasses repaired from yesterday's dust-up, a minimum of cost and hassle, as the technician bent the frame back to straight again. And somehow she seemed to immediately know that the frame style could not be purchased anymore, as that was the other option if repair wasn't doable. Which suggests that the statement might be really intended to infer that there is a later perp plan to fuck with my glasses and have me purchase a new pair of frames and new lenses. Just leave a $1,000 bill on my dresser one night and I will accomodate the perps, along with getting a new eyeglasses prescription. Not likely to happen based on experience.

I got my usual swarm of red-coats, the male gangstalkers with their backpacks on my 10 minute outing to the opticians earlier this morning. And that was the scripted time to get rid of the old keyboard and a huge bolt of rose pink curtain cloth that never ended up in use. (And this cloth was a likely color reference for the perps who seem not to need it here anymore). This was at the charity on this street, the recipient to at least five dolly loads of boxes that I took there earlier this year.

A gangstalking trait that was evident this morning was the operative packing a yellow banana in their hand while undertaking their stalking duties. I can only assume this is comparable to other perps packing white paper documents around, as I had another pair this morning do this. Other weird color reference objects in the past have been ceramic dinner plates, toting wheeled luggage (ahead of me on-street and again in the elevator today), art quality cardboard (once wrapped up in plastic), and of course the usual pedestrian props of backpacks, bags etc.

And a lookalike of yesterday's assailant was also planted as a gangstalker; I assume he was morphed over from yesterday's stunt, and this is also a perp trait, reprising the gangstalkers in other locations, lighting conditions and clothing colors.

The perps are also promoting in my mind, the "need" to get a tan at a tanning booth. This was a new "habit" I picked up in 2000, and ended in 2002 with the perps assailing me with driving head pains while in the vertical tanning booth, not a bed. Funny how much of the pre-overt harassment activities are coming back in some form. To this end, the local tanning studio's vehicle was coursing by yesterday on my walking, but this could be all a feint in any event.

And funny how that I am being encouraged to engage in activities I cannot afford, and truly are not for the fixed income crowd like me, already on a rent subsidy. I don't quite understand where the perps are coming from on these planted notions.

The hallway coughing suddenly came on; I was reading about mind-control sites, obviously something near and dear to the perp's heart, as if I needed to know. Just another example of noisestalking me when reading anything related to this harassment objectives. I can only assume that the perps planted this noise as projected sound as there was no one in the hallway, and it nearly always sounds the same. Quite the cough that.

More smells being jammed up my nose, something else that has increased in frequency of late. A dull day seems to be the planned event, though not a shut-in day as I did get out as mentioned above to get my glasses repaired.

And plenty of masers leading ahead or following behind where I am to place or retrieve something. And more plasma games as well; a navy blue stripe over my dinner plate for about 2 seconds, 4" x 1/2". This is especially true for shaving; I get these squiggly vertical black lines emanating from my face as I bring the razor in close to my face. These blackish lines then sit off my face for some 10 to 20 seconds and may move toward me as they do so.

Last night when getting ready for bed the perps pulled some more games. They re-blooded my wound so the white towel got blooded up, and then to aid in their red testing, they placed a 1/4" square of red pepper on the towel. I don't have any food of this description, and never have, and yet there is was, "somehow" attached to a vertically draped towel on the rail, just after I put the it back there. I then removed this red pepper piece, and placed it in the garbage, but the perps fooled me and kept it on my fingers for an additonal 20 seconds until I was allowed to notice it again. Anyhow, I did get rid of it on the second pass, or at least in my garbage can, and this appeared to be a further red color test, as this pepper fragment was an orange red, unlike the blood the assholes had just squeezed out of my wound that would of been scabbed over by then.

And lo, while transiting a whole block to the eyeglass repair business, the perps hadn't placed some garbage on the street, some of which was an orange red portion of a tomato. I had my wheeled tote gangstalker ahead of me, and I am sure the entire event of me observing their planted garbage was a big deal.

I am getting the afternoon sleepies, the barely awake treatment again, both before and after tea. So much for the tea thesis being an invigorating drink with these emanations beating down on me; visible masers and plasma beams, by abiding companions.

Back to my online world, where the perps like to have me, likely for the strong emanations from the LCD panel.

Here are some more pictures, these from Tuesday, 10-16-2007

This is called the Oak Bay Junction, the "x" shped intersection of Pandora, Oak Bay Ave. and Fort St. Here are six silver-grey vehicles in a cluster and one mid-grey in the next two pictures.

Besides the oddity of the event that six same colored vehicles are grouped together, with a ladder bearing pickup truck in for good measure, this was the very location I was attacked two days later, same time of day, coming back from gym class.

This is the last picture for the 10-16-2007 date, but here are four silver-grey vehicles in file with an embedded black colored vehicle. This cannot be random, and I defy anyone to genuinely tell me that they think it could be.

I am getting seriously noisestalked as I go into the detail and thoughts of what traspired at this location yesterday, so the perps must be plumbing for some kind of connection between a photo of a same color vehicle cluster at the location of being physically assaulted two days later. Who knows, and I don't care, as it is not my problem.

I am getting some small sharp pains in my temple regions every 20 minutes or so, as if someone is pulsing me with a electronic beam. Just a minute ago, it was coincident with a siren cascade noise from outside. Another freakish annoyance is a buzzing and an electification sensation on my right foot originating between my big and second toe, and buzzing into the foot, as if a energy meridian line is being over-activated.

And more plasma "flares", where an faux aberation, a projection in fact, jumps off this LCD display and comes toward me, some 3 to 6 per minute.

Some pictures from my 10-18-2007 outing, yesterday.

On close examination (zoom in), I count five white vehicles clustered together at this intersection, all are stopped at the traffic light. And the crowning vision of the orchestrated bozo driving is in this photo. In the foreground we have a first class bozo cum gangstalker stopped in the middle of the crosswalk for chrissakes. All to have this vehicle planted over top of where I usually walk, except this time I had to walk around this stunning piece of stupidity.

On my way to yoga I pass a commercial laundry and here is the staff parking lot, excuse the perp blurred image. I count one white, two silver greys, a mid-grey and a final black or very dark grey. A progression of greyscale, nicely arranged for me to pass by.

Outside of my yoga class the color coordinated jacket with the vehicle color is doing his "hang around", looking busy to keep this vehicle to jacket color coordinated pose for longer. A woman beside him is in "bend over" position for whatever reason, pretending to be accessing the driver side footwell area.

Now finished yoga, and at least 15 red colored vehicles came by in a swarm, here are four. And two operatives aka "bag men" on duty. The oncoming, right side in navy blue jacket, ubiquitous "Plastic Bag Man", a given, and in this case, a legit cover story,- bags from a local store. And relatively new is the "Brown Paper Bag Man", in a white sweat top, headed away from the picture. And I reckon the silver grey parked Ford is on color reference duty.

Nothing too, too strange here, save the ubiquitous color matching of the parked red pickup truck in file with the Coca Cola truck. This was the second "showing" for this latter mentioned vehicle; it had already featured as a gangstalking vehicle on my way to yoga, no picture though.

A color and object confluence I thought was interesting. Two blue vehicles, one a dark blue, the other a mid blue, passing by each other with a mid-grey toned vehicle behind the lighter blue vehicle in the foreground. And lo, if the male gangstalkers at the sidewalk weren't dressed in a dark blue and a mid blue too.

The third "showing" of the erstwhile Coca Cola truck on my morning's walkings. Just think of all that brown colored liquid the perps must be craving to test upon me as I walk by. It makes one wonder what really drives the popularity of these beverages.

More spasming eyelids, another incursion of late that is getting more frequent. The perps have me on an emotional suckdown tonight; no energy to do anything. Been there, done that.

Time to call this day done, and see what excitement the perps have me lined up for tomorrow.

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