Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Illogic Testing

More testing of my neural logic circuits, especially in the lead-up before lunch. The perp arrangement is to plant some stupid idea in mind, and when it gets reviewed, and then turfed as a logical absurdity, the overhead pounding, overhead vacuum cleaning noise, faux neighbor water use noise, imposed farts and many other intrusions "erupt", sometimes immediately, others within 30 seconds or so. No wonder I have an ex-wife who came up with so many bizarre notions, she was pimping for the perps to address this particular kind of thought so the perps could trap it's inherent energies, and then be able to plant illogical notions in mind without any mental vetting or governance. Lately, my mother has upped the illogical suggestions activity in place of the ex's.

As another example, while eating breakfast this morning, the perps planted a reflection on the inside of my cereal bowl in my peripherial vision. They then planted the notion that it was Cling Wrap, which again, is totally absurd as it has no place when I eat cereal. Then, I trapped that totally illogical notion, and the instant I did so, overhead rumbling noise erupted. It doesn't get anymore repeatible and predictable than this.

I did the gangstalk gauntlet earlier, a walk of two blocks into the heart of downtown to the bank to get two rolls of quarters, as the coin slots for the laundry machines in the building are over 20 years out of date, as $1 coins have been around for that long. It is a now standard "send me to the bank" stunt, and my journey today, like everytime, is replete with ambulatory gangstalking.

Today started out with a brown dyed hair Asian girl waiting for the elevatory on this floor, and we took it down together and she followed me out the door. Not a big deal, but there is usually an elevator gangstalker anytime there is a big gangstalking event. I had already been readied by the perps earlier with enraging stunts at breakfast, and a mind-fucked disruption of my routine of having a shower and shave before it, rather than afterward like is normally done.

Then, a lead-ahead MIB on Coffee Corps duty, "somehow" scoring a coffee cup in this neighborhood, and holding it out in front of him in the usual style. Then a MIB skinhead negro dude on "stand around and chat" mode with the caretaking woman in the next building to this, putatively, who also "happened" to be a caretaker at my past apartment building, 2004 to 2006 . A negro woman was on the first crosswalk I took. Then onto the stationary store to get more journals for the handwritten diary of all this hassle, and lo, if another negro dude wasn't at the till, with a young blonde woman close by him, doing the "pretend to be training". This makes it yet another example of having a blonde woman do some close proximity time with an unfavored demographic to cast some kind of "auric goodness" into the scene for capture or identification of its energies, or whatever the perps are viewing in realtime in my brain that I am unaware of.

I got a different dude on till who had just walked into the cashier area where I had been, and had at least one woman gangstalker tight behind me. Out of there and onto the bank. And plenty of the gangstalkind detrius doing their "stand in front of each other" games, also called stacking. No till lineup thankfully when the perps had been regularly obstructing me in past visitations. And no major hassle there apart from at least one staring gangstalker, lurking behind the front door when I opened it.

With a first slow following, then a fast overtaking lead-ahead gangstalking, the wheelchair gangstalker followed me one block to the front door of the optician. This was to get a refill of the lens cleaning solution that I now need, owing to the nightly smudges on my glasses that "show up". There were large stacks of yellow and brown Serengeti sunglasses boxes on the counter, at least 30 of them, which is odd in that the season for these is over. The red haired woman at the counter took at least five minutes on the computer to figure out that it was $3, so meanwhile, a yellow dressed "helmet head", a seeming cyclist, came to gangstalk behind me. I was then fucked into removing my wallet prematurely, and then hanging onto the $5 bill, blue in color. And the money color, and wallet handling are a huge perp obsession. Meanwhile, the helmet head had done a 180 degree arc around behind me. Then out of there, and back to my place, as that will likely be the biggest excitement of the day. The wheelchair gangstallker then emerged from the front of the building I passed, this time with the company of a woman in a long bright red winter coat.

Then, the above "stand around and chat" negro dude happened to show up again, now ambulatory, effectively gangstalking me on my way out, then again when coming back. Not a big deal, as this dude has been pulling this gangstalking at this same intersection before, in other like near impossible "coincidences".

Then, in the last block, a lead-ahead grey haired pony tailed male gangstalker from yesterday's outing "happened" to show up in front of me, leading ahead again. He was also wearing the identical clothes from yesterday's stalking, a blue jean jacket and mid grey pants to match his hair. So he leads me for most of the block, and then a pair of Asians enter into the lead-ahead fray, also wearing blue, but differing hues. The two Asians, and the yesterday reprise gangstalker then spread themselves apart, effectively becoming a three person wide gangstalking posse, with the middle one some 10' ahead of the two gangstalking assholes flanking him. Thankfully, within 10 seconds or so, I arrived at my apartment entrance to get me out of the nonstop freakshow. Not bad for at most, a 15 minute two block circuit in downtown. As with yesterday, there was a short rainshower before I set off.

So it would seem that the blue jeans blue is highly favored by the perps, as they have been keeping me wearing this garment every day for over 5 years now. But whatever they get from this garment and its color, they are still working on, if I correctly interpret the reason for my mother's recent acquisition of a jean jacket. In her days of youth in the UK there was no such universal garment as jeans or jean jackets, and this is a first time jean garment purchase she made.

The post dinner noisestalking is on; a hallway yapper, cell phone seemingly, and the sirens from outside. This is the hallowed dusk time when the perps lay on extra harassment.

And, while researching keyboards, as the letters are "somehow" fading on this one, I notice that when I look at close-in photos of particular keys, the very act of looking at them is noisestalked with thumps from overhead.

While the masers are abounding, and after I put my headphones on, (read magnets in plastic cases at my ears), the perps put on a gaggle of women loudly nattering below my apartment deck, some six stories. Even with my windows closed, it sounds loud enough to be the apartment underneath mine. Then the plastic bag rustling outside my door erupts, and I can only assume it is related to tease/ remotely energize the deeply placed plastics pollutants in my brain at the same time. In other words, the perps are looking for a correlation between the neural plastics pollutants and the emotional content processing of this continuing gaggle of women's banter. Now, the perps have introduced a male's voice into the mix, possibly to test for more amydala level emotional content sound processing.

The overexcited women's bantering has slowed up, but as I pick up the headphones it starts up again. To keep myself busy, after aborting my intended music listening session, I attended to some email. And lo, if it didn't require a whole lot of select, cut and paste, and lo, if the perps didn't block normal Windows functionality and have me swear at the assholes, all the while with this background noise. Now, the overhead rumbling noises have started up, and as always, timed to unbidden (uncontrolled thoughts), scratching any imposed itches, plasma projections from the LCD screen, and a few other events, like the fucking typo sabotage that is going on.

I had been researching keyboards before that, and it always interesting to see the pattern as to past web searches for computer parts. The selection of possible keyboards starts out wide, and then gets pared down by unavailibility, disparaging comments by reviews, and so on, until there is very little choice. And the backlit keys types would be right up the perps alley, having all that radiant color at my fingers. After the horrendous hassle of last year in getting parts to re-assemble my PC, and the imposed nightmare it came to getting a motherboard, I am not sure I want to go down this route again. There are way too many bad vibes going on as to doing the smallest activity, and having it sabotaged by the perps.

The also stuck me with another fuckover stunt in taking a shit earlier, forcing me to take a shower to clean up again. This is the third crap I have been made to take in three days, which is highly unusual as normally they have me go nearly a whole week without needing to go, or even feeling constipated. I swear the perps must be teleporting shit out of my bowels so that I don't suffer any uncomfortableness. And they still drive the odd septic tanker about, and have it parked on my route.

No rest tonight; a string of way too short clips on Youtube, and some too unlistenable songs on It is not meant for me to have any relaxation tonight. Anyhow, time to call this blog posting for today, dull as it has been except for this morning's town visit, written up above.

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