Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another Disrupted Night

An 0600h wake up and a 0800h get-up to hear the howling wind through the sill of the sliding glass door, the perp's assigned wind noise. I was allowed to get up and tape it over with drafting tape, and lo, if the faux wind howl reverted to a whistling noise, along with purported neighbor water use noise. The rain came lashing down after the second noise installment, to wet the streets down ahead of me going to yoga at 1115h.

There must be something about the chemical properties of drafting tape the perps want to know about, possibly because I am polluted with the same substance. I could not figure this out at the time, but going back decades "I" (read, mind-controlled me), had this habit of chewing on drafting tape as if it were chewing gum, something I never ordinarily chewed either. So after today's permitted drafting tape "prevention" of the perp's bullshit wind howling noise, that thought association was allowed to be made. It is clear to me, since at least six months ago, that there are very few associative thoughts were uncontrolled. If there were, they are immediately noisestalked. Now, I rarely get noisestalked for "thinking" of something that wasn't scripted.

There are a few change-ups today so far; starting on goat's milk after a plethora of planted web pages decrying the use of soy milk, and a different yoga intructor who ensured that the perp's purposes were served. After I picked my spot, and after the opening class "check in", she moved to a location where I had to look past the male student beside me to see her. A classic, attempting to blend blonde female aura spatially with male aura, or whatever is the purpose of placing blondes behind or next to unfavored members of a specific perp defined demographic group.

When I went to bed last night I got the start of the disruption games that continued in the morning; someone pounding on an nearby door six times, then hallway gabbing at 2400h, the overhead pounding started up, the faked sliding glass door noise moved from the desk area to overhead of my bed, a putative neighbor's toilet whine and water usage kept on for 40 minutes, loud mufflered vehicles kept trailing off into the distance, there were clickings in my apartment of no ostensible cause, and endless forced head flippings on the pillow, to one side, then the other within a minute, then repeat.

Then the above ructions started up again at about 0600h while the wind howling was going, and the perps kept pumping me with thoughts of this make-believe life scenario they have painted for me some years ago, and still continue with.

And some serious clothing color clashing was going on in yoga. A pink sweat top on the instructor who then pared down to a brown shirt later in the class. Then the woman who came in two pairs of green socks, red pants and a purple top then pulled her top to then reveal a dayglo fuschia T-shirt just to up the fugly factor. The third woman was in pink pants and a pink and grey checked shirt, and kept her clothing just the way it was.

Meanwhile, outside of the yoga class there was the usual contingent of red vehicles as well as some black colored ones, and an ongoing parade of passing vehicles which was way too much for a residential street. Then when out of the class, there were at least 20 red vehicles put on for my first minutes of walking along the thoroughfare, and then the usual crowd of operatives surfaced, packing brown paper bags, packing white plastic bags and also making dumbshit useless visits to their parked vehicles to grab a white paper document to accompany them in retracing their steps, and while following behind me. I have seen this before, and it would seem that the paper must serve as some kind of energy measure of the vehicle's internal energies, and then the perps chase me with this paper to determine what interaction I have vis a vis their vehicle by way of the paper they prominently display.

And two more cyclists on the sidewalk when walking back from yoga, the very perp exercise they like to have me complain about, one at a "busy" (read orchestrated, as this area isn't that busy at 1230h) intersection with at least 25 ambulatory operatives, and it is most odd that I am the only one who objects to the cyclists as they "miraculously" pick their way through their own crowd.

And more weird pedestrian games; there was a woman with a loud sharp clatter to her high heeled shoes that "somehow" ended up 20' behind me keeping up her shoe noise. There aren't many pedestrians that can walk as fast as I can, but somehow she arrived without being heard approaching. Then only 80' further at a traffic control, she did the same; she "somehow" got behind me without any noise of approach. Then when I was crossing the road on the signal, her shoes made this distinctive noise again, and she followed me making a 90 degree turn while I was dodging the above mentioned blue clothed cyclist. I was mind-fucked into swearing at the cyclist as I was turning 90 degrees, and my follower kept up this horrific noise with her shoes just behind me. I was glad enough to shake her bullshit, and rest of the games that go with the act.

I had quite the harassment event today, to the point of assault on the street no less. I got punched over the eye and it drew blood, and there was the whole deal to wait for the police and make a statement to them. And of course they asked why I take the pictures, and I was allowed to explain this harassment scenario briefly, and it was all done in 25 minutes. The instignating operative put on the act of not liking being photographed as a passenger in a vehicle, and hopped out and began harassing me. Then his ride took off, so it wasn't too important for him to rejoin his criminal friends. This is the same intersection that had six silver-grey vehicles clustered at the very same location two days ago.

And wouldn't one know, two deep red vehicles (blood color) pulled up outside the store where I was waiting for the police, and a few more same colored red vehicles were also coursing by as part of the traffic flow. Just another fluke it would seem, except that there aren't any in my life, and never has been. My glasses also got smacked up, and that will necessitate another repair event, as the assholes last broke my glasses in late 2002. Then, I used drafting tape to keep them together, and lo, if I didn't have a reason to use drafting tape earlier today, per above mentioned storm and the "wind howling".

And while giving my story to the police, a black dressed blonde operative in shades *no sun out) sits down outside one of the adjacent stores (no regular seating there), some 30' away, like some avatar to signify the sickos are still on me.

By the end of this, there was some blood on the floor of the store, dribbled down outside my jacket, and some still on my face, even though it had been cleaned up to some degree at least, as the store wouldn't provide me a washroom with a mirror in it. The storekeeper was Phillipino or some other race, and he, his wife, and child came to stand around like ranked soldiers, so I can only assume that they were also doing the perp's work, brown skin and all. And a few operatives also came to the store while waiting for the police, dressed in brown no less.

The police asked me if I wanted an ambulance at least twice, and I turned down the offer, as I really wasn't bleeding much when they arrived some 10 minutes later. Only some clean up was needed. And lo, if two ambulances some 5 minutes apart just didn't happen to be coursing by on the thoroughfare street when walking back to my place. The police couldn't give me a ride home, saying they had other calls. Translated, that means that the perps really wanted me to be wearing blood on my coat for energy assay purposes

I have given enough blood samples to the perps over the years, that they did not need to do any of this fucking around, physical assault on the streets. I get strange shaving cuts 4x per week for no apparent reason, and I had weekly blood samples when incarcerated in the hospital for six months. It is long past due that these gutless assholes got out of the closet and fronted for themselves. They are totally fucking nuts, and are running this town, and pouring billions each year down this rat hole of nonconsensual human experimentation. Whatever the perps's problem is with remote assay of the energetic properties my blood that they cannot determine is not mine. Five years of this boneheaded skullduggery now; get your sick asses out of the closet and show up.

And I get my answer in the form of overhead pounding noise, the one that floats about to wherever in the apartment I am, and that will be about it. Other than that, there is an errie all-quiet order out, and the fuckers must be revelling in this before dinner time, when digestion is at its lowest ebb. Now the silly faux neighbor water use noise has started its on-offs, customized to "erupt" when I am thinking something over. There have been five street altercations in the past year, and the perps are still pissing around pulling this bullshit off. Only two got physical, and one can be sure that the entire event was mind controlled from stem to stern. And I am still wondering why I wasn't allowed to defend myself and end up being their fucking door mat again.

I put the laundry on to clean up the blood mess on my coat, and I suspect this is also a big deal for the perps, having spread it all over the place earlier.

I got the usual gangstalking routines at gym class, perhaps a bit on the light side while wearing a shiny blue Capilene workout shirt. I also got plenty of red plasma flashes added over what I happened to be looking at, and some blue plasma flashes coming from darker shadows. After the above physical assault with blood letting, I am not surprised that I was readied all day, probably starting with the early wake up, overhead pounding noises and the faux caused wind howl. And to complete matters, the perps are starting up another wind storm tonight if the forecast is anything to go by, and they do get spoofed often enough.

I am now getting the 4 to 6x per year, or more, bullshit feed from the perps that they are winding down hostilities. This is probably a "feel good" jerkaround, as I have never been wrong in disbelieving this message for all the times before. This observation is strictly for documentation purposes, as there is no need to elaborate on the frenetic intensity of the harassment planning and organization, as well as seeing this town have no end of aerial additions and the maser and energy fields flitting about in the air, just above the buildings and the horizon. Then add all the news events that are also coordinated with name dropping and events in my sphere, e.g. all the news about the country named Turkey, and there is at least a year's worth of harassment activity to continue, never mind the big picture of other predominant news items that seem to have an association, if by nothing else but the noisestalking that "happens" routinely when I view planted stories and events online or in the newspaper.

Some more pictures from two days ago, my afternoon visit to the gym, with any of today's relevance added into the descriptions and photo annotations.

Thre white vehicles, two silver-grey vehicles and one black vehicle in a bidrectional cluster that "erupts" not far from me, some ~60' away.

Nothing particularly anomalous about this photo, save an likely operative cluster, not unlike the bidirectional vehicle pattern above. This photo is included to demonstrate the now-normal "habit" of a husband and wife ambulatory gangstalking team, she walking 6' behind. Yesterday, an Asian couple was 30' apart, he first and approaching my brother's passenger side of the van, and turning the corner just as we arrived. Both were wearing all black and white, but differing patterns.

This extra busy parking lot of the Caribbean Apartments photo is here for two reasons, one related to my local knowledge. The string on the left is illegally parked I happen to know, as the hospital entrance is nearby, and there are notices on all the doorways, and on the ground where the vehicles are parked, clearly stating,"immediate tow-away". This lot was emptied on my way back, and only two silver-grey vehicles were parked there an hour later, photo below. This same location will feature in a future blog photo, from 10-18-2007, where additional vehicles were added to park on the grass to the left side of this photo.

A perp fuzzed out photo of walker clashing and passing by. Nearly every time I am headed to the gym at this location the perps are putting on geriatrics in walkers.

There are five red vehicles in this picture; one behind the vehicle in the foreground visible only through the windows, the pickup truck behind it, and then the two red vehicles further back to the right. If recall serves me correctly, there were at least two more red vehicles in this proximity that I could not get into the picture.

This is the Caribbean Apartments parking lot featured above, one hour later and in the rain that sprang forth before I leaving the gym. The leftmost silver-grey mini-van may have stayed in place from the above photo, but the right silver-grey mini-van at 90 degrees offset, seems to have "arrived" in the intervening hour with all the other vehicles also departing.

Two white vehicles clustered around a parked red SUV, and an oncoming silver-grey or a light tan metallic vehicle. A yellow coated ambulatory gangstalker is just emerging from the cover of the white parked vehicle. This area, within a 100' radius, is a hotbed of yellow clothing colors, the louder the better. Even today, 10-18-2007, a very bright yellow wool poncho act was walking toward me at this location. Past blog postings have identified other yellow dressed gangstalkers here.

Just to show the orchestrated bozo driving going on; the mid-grey mini-van launching into a string of bumper to bumper vehicles while blocking the oncoming lane. The string on the right side were stopped at the light, and it had just turned green when the photo was taken. The mini-van was sitting broadside in the oncoming lane for about 40 seconds or so, and none of the right-side vehicles could legally move on the red light to accomodate the minivan driver attempting to "insert" his vehicle. Totally nuts by my standards.

Red arrangements again; vehicles on either side of the road and an ambulatory gangstalker in the red anorak between them. It can happen I suppose, but behind the oncoming red vehicle is another one; zooming in will pick it up. This ambulatory gangstalker (IMHO) marks the first of four that I encountered on this stretch of road, some 150'. And it was only red dressed gangstalkers, as there were no pedestrians in other clothing colors. See following photos, even if perp caused fuzzy.

Red ambulatory gangstalker #2 (IMHO); being planimetrically placed next to the red bus in the background is no coincidence either. A tight vehicle cluster on the right, though one would have to take my word on this one. This is at ~1540h, and a commute level traffic load is on the streets.

Ambulatory gangstalker #3 is coming toward me, not far, less than 50' from the above photo location.

Not truly ambulatory, but gangstalker #4 (IMHO), also wearing red, is cycling down the same stretch of road as in the above photos. Four successive people not in vehicles in, or gangstalkers as I see them, and no others, each wearing a red anorak or top, and with some red colore assists from the passing vehicular traffic, see above gangstalker #1 and #2 photos. Phenomenonal; can anyone tell me this is random with a straight face?

More pounding overhead while I am listening to Musikas, Blues for Transylvania. Just when I opened up the Yahoo Mail tab on my browser, a big overhead rumbling noise onset. An exciting moment for small minds.

An outburst of overhead rumbling ended my music interlude; invariably the perps have me cranked up about outside noise flurries penetrating the headphones or the earmuffs, and the mind-fuck "reaction" is to have me take them off. No choice in that. The perps like me listening to music while editing my pictures in Picasa; light filling, zooming in, cropping, looking for harassment details in the photograph, having my recall jogged as to who was doing what in the photo and so it goes.

Time to blog off on this eventful day.

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