Wednesday, October 17, 2007

No Shower, No Shave, No Problem

Today's title reflects this morning's hijinx, as the perps have a problem with their remote energy assay activity of me with the normal morning routine of showering and shaving. One has to only see how much maser action I get that is attendant to these activities to know that they are seriously sucking wind in their ability to fathom all the energetic aspects of these functions.

So today, in combination with my in-town brother, they ensured that I was not permitted to undertake this part of my morning routine. I had an arrangement with him to phone when I was ready for pick up in the morning to then proceed to our parent's place to move large rugs and the associated underlay, all to accomodate the recent arrival of a new living room rug at my parent's place, mentioned in a past blog posting.

I was screwed into a 9.5 hour sleep, getting up at 0930h, a total piss-off to start the day. The mellifluous apartment manager was on his cellphone in the hallway when I was awakening, and this noise source covered me from awakening to getting dressed. Then on with breakfast and then my brother phoned on the intercom, having already driven over without prior notice, and was waiting for me he said. "I" (read, mind-controlled me) gave him a 15 minute wait time, knowing that showering and shaving weren't going to fit into this schedule. Having been shown my unique comb forward hairdo I get every morning, I then "decided" to only wash my hair in the bathtub, pinched and twisting to access the spout to wash and rinse my hair. Plus a whole lot of added water drops flew off my head, but I did finally succeed, not bothering with conditioner either. Then on with the usual dental hygeine, and I was ready, or sort of, compared to most mornings.

When I went to the elevators to depart, the apartment manager was back on voice-over duty at the elevators in the hallway, on his cellphone and doing his bit to make like he was discussing real tenancy issues. Then his sidekick of 10-15-2007 whom I also met in the elevator then, emerged from the corner of the hallway, who then walked toward me and then backed off and turned around to "join" the manager. This sidekick, who makes no bones about doing nothing but loiter around for no apparent reason, save gangstalking, was dressed in blue, has white hair and a trimmed white beard. There must be some reason the perps are "featuring" this particular size, age and appearance of this operative, though I have no reason why. He doesn't fit the geriatric profile, nor of the obese demographic the perps like to inundate me with, so there must be some reason to attach this creep to the manager, and then have him loiter in his midst each time. (Twice in a week so far, and the manager had been unseen and unheard for weeks before this).

As with 10-14-2007, my brother offered no reason as to why he "escalated" his side of the agreement to meet, and had all this time to wait, when he "needed" to visit another potential garage or estate sale enroute to our parent's place. As it "happened", he drove the route that I walk to the regular gym I use, and stopped at an apartment block that fronts onto this thoroughfare. I waited inside his white van, and read the supplied newspapers, marvelled at the arrangements of the parked vehicles in their colors that the perps arrange for me, and he was back out in no time. Then onto our parent's place where no one was home, my mother being out and at an appointment, which was stated to be the "impasse"/excuse as to why we couldn't do this today. Now we could all of a sudden. No matter, I got nothing but time on my hands, and the weather was warm.

As I type this, the perps are sabotaging my keystrokes and jerking around where the cursor is, new keyboard be damned.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, we moved the original living room carpet of 30 to 40 years ago and rolled it up. We took the old living room carpet that was still rolled up there and moved it outside to then lay it out to then remove the green rubber underlay and placed that in my brother's white trades van. After the furniture shuffling was done, we had laid the old living room carpet to the den, placing it where its successor once was, and moved furniture in the living room to then accomodate the prior furniture removal we had done three days ago. All very complicated, like a Rubic's Cube of furniture movements, with some items having over four decades of family use.

The perps jerked around the lie of the carpet we were rolling out, and then had my brother act like a idiot and adjust it's postion so it couldn't be unrolled without snagging something. Then, per usual, they got me cranked up and pissed off with him, and created a succession of dumbshit moves to keep elevating "my" (read, mind-controlled emotional state) annoyance with his deliberate farting around. He seemed to take this in stride, and no doubt it had been rehearsed. These "outbursts" are almost required by the perps anytime I see him for any duration. It is almost an everytime event, and he gets the role of stoking the problem. I don't know anyone who has a better handle on the physicality of furniture and all things practical than my in-town brother, and here he was acting like a dumbshit cowboy. Just to think, the perps have been cranking me on this angle for a lifetime and are still at it. Fucking sick.

There were other feints and dodges he got into to ensure that I was to know that there was family involvement with the perps, and the final deal was that he "needed" to go out of town after this for yet another garage sale event, so he couldn't drop me off at my place, and I had to take the bus back. And lo, if the travelling freakshow wasn't ready for me there. The theme color today was blue; the decor of the bus, the blue plastic recycle boxes at the curbside in a strange change of the pickup day from Mondays to Wednesdays, and a blue shirted PE class running along the main thoroughfare the bus took into town. I got plenty of blue dressed gangstalkers seated around me in this over-populous bus, and then they brought operative gangstalkers with these hideous red translucent plastic bags, under the cover story of it being "shopping". There is something about this color and its properties the perps know I don't like, and yet they are doing this almost everytime I am out, introducing this particular plastic bag color into my proximity. In the 10-15-2007 blog they did the same, when transiting from my ride to the elevator, putting this same bag type and color on show in a bizarrely elaborate hand off from one male black leather jacketed operative to a female operative with the same leather jacket color and style. Not my problem, so why am I being chased all over town with this dumbshit routine?

The all-quiet order is out; there has been an uncanny silence while typing this, and perhaps it is time to wrap this one up and start on the tea and chocolate games that are the perp's re-introduced routine for the afternoon.

I was allowed to phone in for a rare harassment victim's conference call last night, the "impetus" being that a near-local TI whom I have been in contact with was on as the guest speaker. And wouldn't you know, she got cut off some 10 minutes into her talk, and after a few minutes, was allowed to reconnect and call back in to resume. She recommends to "love your perps", even wave to them, and take the organized harassment message out there, and make it public. And for us TI's to not react to the insults, incursions and harassment games. I have yet to hear from an email I sent her, but the question I had is that if the perps are controlling one's reactions and emotional state as they appear to be doing to me, then how does one know if one is taking independent reaction or not, and acting contrary to what the perp's intended script?

She and I have had a few phone discussions, and I haven't met her in person, but it would seem to me that there are many hundreds, if not thousands of TI's that are being overtly harassed, and that each of one is on a particular script to fulfil the perp's objectives. There is more to this that I won't get into, but it does make me laugh at times when someone in this situation insists that they are resisting mind-control and have a recipie to do just this. Unless one arranges themselves in a constantly randomly changing magnetic field, possibly wearing some highly reflective clothing (e.g. sheilding metal fibers in the material), I cannot see how one can not succumb to the perp's targeted energies and the mind-control script they have planned. Just my opinion on all of this.

Four loud mufflered vehicles in succession, about two minutes apart each. All for some reason, and it is highly structured, as there hadn't been much of this all afternoon until after tea and chocolate (read, perp brown food obsession). Now the overhead rumbling and thumping has started up, also another first for today, and now hallway sourced coughing and spluttering too. And the evening time dinginess is also coming on, it will be time to turn on the lights soon. A noiseflurry of obvious timing, right after the scripted teatime.

Here are some news items that I wanted to bring into the dialog, and sound off on with my experience of being the perp whipping boy for over five years now, the testament to their utter thanklessness of being a covert target for a 47 year lifetime before they outed themselves to reveal their psychopathic organizational traits. And the same goes for all the asshole shills who have joined them; live this life for two weeks and see if you would of cooperated.

And mixing both the perp's propensity for toilet games and all things to do with their obsession over shit, and their abilities to curtail one's democratic citizens rights, here is a news item that has someone being cited for swearing over a blocked toilet. Assuming this is not a spoofed news story for my benefit, it has that ring of perp involvement; toilet overflow games, a high degree of victim emotional duress, and that the perps would have one's civil liberties impinged upon for just that. And it has been true in the past, the perps have sabotaged me taking a shit nearly everytime since 2003, flooding and blocking the toilet, and using the plunger to relieve the impasse, sometimes for over 20 minutes time, all to have someone else "help". (This at the last rooming house). And not having any choice in how I react, there was plenty of swearing, and reaction, and it just goes to show that their juvenility remains their most persistent trait. No doubt this story was created, and the news item planted upon me for some kind of resonant reaction for the perps to read in my mind, as I contend they have realtime neural monitoring and access to anyone they select. Along the way, other's lives get trashed too, and the fuckers don't seem to care about that too much.

And a local story on a major financial scam that went on in this town in recent years that hasn't fully played out. With the perp's interest in all my financial transactions, and all things related to that, I cannot help but think that they had a hand in this one, among the very population that has been helping them for the most part. Their unmitigated gall to fuck the individuals in the city that bends over backwards surely takes the cake for being supreme jerks. I wonder how they drew up the victims list; perhaps these people of some means refused to cooperate in some way. As I type this up a whole lot of outside vehicle beeping and overhead clunking is going on, so it is time to give this one a rest for now, and not ponder how the perps keep this city and its residents cooperative, and yet go on fuckover rampages that most anyone involved with them could surely figure out that their dark hands were likely likely guiding, of not explicitly controlling such events. Again, I have no model as to why the perps are involved in financial matters from an observational perspective, and I can only offer that they are looking for some kind of intrinsic "psi" energies they want to identify and quantify. The timing of the above Ian Thow story is also suspicious, as it begins (2003) when the perps had driven me back to this city, and continued while the harassment went on (2005). And how the better financial minds got suckered into this one is another aspect that I will leave for the moment. And as I am getting jabbed underfoot by some unseen force field, and children's voices can be overheard in the hallway, I should call off this news item review for now.

A sudden onset of rain at this time, the dusk duration for which the perps devote much attention to, as there are some physiological processes in the human body that react to an absence of light. Which tells me that the perps are still working on this, and this might be the reason they have had me listen to music after dark mostly, and not before. It just "seems" to work out that way, and in my tightly orchestrated and controlled life, there are no random moments or ungoverned recurring patterns. Thats my theory, and no one else has any interest in all these phenomenon, let alone come close to explaining all it and the interaction associations.

A bizarre clicking noise has started up, as if someone were turning of a bank of light switches one by one. I put on my earmuffs to deal this this soft noise, and lo, if the same noise didn't somehow penetrate this 26dB noise reduction hearing protection. And yet, the noise wasn't that loud to begin with. Very curious.

The evening time rain has come on, and still the noise of roaring motorcycles continues to fill the air. There is a game going on, possibly started by the perps, as there are in fact very few who choose to ride a motorcycle in the rain, and if they do, they do so very carefully. And so the perps had me notice this anomaly everytime; rainy weather = no motorcycles (by noise). Yesterday they planted one in front of me in the wet weather when walking back from gym class, and now, the perps have given themselves a carte blanche to put on motorcycle noise in today's rain. A very curious sequence of events to say the least. As always, "I" ask the question as to who do they think they are fooling, and how do they know when they are? Plenty of debate can be had with this question given the right company.

And some photographs from yesterday, also noting that some did not even get stored, or were deleted. Of note were two portly gangstalkers both wearing dark blue jackest were walking 40' ahead of me on the concrete sidewalk, who then cross the side road as it entered the thoroughfare street. They get to the opposite curb edge of the side street, and jointly and with a minumum of fuss, turn around and walk straight toward me covering their most recent tracks on the ashpalt surfaced side street first. One was wearing a green cotton T-shirt, and the other was wearing a red cotton T-shirt. Like a surreal movie, especially executing that "joint" about face and waking back.

On with the pictures, some coming out blurred again for no reason but perp fuckery.

The "Plastic Bag Man" comes to visit, some 100' away this time. Behind is the roadworks job, pulling up the street block I lived on from 05-2005 to 08-2006. Also behind is a yellow-green dayglo dressed flagperson, though none of them need to be there, as they don't have an active role.

A very elaborate setup; two two-tone vehicles of identical color burgundy/silver-grey color scheme with a blue vehicle between them. Also note the meter heads have been pulled off the street parking, now for over a month.

Nothing too odd about this, just a tourist shot of the street works that are going on, more advancement in ripping up more streets that I do, or recently did, traverse on my regular beat.

Next E. block and back to the burgundy color scheme again, though only single colors. This could be considered an emulation of the above photo with the two tone vehicles, this with a blue lamp pillar between them instead of a blue vehicle.

Further up the street a foursome combination of two identical reds with blue vehicle ahead of the lead red vehicle, and a dark green vehicle between them.

Same vehicles, just the latter portion of the foursome vehicle cluster; the two identical red colored vehicles, the dark green one between them, and a metallic teal blue/green vehicle on the opposite side of the street.

Back to this location again, always set up for silver-grey, grey and white vehicles, both mobile and parked. Two mobile silver-grey vehicles, the Volvo V70 in a slightly darker tone, one parked silver-grey close to the mobile cluster and one more further back in the parked file, between the pickup truck and the blue Mini.

A cluster of two white vehicles, and a tan or golden metallic finish SUV behind them. Another white vehicle making a right turn behind the lead white sedan. This same location at this intersection, had a cluster of six silver-grey vehicles coming from the opposite direction on my way back, pictured in a later blog.

More white vehicle clustering white waiting at the same intersection, and not including the white vehicles in the above photo. A red and a green were thrown into the mix, a common color association the perps repeat.

This was too easy; a setup to goad me into taking a picture of the postman, usually an operative going by their frequency of appearences. A red vehicle "sandwich" with two near-identical metallic tan sedans side by side.

Time to call this blog posting done for the day, and see how much sleep I get, likely timed for the small S. kitchen window narrow sunlight beams. This was likely behind today's late start, and this perp timing and feature has been blogged now three times in a week if recall correctly, now remotely fuckable by the same organization.

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