Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chicken Run Time

I made a 10 minute visit to the local grocery store and back earlier, all to get the most gangstalked item of all, the hot cooked chicken. It now comes with some orange-ish sauce on it, and lo, if there wasn't an same oranged coated gangstalker buzzing around me before I placed it in my basket, and then two more passes before he settled in behind me as the next "customer" in the checkout line. The dude ahead of me at the checkout came to return his glass bottles, hence some localized glass bashing ahead and during my groceries being rung up by the cashier. Two cashiers in fact, a tag team arrangement that has been observed before at other stores as well, no matter what I purchase.

Said orange coated operative, also in ghastly green pants, the same color as the chair that I sit on when online, also did the "cough", that ever familiar short throat cough that erupts around me, and in this case, timed to coincide with my debit card transaction. Just part of the game, not to mention the debit card read being wobbly on its mount, the cashier holding it still while I transact, and the other tag team cashier member moved the adjacent plastic bags at this time time. Then a grey-haired (read, silver grey, a favorite perp color) third cashier arrived to then dip her head in apparent conversation with one of the younger tag team cashiers, and it was placed such that their heads were close to together, and the silver grey hair spilled in front of her face so it couldn't be seen. I take this to be an effort in separating hair and head from one's face as observed by me, and with the perps evaluating all the neural energetics of each component and object of what I see. (And as I typed the name of the guilty party, an overhead eruption of noise came on, as have a succession of loud mufflered vehicles on the street).

And the plasma action in front of this LCD panel is also getting obnoxious, as was an orange flash outside, just the same color orange as identified above.

The orange games at the grcery store weren't over yet; as I exited the store, a same orange colored translucent plastic bag toting operative was passing close by, and had arranged himself to pass by on my right side, one of the vaunted "needs" of the ambulatory gangstalkers that is so familiar to me. The left-hand drive pedestrians have been journaled about in past blogs, and it still continues to be the big deal for gangstalking choreography.

As usual, there was a surfeit of wandering males on the streets and in the grocery store; I have never seen so many on weekdays, this in a city where it is difficult to get low pay workers. Here they all are, buzzing around me. Being an operative must pay better than minimum wage I suspect. And nice benefits too; teleportation commutes, shape changing, and outside work. All to harass the living shit out of a victim that has been followed for 47 years before outing themselves as the depraved and beserk assholes they truly are.

I was "treated" to only an hour of sleeplessness and head flipping last night before being allowed to go to sleep, very decent of the perps, especially on a Monday where they appear to maximize this kind of fuckery. I had some ugly and stupid dreams before I was awakened, though I cannot recall exactly what. The perps like to leave me with the emotional impression of the dreams, and appear to jump on me with coincident noisestalking should I recall actual dream content.

The right side eyelid spasming games are being played of late; a "spontaneous" event that is increasing for no known reason, and it last "featured" in 1978 for no reason as well. The then treatment was prescribed Valium, and it was the putative cause for the sudden sleepy events that followed. Funny how that happens again on most afternoons now.

More maser emanations are "happening" when I first get up these mornings; yesterday it was the perps sucking the light out of my right eye, today it was the assholes targeting me with strange dots and drifting filamentous masers. The even kept a consistent plasma shape in my vision and brought it on each time I blinked, or more like, was forced to blink.

The typo sabotage is getting out of hand, time to cease journaling for now.

More file sabotage I note; some of the corrections needed above were inserted after I shut down the PC to go out to my gym class.

After walking to the gym, working out, and walking back, it was quite clear that the perp's color theme was red, and more red, which doesn't surprise me as they were at this for my outings last week, and of course, their finale was to have one of their operatives assault me for a in situ blood sample as described in the blog of 10-18-2007. There were more blood red and burgundy red vehicles on vehicular gangstalking, and less of the deep metallic red colored vehicles. This didn't stop them from putting all three colors together in a red threesome cluster, often with accompanying white or silver grey vehicles. And still more ambulatory gangstalkers in red clothing, some to the point of absurd.

The usual 600 to 1,000 vehicles were coursing by on vehicular gangstalking duty, and many more are parked and arranged in specific color sequences.

And the intersection where last week's physical assault took place had the crosswalk and stop lines re-painted since I was last there that fateful day. This was the first time back on that route, so it was interesting to see what the changes were. The perps also put on a person spraying red lines on the sidewalk, there for both my outbound and inbound directions. The assumption is that they are marking lines for undertaking future street works, though by experience, I have come to know that the painted sidewalk lines are simply there for the perps color reference games. Call it the cover story for street painting, just as the grafitti is for the vertical surfaces they have marked up all over town.

There was more blatant gangstalking in the gym as well; some weird long haired dude came to stand 5' behind me while I was doing lunges with the free weights, and that was all he did. End of that routine real fast. Once I finished up in the free weights area there were at least fifteen of them that congregated around the bench I used, most of them doing nothing but wandering around, attempting to look busy, but were too obvious by half. I don't know what the deal is, but they like to be seen engaging in odd behavior.

In the floor exercise room there was a new routine and four of the class, cum operatives, were packed around me and another two "flaked out", and stood at the wall, pretending they weren't up to the exercise. The perps put on their full lineup of blonde class members today; the chubby happy blonde, the grimmacing overweight one, and latest introduction, the very overweight one who joined last week. The Three Blondes, akin the the child's story, the Three Bears. It was a bit strange having all three, and that is a first, but the real question is what is it all about? Are they graduated steps in odious obesity for blondes, a fine tuning of what the perps often do, creating incremental steps toward defining the demographic groups that they so like to draw from to gangstalk me with?

There has been a variety of guts on male gangstalkers as well; from small to excessively large, and the perps like me to see them in profile much of the time. Lately the perps have been working on the smaller guts, testing me out on the degrees of male beer guts, however one defines them.

And a red headed woman has joined the class as of today, one of my cluster around me when doing the abovementioned lunges. And lo, if she wasn't in an identical dark brown top to that of the overweight (mid size) blonde woman . Next, the men will be in sport jackets I suspect, to continue on this theme of re-introduction to the demographic groups, and deconstructing the gradations to which I subconsciously react to, positively or negatively.

There is no getting away from vacuum cleaners as it "so happens"; a the gym they had two of them in operation, one at each end of the room for a stereo effect. The cover story for one of them was the dismantling and cleaning of a treadmill machine, and the usual pinching of aisleway access, something that is becoming more frequent wherever I go.

The red-haired woman made sure to precede me out the door, just slipping through to cause the door and door jamb pass within an inch of either side of her while moving through the doorway. This close "tolerance" doorway egress trick has been observed before on elevator doors where the operative slips through, contacting the rubber edges, but without triggering an opening of the doors again. The red-haired woman ducked out to the left and walked between the adjacent workout machines instead of taking the usual narrow pathway to the main aisle. For someone who was new there, she knew her way around. So I took the expectable and normal 6' path, and lo, if there wasn't a brown cardboard box located in the middle of this all-too narrow path.

This is the new normal, just like the stocking carts and the grocery store, there is almost always one on any visit, and before the intensified overt harassment began, it was a rarity. And it does not matter which store I visit, there is a city-wide "eruption" of stocking carts wherever I shop, and always with a considerable flattened stack of brown cardboard boxes on or beside it. Invariably, the stocking assistant is in "bend-over" mode, a position that seems to offer optimum energetic interaction, stretching the spine. And it should be noted for new readers that the color brown causes the perps no end of obsession, and they make my life a living hell for whatever they are attempting to do or use with this color. In my opinion, the perps are totally obsessed over all colors of substances and organs in the human body, and the color brown appears to be the most problematic for them, which I suspect relates to their blundering intrusions when I was toilet training, about 1956 or so.

Much of the perp activity related to colors is the placement of one in front of another; they harass the hell out of me making peanut butter and jam on toast every morning, and frequently move one gangstalker in front of another, partially at first, then entirely, to determine the energetic color interaction with me. They do the same for vehicles, hence the coordinated colors, often using white, black and silver-grey as reference colors behind the red, green, brown, orange or other colors they are attempting to experiment with at that moment.

And I couldn't help but notice another drilling in the street today; I am no civil engineer, but the perps have demolished, and are installing a new gasoline fuelling station at this one location where two one way streets join to become a two way street. This is on my walking route to the gym, and today, in the center left lane they had a soil drill, which looked to be about to drill a 4" hole. When I came back, the 8' drill bit was laid horizontal on the ground, and I assume that the drilling had been completed. I have no idea what the apparent need was, but this "event" type has followed me over two cities, and about every six months or so, another drill hole "happens" in my proximity, even if only walking past.

There is still more street digging only a block from my residence location to deal with a 5' rise in the street, and supposedly, an undrained bog lies below. This looks to be at least two more weeks, and it seems the perps like to have large quantities of 30" green PVC storm drain pipe stored nearby (me) for as long as possible.

The overhead pounding has started up, and is sounding each time I type up the noisestalked words of the day. One cannot get more precise than that in timing noise to my actions or thoughts, so what could it be and how do they know? Simple; it is called remote neural monitoring, and has a long documented history here.

The predominant noise for the past 40 minutes has been faint shouts and vocalizations with coordinated cheering, overhead thumping and church bells, this being practice night. The first two may well be projected sound, but the bells are for real, and there is nothing the perps like better than to have vibrations set up around me. I wanted to block the faint noise with the earmuffs, but this became problematic when a rumbling noise was ported into the earmuffs, and then the perps pinged on the sprung earmuff's headband to further piss me off. Perhaps a music CD instead, though they haven't finished thumping overhead. And to be clear, it is a concrete floor/ceiling 12 storey building and yet has all the noise of being in wood framed warehouse with someone puposely making noise for its own sake.

Now whining of the putative "neighbor's" water usage, though in fact it seemed to be a ruse to have me close the bathroom door, being brown colored of course.

Time to call this done for the day, and blog off.

Not soon enough; as I was putting the link in to the perp's brown color problem, the assholes pounded overhead and gave me a simultaneous zapping, a sure fire piss off, and one that they screw me into screaming about everytime. Fucking sick and cowardly, and all they do is jerk people's lives around who are totally innocent and do not deserve this treatment whatsoever. And that is the real problem, the assholes won't front themselves, but remain hidden to apply their nonconsensual human experimentation games. And yet they arrange my entire life, and a cast of over 10,000 to keep jerking me around.
Noisestalked words du jour: targeted, noisestalk, me

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