Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Jeans Day

This is a rare no jeans wearing day, as both were laundered today owing to the timing of working on the tree stump removal at my parent's place. And lo, if the dryer somehow "failed" to dry the load in an hour, and the jeans (navy blue), towels (white) and a stretch cotton shirt (black) had to be separated and run through a further dryer cycle. In between dryer cycles I had lunch, a fully noisestalked one, as I was eating up the canned salmon, a change up in my imposed usual chicken tortillas diet. These are big details for the small minds that run the show, me included, and I am only reporting on what I observe that I think is relevant to the perps.

Living a life like this is not exciting, and the biggest tip off that I get is when the noisestalking suddenly starts up coincident with an activity I think nothing of as a rule. As I type this I am getting noisestalking by beeping vehicles from outside, and hallway sourced clickings under the guise of being a door knob being knocked somehow.

There wasn't anything too exciting in the night, and I was allowed to sleep, save for a short wakeful spell the assholes pulled on me. Then the sunbeam games again at breakfast; a 4" wide beam comes through a S. facing window and is cast upon the table where I eat exactly where I would be passing food through from plate to my mouth. This is at least the fifth instance in the past 10 days, and it cannot be a fluke. Today at breakfast, the sun was first muted, and had cloud cover in front of it, casting a soft and fuzzy beam. As breakfast progressed, the cloud cover dissapated, and the usual full sunlight beam became the version the perps continued with until breakfast was done. I also note that this window has a film of scuzz on it now, and no doubt this is part of the perp's continuing games over this absurd stunt. Again, I am just reporting what I think are important details of the perps, and take no significant interest in what it means. All I know is that the nature of the light is as important as the electromagnetic games that are going on, the abiding plasma and maser beams.

A 20 minute phone call with my brother ended, chatting about this and that, mainly British Columbia geography, and within a minute of ending the call, the perps pulled a fire alarm stunt, and I made the trek down 6 flights with the gangstalkers hard on my ass, and one dude coming up, only to find that there wasn't anything to worry about, and the alarm turned off. All to get me out of my apartment after a long phone call at this time of night. I suppose that I continued to wear the blue-purple rad pants, noted in a previous blog, all day might have been the perp big attraction over all of this. And two young blondes followed me out of the stairwell, and I suppose that had perp ramifications of some kind.

Time to call this enforced dullness over for the day, and wrap up this blog posting.

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