Monday, October 29, 2007

The Energetics of Geography

I am convinced the perps are hot on the trail of determining more of one's bioenergetics that is confered by geography, both on a local scale, and across the globe. They had me working on this tree stump hole at my parent's place today, this time with an ax to remove the stump (of Douglas fir) that "happened" to be under the cottonwood stump I removed three days ago. The perps had the soil fly about, planted it onto my shoes and jeans, and generally scatter as I encountered it while chipping away at this deeper tree stump.

Today's setup was that my father was off to his putative daycare for dementia patients, and would be coming back when my perp abetting mother was out at a luncheon. Therefore, I was to hold the fort, and be there when he came home and make the tea and the rest of his usual post-return routine. Which meant that I was contained at their place for the day until I took the bus back to my place along with the rolling freakshow that accompanies me. I still fail to see why there are huge trains of color coordinated vehicles heading downtown at 1630h, let alone the bus full of passengers that were on board. For this government town with no major industrial employers, it doesn't add up. Just my usual rant. I reckon the perps must have put on at least 2,000 vehicles on today's vehicular gangstalking and at least that many again parked in high density along the bus route.

Now that I have dug holes at my in-town brother's for planting new trees for reasons that were tenuous, and now again at my parent's place, along with all the attention of the noise, phenomenon (masers, plasma beams, decoloration of objects), the parent's strange copious visits to the digging, my father hamming up the dementia bullshit act, harassment incursions (dumping soil on my shoes, causing axe and pick swings to constantly miss, and I never have missed to this degree before), constant noise of aircraft, vehicles in a residential area, drone noises, bird callings, etc, and a few other stunts that don't come to mind, I am suspecting that the perps may just be on the cusp of figuring out the earth's energetics separate from my own bioenergetics. Just my take on the perp's current games, feints and stunts.

Adding to this is that I will be "helping" my parents select a tree tomorrow, planting it, and then later getting a ride to the gym directly from their place, rather than my usual route of walking directly from my place downtown Victoria. Or at least, that is the plan, and it could be changed, also a common feature of this game, foiling "my" notions (read, planted thoughts) as to what the plan is about. My mother is also having a weaving group over tonight, and after a luncheon this afternoon, that is at least two weeks of normal social activity. The weavers also came for the new living room carpet some three weeks ago, and that too is odd, as they came by once a year at most. Anyhow, it is all speculation and before long there will be some more "tells" as to what particular perp objective is getting the most attention.

I got fucked at the bus stop again; the perps ran the bus four minutes early causing me to miss it, and the next one was at least 20 minutes later. While waiting, at least 300 vehicles coursed by on this secondary residential area thoroughfare, coordinated by color and vehicle type per usual, and even a small dump truck with huge blocks of concrete in the box, which also "happened" to show up on the bus' route later. I also got another "way cool dude" circulating around me at the bus stop, also on his cell phone, and after some 5 minutes of waiting, he took off. I also got my elderly Asian contingent gangstalking me at the bus stop; he was sitting in the shelter, as if he had missed the bus by two minutes, and some five minutes later an elderly Asian woman "arrives" (somehow) 20' from the bus stop, just standing in place on the sidewalk. As soon as I got my camera ready for another "just standing there" picture of an operative, she wandered toward the bus shelter where he joined her and then they wandered off together, another bizarre stroke of neighborhood "walks". I also got a reprising ambulatory Asian male gangstalker in this residential neighborhood, stalking me at the begining of my walk to the bus stop, he being S. bound, and while waiting at the bus stop he "shows up" again N. bound, appearing to be on a neighborhood walk. He of the near clown oufit, clashing colors of green, red and black with his umbrella that was not needed, and the only one I saw in all the later ambulatory gangstalking fuckery. To do such a loop he needed to reverse his course, all timed to come by me again.

And what joke, catching the bus, as there are two routes in opposite directions on this secondary thoroughfare. Upon seeing the alternate route (E. bound) was coming before the intended route (W. bound), I crossed the street to get the first arriving bus, rather that wait any longer. I caught the E. bus, and lo, if the intended W. bus in the oncoming direction didn't show up one stop later. Both buses stopped at either side of the street, and then a kid (an operative in morphover more likely), who was 20' ahead of the E. bound bus (not at the bus stop) runs across the road to get the W. bound bus. Then he runs back across the road to board the E. bound bus that he didn't appear to want to take in the first place. A couple from the W. bound bus also got off and crossed the road to board the E. bound bus that I was on. This effectively emulated what I did, intending to get the W. bound bus, but crossing the street to get E. bound bus as it loops around and takes the same route to downtown. As it "so happened", the aforementioned couple that swapped buses got off in short order and would of got to their stop sooner if they had stayed on their original (W. bound) bus. Bizarre, if one can follow all that.

It seemed to be "boy's day" on the bus; all the putative passengers that came to ring me were youthful, save one brown skinned dude. This round followed the Asian woman demographic that preceded them and was largely in place when I got on board. I had the more garish colored clothing planted around me; the gangstalkers were wearing yellows, bright blues, reds, browns and one in black pants that were paint flecked, a common operative getup. As usual, they take many measures to expose their mouth contents; chewing gum, open mouthing, eating food etc. This is standard practice now, everywhere I go, both males and females.

As usual, I had an extra large freakshow of ambulatory gangstalkers, not to mention some strange cyclists that seemed to hang around me, and then dismounted to attach their bicycle to a post, a very common public occurence that has also erupted in concert with the harassment antics. I suspect that the tension of the wheel spokes of bicycles allows the perps to obtain more energetics measurements than otherwise. There is something they like about having stressed metals around me, and this would include diesel engines with their substantially greater compression to ignite the air-fuel mixture along with the characteristic clattering noise.

And the number of gangstalkers wearing shades today was hilarious; no visible sun or blue sky, overcast with a 60% POP (probability of precipitation), and at least half of them had sunglasses on, at either end of my bus trip and onboard also. This is not the first time I have noticed this of late, but as my in-town brother also engages in this selective sunglasses use that is unrelated, and even at odds, with the lighting conditions, I can only surmise that the abductee reports of the aliens looking into human's eyes at close range and "reading" them (making determinations) must be true for reasons that we harassment victims don't understand. I suspect the eyes are a source of IR radiation, and as they are also the only location in humans where one's blood flow can be directly monitored, one's eyes are of intense interest to the perps. They have trashed both pairs of my prescription sunglasses and clearly don't want me wearing them given how often I "forgot" to take them with me.

As this is a Monday, the return day from my parent's place, I suspect that I won't get to sleep for hours tonight, as the perps like to extend my awake time. I am calling that one in advance. Another regular item on Mondays is the perps forcing me to take a crap in the evening, just before or after dinner, and this has happened at least four Mondays in succession. It would seem that whatever benefits that the perps gain, (remotely applied bioenergetics assays IMHO), from my once per week stays at my parent's place, they want to attain the same thing at my residence location and neighborhood. That is my theory on why Mondays are so intensely gangstalked, freakshowed and the rest of the parental pandering that unfolds.

When I got in "I" phoned my ex to expect to leave a message on her telephone answering machine as she is away in Brussels (another geographic energetics test?) to thank her for the mattick that was "borrowed" to dig out the tree stump at my parent's place. Instead, I got my daughter who got into a long story about soccer and the coaching travails. Normally she is very terse and uncommunicative when I phone, and for this rare instance she was positively gregarious. I say "borrowed" in quotes as I don't know where my ex would of got this particular tool as it wasn't one we had when together, and I cannot envision her buying one as she cannot heft such heavy gardening tools. No doubt the perps wanted me to have this particular version, as she supplied the original mattick head for no plausible reason. Another go figure.

Time to call this blog done for the day; all of today's bizarreness is not conveyed here, but the above journalling should offer enough variety and detail to suggest that I am not making this up. If anyone was in my highschool English class. and recalls how often my creative writing was roundly trashed, they would concur.

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