Monday, October 01, 2007

No Particular Reason

I stayed at my parent's place last night, and got a ride with my ex and my daughter to their place in mid-afternoon. It was like royalty; a new route with wider streets, and the perps must of put on over 1,500 motive gangstalking vehicles, and at least that again in parked vehicles. As it "so happened", it was my father's birthday, a date of constant (planted) confusion courtesy of my mother who got at least two other birthdays confused at this time of year. Only last week she told me that it was 09-26, and then yesterday I find out that it was 09-30. Good thing no one expects me to buy anything, and there was the usual lassitude over me not "remembering". Fucking weird by any other family's standard, but as they are from the UK, they just don't make a big deal over birthdays like here in North America (they say).

And there was an additional family visitor, a friend of my mothers who was occupying my father's usual TV chair, while he was posted on the couch where I sit when there is only the three of us. Then my in-town brother came later, bringing yellow flowers for chrissakes. My daughter never took off her coat the entire hour and half she was there, being a brown, white and purple checked coloration, something of extreme perp interest obviously.

There were plenty of diet busting foods provided at this well organized get together; heavy on the carbs which I avoid, and an introduction of some kind of egg quiche tarts, yellow in color, likely a small start on getting me to eat eggs. A few weeks ago, my mother somehow knew I was off eggs, even though I never told her. The egg aversion began back in 2000 when the perps scrambled my head after I ate them, and ever since then I have mostly refused them.

Then to add to the games as they unfolded in my parent's livingroom, my mother had her usual chair, and then later sat beside me on the couch for no reason except to "send" the side plate between us zooming toward me by some extra-conventional gravitic means. She did this rather pointed sitdown for no discernable reason. Then to add to the weirdness, my brother, initially sitting on the raised brick hearth then slithered into a prone position, lying on the floor, this in a crowded room. And to top this off, he then later sat beside me, just as my mother had, for no reason except the gangstalking imperative. Is this enough family strangeness to suggest complicity with the perps and their gangstalking methods?

There were plenty of plasma and maser beams flipping about the place, but it got worse when everyone had left and there was just the three of us watching the TV, a CRT type with a propensity to emanate masers which it did with great frequency.

And it was negro night on TV, just for me I suspect. An two hour 60 Minutes with an extra long piece on US Justice Clarence Thomas, on his experiences and timed with his autobiography promotion. I don't really follow the US Supremes too much, except to ponder that some of them seem to be rather reactionary and obdurate, e.g. Thomas' mention that abortion is not in the Constitution, and therefore it is not a US federal issue. Anyhow, I wasn't entirely impressed, but at least he got some "family time", to show that he is a great guy like one of us and likes to drive his motorhome about on his vacations.

Then another piece on a US pro quarterback, whose name escapes me, also a negro. He fits the profile of being unconventional and successful, and these qualities appeal to me, so there may have been something planted in that over and above the face time. As an aside, I notice more of my news web pages have a negro with a blonde woman beside them, and this fits the pattern of what the perps like to do with their ambulatory gangstalkers, plant attractive women, often blonde (a most favored demographic) next to the male lugs and blatant gangstalking operatives (shades on when raining etc.). What the reason is I don't know, I call it bathing in the "auric goodness" of a member from a favored demographic, in an attempt to differentiate that of the unfavored thug, lug, lardass or whatever is on show.

Another upload jerkaround; these are becoming more common of late. Upload pictures to were sabotaged, the process appeared stalled out and thrashing, 16% remaining, and all of the 8 photos were aborted, none loaded. All to make me go through the activity again, the perp's abiding theme; do it (at least) twice, once for you and once (or more) for us. This is what it is like to have someone over one's shoulder, as well as playing the part of uninvited gremlin.

I listened to music samples of Erin McKeon, Jolie Holland, Kate Nash, and Feist. By dint of perp arrangement, they all sounded very similar for the particular songs they were singing. Another non-coincidence. It never ends; I cannot trust any event not to be gamed or rigged for "coincidence value" with others, usually over the course of the same day. There has been at least 20 of these minor perp themes today; where something mentioned or read "shows up" again in some form; visual, read or mentioned.

More music discoveries; Lori McKenna, The Rentals and Tilly and the Wall with some excerpts of the new Joni Mitchell album in the mix. And plenty of plasma emanations, usually under the cover of blinking (imposed by the perps), and this image of the web page comes off the LCD panel toward me. There are other visual aberrations such as some double vision, plasma lines in introduced colors on-screen and others.

And severe typing sabotage is getting intense, not to mention infuriating. Time to blog off.

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