Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coughing and Spluttering Outside My Door

Just like a boarding house; this august apartment building has this noise factor just like its more unruly counterpart of my previous tenancy. Funny how it keeps following me around like this, with at least 15 other hallway noises of curious origin. The coincidence moment, when the spluttering erupted that is, was when I was reading about integrated batteries and capacitators as a recent development in electric power storage. Big excitement for small minds who spent no end of effort to rile me up earlier at breakfast with their peanut butter flicking games.

Ditto for the chads that congregate outside my door. At the previous putative rooming house, and now here in an apartment block, there are small pieces of white plastic bags that "find" their way outside my door in the hallway. Lately another variant; a small cluster of hole punch chads from white paper also "arrived" outside my door, unlike any other tenant on this floor. Only the elevator waiting area gets more miscellaneous droppings of litter, chads, plastic, candy wrappers etc. And the management makes out that they cannot find the staff to keep this place clean. Big joke that.

A short post today for reasons given tomorrow.

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