Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another Round of Hole Digging Games

The hole digging is over for a while, at least until 01-2008. I went with the perp abetting parents to two garden centers, and lo, if the wanted tree to fill the hole cannot be sold owing to some (bullshit, IMHO) edict from the federal agriculture authority. A drive out the highway for over 3,000 gangstalking vehicles, and no freaking tree could be had. Therefore, the dug hole will be left as is for the winter, with the old root remains in place as part of the deal, and the soil was hauled off the lawn to reside elsewhere in their backyard. Clearly the perps had this one figured out for months, and it was all about sending me and my parents, the perp/harassment abettors who sold me into this criminality at birth, up and down the highway for a Feral Family Gangstalk.

After handling the soil, and my parents all around me and stepping into my path, or where I stood, as often as they could, it was onto the gym for the scheduled workout. And the perps, especially the classmembers were all over me, ringing me with at least 12 of them at one point before we retired to the floor exercise room. I had five of my classmates around me at the bicyles before that. Perhaps it was that I was dropped off coming from my parent's place in their vehicle that was the big attraction for the gangstalkers. At one time during the gym class, they had six deep metallic red vehicles posted outside in the parking lot, all visible through the glass at the front. Other fill-in parked vehicles were the usual white, black and silver-grey.

As soon as I start this posting, I get a blank out, as if there was nothing strange to report, when there was plenty going on today.

It was a sunny day, and the perps made the most of it when I was walking home from the gym, putting on at least 30 ambulatory gangstalkers, most of them coming toward me and backlit by the sun. This is getting to be a favorite perp pose, darkening down the lighting on their operative's faces and having a light source originate from behind them, increasing the contrast and to prevent me seeing much of the asshole's face. They even did this in the gym, having their "stand-arounds" and "do-squats" operatives with ball caps on and sucking down the lighting, even on me when I should of been fully illuminated under an overhead lamp. The perps are on a partial face recognition effort these days; arranging eyes only, or an eye even, and other facial components to investigate my neural bioenergetics of recognition.

I had the various acts at the gym follow me around; the woman with the red towel again, when hardly anyone uses one, and at least five of them congregated 25' directly behind me as viewed in the mirror, lining up in an aisle with their backs to the window. There were twits in their street clothes and bright lipstick, posing while they stand around, almost like a fashion shoot, waiting to be seen, and then they take off.

While at the gym, a repeat of last week's fire alarm games that went on in this apartment. The perps pulled a fire alarm test at the gym and ran the fire alarm bells and the stroboscopic flashers for at least 7 minutes while I was working out.

The games of internal head noise have been increased as of today; I get a crack sound as if it came from my jaw while lifting weights now. Formerly it was only reserved for when I was eating, even if totally fabricated and unrelated to any jaw condition or action.

I am getting extra gangstalkers on me whenever I turn a corner, at the gym or on the street. They put one on each side of me and paint the scene as if this were two fucked up rambling pedestrians who have nothing to do with each other. Sometimes it is the men's turn, the over 50 demographic and usually taller than me, another time it would be the grannie's turn, like last week on the street, when they reprised this horrific specimen with a tight curly perm who variously walks by the apartment, hangs around the outside, or hangs around in the lobby. I also got my least favorite granny gangstalker at the gym, a woman they constantly feature moving in close to me at the equipment sign out board.

And I am getting more blatant following on the street; one fucker ran up behind me as I was outdistancing her on the crosswalk. She somehow managed to stick within 30' for a full block, and then "happened" to arrive ahead of me at the LD store, being featured again in her vile lime green pants and white coat. Not pretty by any measure, but seemingly chosen to be a middle aged blonde without the large girth that I so often get.

At the LD store they were all over me at the chocolate section, at leas five of them, but they left me alone to struggle through that there were no two blade Schick blade razors to be had, as the Gillette has taken on a clicking noise again. I cannot replicate the clicking manually, but sure enough, when the razor is near an ear, it starts its clicking noise. The perps even put on my doctor as a gangstalker, he having his head buried in the newspaper section that is at the store entrance. There was the usual highly choreographed swirling of operatives around me when I exited the store, another perp trait that has increased. This is all related to following me as close as possible, and stepping into, or across my path, in front or behind me.

Today, I got an over 300lb woman leaning against a wall that is now frequented by the perp's latest featured gangstalkers; totally disgusting to see so much flab hanging on. This was the same wall that had at least six vagrants lined up and their shopping carts full of plastic bags two weeks ago when I drove by. Next, who knows; ten grannies, three blondes, five chinless specimens, three readheads, etc., all the favored demographic groups from which the perps compile their daily freakshow that they put on for me.

And for some reason I am getting a surfeit of Volvos in the vehicular gangstalking, more noticeable today owing to greater vehicular travel. Yesterday at a corner car lot, the perps had a late model Volvo V70, and the vehicle was next to the sidewalk. Lo, if the "customers" didn't leave the passenger door open at length as I was walking toward it. I had at least three more packed around me in traffic as a pedestrian when walking back to my apartment. It has been over a year since I drove my own Volvo 245, but of late the perps are putting on the late model series, the 40 and the 70. There must be something about the character of the Swedish steel from which they are made that the perps so prefer. The perps also put on Saabs which are relatively rare in this town.

I got an 0500h awakening today, all to hear this absurd amount of vehicular noise from then to 0700h when I was allowed to get up. Once I surveyed the streets to see hardly any road traffic, the infernal noise sharply decreased. I keep my window closed for these cooler days, and it makes no difference to the noise level; they prescribe the decibel level at my ears, all else be damned, including hearing protection.

I am getting severe typo sabotage, "taking" (read, forced, with error detection faculties being supressed), four attempts to type a four letter word, time to cease blogging for now.

Bad whistling in my proximity is another given of this TI's life. Earlier today, my demented father (the act, anyway), put on a pathetic whistling effort, and now, someone in the hallway every few minutes. This while listening to 1960's Bob Dylan on YouTube.

Some quiet time while listening to YouTube clips. A fascinating archive.

Paying bills with the music coming through the headphones, surely a made in perpland confluence of energetics; my bioneural energetics, music and the ever noise and phenomenon stalked activity of financial transactions, even if writing out a check at my desk.

Time to call this done and blog off.

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