Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Keyboard, New Games

The new Fujitsu keyboard arrived today while cleaning the kitchen floor, and when doing laundry. It was the Canada Post service who delivered it, and lo, if there wasn't a parked Canada Post truck outside, visible through the window once I had it installed after great difficulty from harassment games, like unbalancing me while installing, and sucking the strength out of me just when I needed to apply it. And two of those same red-orange Post Office trucks were on vehicular gangstalking duty when driving my parent's vehicle back into town yesterday, one stopping outside of their place when I was backing the vehicle out. Then my mother "needed" to drop off some misdirected mail to a neighbor, and lo, if the truck hadn't preceded us to leapfrog ahead to park at the roadside on a nearby street, 90 degrees offset from the one we were on. The involvement, or apparent involvement, of Canada Post runs deep; a supply of vehicles, having their personnel on gangstalking duty, and otherwise aiding and abetting this ongoing criminality.

The new keyboard has the characters on the keys in a mid-grey color on the light grey key; a game they are continuing to play with the greytone display of text among everything else. Thankfully it is a straight replacement, no fancy games with drivers and other potential for mismatching.

On the way to gym class and back there was the usual 700 to 1,000 arranged mobile vehicles in color clusters and type. At one intersection they had six silver-grey vehicles clustered together at the traffic control. If permitted, per mind-fuck games, I will post some photos of today's outing below.

And more odd hair and class members today. The young and ugly blonde got her hair dyed green since the last class, and the chubby and happy blonde woman has returned after not showing for at least six weeks. She would be my vote for the least likely person who should be a member, as the basis for the class is that we are all mental health day patients. Big joke that, but it serves as a cover story for irregular behavior, just as always I have come to know.

At the gym I got the usual gangstalk cluster around me once I got into free weights; they just "surface", and for the most part do nothing much but sit around. And time without fail, the perps put on a male operative in a red shirt to start with; now three classes in succession with the same timing, different dude each time. And they don't like me going to the machines along the window onto the street; these are plugged up, even if the perps goad me into "wanting" to work out there, all for the stunt of skunking me, a routine harassment game.

And the perps are changing up who is around me in the floor exercise room; the heavy blinking act (operative) ended up beside me, strutting his mid-sized gut and then gasping and grunting through the exercise routine which was a breeze. More circle jerk exercises where we go around in a circle, except that they close in and make it too small to effectively do the exercise while participating. This forces me wide to get some room, putting me on my own path which I am sure suits the perps just fine. As it "so happened", there were two women with identical color fugly red/rose pink tops, and I ended up between them in doing this circle exercise, with the tubby blonde woman next to me. More of the go figure, but it would seem that the perps wanted the tubby blonde's aura to be captured with these two fugly red tops in close proximity. I am no expert on what the perp's strategy is, that is my best interpretation.

More rage-ification games to rile me up; fake touchings, pulling items out of my hand, hopping the brown food crumbs I am picking up with my fingers, flicking dishes water on the floor, screwing me out of recalling which part of the table I was cleaning while doing this in parallel rows, and so it goes. Normally extra noise is added while I am complaining and ranting at the depraved juveniles in their unrelenting torment. And I am being sabotaged with typos as I type this up, time to call this done for now.

More music listening with the odd mind-fuck in selecting the wrong tab or window and have the audio stream suddenly shut down. Another perp game is to have two simultaneous audio feeds playing at once, which sometime "happens". Their next stunt was to divert MySpace to somewhere else, and foil my attempt to get the audio site. And lo, I go to the artist's website via Google and get the very Myspace site I was searching for. Another stunt was to have me access song samples of an specific artist on CD Baby, and then play them. The start and stop of the samples became precisely timed to my mouse clicks and page displays. End of that stunt says "me", and I shut down the CD Baby audio feed. But the perps weren't done yet; the song that was aborted when shutting down the CD Baby browser tab "happened" to be the very song that MySpace began with. Endless jerkarounds over the minutae of mouseclicks, page displays and the rest of the sick juvenile games.

Time to call this day done, such as it was, but at least I did get an outing today, beating the shut-in days the perps script for me. I will attempt to get today's pictures up tomorrow.

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