Sunday, October 07, 2007

Color Polluted Dreams

Another 10 hour sleep, an absurd extra two hours, and begging the question as to why. Yesterday's light beam from the side window game was replayed, this time while eating my regular breakfast contents, first cereal, then toast with peanut butter and jam on it. This is an intervening sunlight beam of some 4" wide that somehow "manages" to present itself between my breakfast on the table (in shade), and me, also in the shade. Anything that passes from bowl or plate to my mouth momentarily passes through this arranged splash of sunlight. A big deal for sick assholes hounding my every move.

I got tagged with some late sleep strange dreams; red colors everywhere, and then changing to red variants such as pink and carmine. And lo, if one of the van campers that it arranged among the parked vehicles I see from my window wasn't one of those ugly red colors. It had a white fiberglas top, a seeming base color for reference purposes. There are no end of campers and kayaks being driven and toted around, and this appears to be part of the perp strategy to continue keeping plastics of varying kinds in my proximity when outside. Hardly a day goes by when they don't have a "irrigation service" vehicle with 20' PVC lengths on its roofrack making turns around me or parked on my route. The pretense of having an irrigation job nearby is even dispensed with.

So after that sunny start to the day, the rains have come for over three hours, a rarity in this city. No doubt other events are planned; floods and related damage.

And it is a Thanksgiving Weekend here, something I wasn't allowed to know until today, now halfway through it. This is a recurring pattern; screwing me out of my knowledge as to what holidays are coming up, and then suddenly revealing it all too late. As I don't normally forget these kinds of things, it is surprising that it happens so often now, like everytime.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noise as I bookmark some web sites; that I get noisestalked doing this is not new, it is just more persistent and obvious.

And I was harassed into a continuous rant this morning, from doing the dishes, showering and then dental hygeine. It is all part of the escalated events of late; ambient noise has been increased, harassment and the gangstalking immediately in front or behind me. That I am due to go to my parent's place soon brings trepidation; they will be crisscrossing my path constantly if the recent weeks of family gangstalking serve as an example.

Some pictures from 10-04-2007

As best as I can tell, there are only grey vehicles and one red one in this cluster at a busy intersection.

One of these again; matching the color of the garment to that of the vehicle. This dude is Asian, so I am quite sure there is the brown skin component to this arranged color event. The (very) yellow cabs business began in 2005, and is a continuing method to introduce me to this vivid color, more than I would like. The week before this, a woman wearing a similar colored long coat was gangstalking me at this very location.

It is absurd as it seems, taking a John Deere lawn mower across this intersection, cutting the grass in October. There are three red vehicles clustered together at this intersection, and this is one of the perp's abiding games, passing one color in front of others; vehicles, clothing etc. In 2002, at my daughter's riding school, when the perps were drilling the hell out me with their pain inducing radiations, they had me hang around a John Derre tractor that was conveniently left in place, and this abated the head pains. I would imagine this is the reason they like to bring this vehicle types and make into the vehicular gangstalking melieu, even if they need to drive one downtown where there is no grass to cut.

The operative about to do his jaywalking routine first has to show me his pink shirt. Where he got this from is a total mystery as there is no drycleaner in this neighborhood. A neighborhood pub is the adjacent business with residential housing filling in the rest. Two silver-grey vehicles in file is an all-the-time event nowadays.

This will be a short blog posting today, as I am due to go to my parent's place imminently, all in the cause of family gangstalking. Such a treat, prostrating myself for this.

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