Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Late Blog

I somehow got delayed by my web surfing and am starting this blog posting too late in the day to cover all the goings on in detail. Thursdays are my only two event day now; yoga at 1130h and gym class at 1430h. That means a 10 minute walk to the first, and a 30 minute walk to the latter, and it is the in-town walks that supply the most topical gangstalking, harassment and freakshow events. Having plasma and masers flipping around the room at either location is a given, as well as the pulsating vibratory look to anything my gaze lingers upon. And too, there is plenty of this action on the streets now to "join me" as I walk about; I am always being reminded that I am being surveilled and experimented upon, as well as the mind-control (as in, do something stupid) and life trashing that is the base level of this elevated existence. And I am always careful not to call this a "life", because it isn't. Imagine being overtly hounded by sickos for five years, after 47 years of covert surveillance and some harassment, over matters like taking a shower, washing the dishes, and on and on, largely because they screwed up along the way and created more problems for themselves.

So, instead of a prize for enduring 47 years of covert surveillance, and the harassment psychopaths effectively coming out of the closet, what do they do? They make it plain that I am not allowed to work for a living, I am to be mobbed everywhere in public, and am to be relentlessly harassed over almost-impossibly attainable objectives, of which only one is plain to me. And the most evident objective is total 100% mind-control, which has been apparent by diminishing choices as to how I react, behave, think and function. As and example, as I type this, I am getting colored plasma flashes at me, as the asshole's proxy to nonconsensual human experimentation from the closet.

Even ordering a keyboard online is a totally fuckable event as far as the perps are concerned. First they create the "need" by removing the lettering from my keys, then sabotaging my typing all the more to make it seem that the absence of the key labels is a "problem", (when it would not be otherwise), then delay me in getting on with ordering a new one by creating endless looping "alternatives" and obstructing my email inquiries, and then jerk me around in the process of ordering online. On top of that, there has been no email confirmation as promised by the ordering process, even if "I" got the shipping wrong (per perp mind-fuck). Fine, I will order again. But instead, I get a phone call, and then it gets all worked out. Still no email confirmation two days later so I phone. No problem, they will send a copy of the order, after disuading her to send me a fax fro which I have no means to recieve. Later she phones and asks if I got her emailed order form, and I say no, I haven't looked recently. Then I get screwed out of looking (read mind-control) to confirm that as I had the PC on and the Firefox browser with my email in a tab. Then she tells me the keyboard came in and she will ship it tomorrow, 10-12-2007. Fine I say. Then I check the email later and still no confirming order was sent. All this utter bullshit and jerkaround over ordering a $50 item that I didn't need in the first place if my keyboard hadn't been sabotaged. And I am sure the "action" isn't over yet, as past deliveries have been unerringly scheduled for when I am not home, neccessitating yet more iterations and angst.

Multiply the harassment of the above one-time event to everyday activities like sleeping, making the bed, putting on clothes, making breakfast, and on and on, and one might have an idea as to what it is like to live under constant scrutiny and intrusion, down to the application of all physical forces, thoughts, memories, actions, language use, perceptions, vision, hearing and whatever else there is of human existence.

And of course it is not enough for the perps to create these incursions, but to constantly enrage me, as this is their desired outcome for the most part. From what I have read, enraged subjects have a greater aura or energy field around them. This comes from a book by a person who had the rare ability to see auras around people, and qualified the nature of his observations. And no, I cannot recall the title but will look for it later.

And of course, as part of the scrutiny, it isn't enough to have a conventional physical reality like anyone else, but my entire physical world is pollutable. I get the aforementioned plasma and maser action, often judiciously placed to appear as something else in my perpherial vision, and thereby incur extra distractions, but also ghosted and projected lines and shapes from extant objects. Allowing me to look at something isn't good enough for the perps, they then have to create plasma shapes that replicate the object and offset these by 10 to 50% of the object size, or even replay these plasma ghostings after the object is out of my vision.

As an abiding part of my polluted conventional physicality, I cannot rely on my tactile senses as they are constantly being gamed and faked by direct neural incursion and replication, and I cannot rely on any object or substance behaving according to conventional gravitic forces. A few of the hundreds, if not thousands of examples that I have know are; seeing water flow upwards, drops of pee flying vertically from the toilet's water surface for over 4' and falling back down, things stripped from my hands when I had a positive grasp, cheese, olive oil and other ingredients flying laterally for 3', paper towel refusing to tear on the perforations, and most spectacularly and some time ago, being a passenger in a vehicle that flipped over for no reason. (No injuries by any of the three passengers). I live in a world of extra-conventional application of gravitic forces, all at the whim of a malevolent entity who guides and monitors this in realtime, just as I experience it.

Then there is the constant noise assaults. As I write this, I have a putative neighbor who has decided to start hammering something soft to create noise as I continue this kvetching, as "somehow", the act of complaining about the harassment is also a noisestalkable event. What I am being subjected to are continued iterations of permutations and combinations in the course of decontructing every instant my thoughts, perceptions and actions.

And who is this agency that arranges, and has arranged, for every waking second of my life to be scripted? That I cannot be sure, but they operate in at least two countries of recent abode, the US and Canada, and have likely arranged and followed me to past visits to the UK, France and a one time trip further afield to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Spain. And judging by some of the rather frightened faces I have experienced, for no discernable reason at the time, they are all powerful. As part of a likely setup, my highschool physics teacher who was surely in on this entire depravity, said that whoever controls gravity controls the world. Voila, he knew then, what I found out at 30 years later as the life of a selected and targeted individual by thankless and relentless psychopaths who know no bounds to engendering and sustaining their depravity.

And one can be sure that the above eloquence and step back from the normal daily diary of the perp's machinations of these blog posting was entirely by way of planted thoughts, coming through me as if it were my own.

A few pictures from today, more for tomorrow.

Four red vehicles, and same red at that, with a white vehicle in the center of them.

I had never seen anyone do this before the harassment began, but here is your secret agent hard at work, sucking taxpayer's dollars to gangstalk innocent citizens.

Four motive vehicles in a cluster, all are white in color.

I finished reviewing today's pictures and again, the perps have eliminated a number of them, not allowing them to be recorded or loaded. I had a picture of a cyclist on the sidewalk, headed to pass me by, and the fucker changes direction and comes at me and pulls a wheelie with the wheel up only 18" from my face. And he didn't like it that I told him to fuck off.

Another picture that got excised from the camera was the ridiculous setup of two couples standing at the corner of a residential street and a thoroughfare, just where a crosswalk is located, and they were having a "conference", talking away as if they somehow had materialized from this "neighborhood" with a major hospital and a shopping center dominating the area. They were some 60' away as I approached them, and just when I was 10' away, they magically decided to end this bizarre circumstance with one couple proceeding across the crosswalk, and the other heading 90 degrees, forming into a lead-ahead gangstalk situation. This situation was extra odd in that it was a two couple confab for no discernable contextual rationale, (why would they be here, this well dressed foursome?), and then this deliberate cessation of "discussion" in front of me, and the orthogonal departure of the couples. Fucking bizarre I thought at the time, and lo, the picture of this "somehow" did not get recorded.

Enough for a posting tonight, and to blog off.


socraticmethod said...

How do you know it's government, and not just a bunch of bozoes playing some idiotic game?

AJH said...

I don't claim to know the true nature of the organization that is putting on the harassment and gangstalking. There seems to be past high level government involvement, especially around my employment history with the provincial government. Black government operations or bozos, it doesn't matter; they are highly organized and have me as the object of many of their games and harassment. This has followed me from working in the USA in Seattle and back to Canada with the same methods and capabilities.