Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Foot Stinging

I had something to do today; digging out the stump a cut down cottonwood tree at my parent's place, a past gardening folly. The problem with that tree species is that it suckers through its root system. This was likely the perp gangstalk highlight of the day, as they kept me up all night with noises, and continued the same noises when I got up. My theory is that they wanted to keep me in the same energy state from last night through today, and they weren't going to let my sleep get in the way of that.

So all night I had overhead pounding, faked neighbor water usage noise (went on for hours), the odd zapping with simultaneous thudding overhead, and the vehicular noise games as well at least two lengthy siren cascades, and at least one more when I got up. As part of the deal, I am mind-controlled to perform head flipping from one side the other at least every minute, and am not allowed to sleep. There were a number or earmuff games as well, where I wore them in bed and the perps simply created new noises inside them, or projected external noise to occur inside, depending on what they wanted me to hear. I was bombarded with the thoughts of the perp's fantasy play they keep playing in my mind; going over the familiar themes of the play, and then adding a new dimension, and should I inadvertently add something new to the script, a bejesus thundering noise came on from overhead. This is probably the limit of what I can now think for myself, and it nothing consequence to my functional life, everything else is controlled and scripted.

I was allowed to get up at 0745h, and have an annoyance filled breakfast, which is now the "usual". The like to keep me vocalizing, and never any more than when making peanut butter and jam on toast. Every possible action is sabotaged at some time, and they have now changed the properties of the former to be extra flowing even when stored in the fridge. It is always the same kind, same jar size, but now it falls off the knife "unto itself", and flicks about. This is all about placing a red color over a brown color, which is a huge part of the gangstalking.

As I write this, I am gettting a pronounced stinging sensation in my left foot that can stay with it should I move my foot.

An outing to my perp abetting parent's place to dig out a tree stump, as there are live roots that are suckering since it was cut. Sounds like a perfect setup for the entity that likes to have me dig holes, be proximate to ditching and other excavation works, and otherwise exposes me to the digging equipment, e.g. yesterday's street drilling, and the drillbit lying on the ground when done.

Accordingly, I got soil lobbed on me by an "errant" root that flicked back, and had various other extra conventional gravitic games played upon me. As innocuous as this activity sounds, it was likely a huge perp managed event. On the bus, when one includes parked vehicles, in greater than normal profusion, and in both directions, I reckon the perps put on at least 2,500 vehicles for my round trip, a conservative estimate IMHO.

I also got stamina sapped while digging the hole around the tree stump. This is where the perps do not want me to work too fast, and slow down for their remote fuckery games, and the sensation of being tired and energy depleted takes over. This is what they do to spike any jogging I might do, they kill it flat my making it a huge effort, and each succeeding run is made to be felt as a further effort, totally backwards from what would happen normally.

On the outbound bus trip I had my freakshow around me, and when I identified a perp action in holding up the mainstreet with street maintenance vehicles with their flashing yellow lights, all six operatives in view each made a shift, scratched their nose or otherwise engaged in some kind of fidgiting to aid the energetic interaction games they play all the time. It was choreographed to be pitch perfect, all at the same time, and all a subtle motion. Amazing.

On the bus, outbound, I had the ususal Asian and East Indian gangstalkers, as well as the lounging males, the tubby males and the carrier of the ugly translucent red plastic bag, a prop the perps are continuing to add into more of into their gangstalking games. When it was time to get off I had a "fellow traveller", one of the gangstalkers that like to follow me on the bus, off it, or usually both. She had been on the bus for the entire ride, and I was not in a position to obsrve her clothing until she got off. She had the ugliest and baggiestn pastel green pants on, as if from a hospital, and an insipid light brown colored coat. That was bad enough seeing these fugly colors, and the combination was worse yet again. And it could well be that the perps are screwing me over to react considerably more than I would otherwise.

But getting off at the same bus stop in a residential neighborhood wasn't enough; she followed me down the sidewalk to a lane that only the locals would know about, as it connects two subdivision areas. I have had many gangstalking operatives following me off the bus at this location, and now I had one who actually followed me down this obscure pathway for the first time.

To reiterate, my above analysis of the reason for the sleepless night with the noise assault was very likely that today's root digging, still unfinished, was the reason the perps kept me up all night with the same noises and into the morning, and even now. And while root digging in a residential neighborhood the siren noise went on for at least 10 minutes straight, and there was a droning sound with no seeming cover story for the first two hours of my activity.

In past key moments at my parent's place the perps have flown a US AWACS aircraft overhead, spewing out greyish beams toward me; one of the most outrageous indulgences of electromagnetic fuckery I have seen yet. before that, I thought it was bad enough that the perps had arranged a Canadian naval vessel lined up on the turnaround and lunch location of my regular hike, also spewing out some kind of greyish beams from the radar mast.

An overhead thundering boom came on when I had the earmuffs on, dealing with another noise the perps made sure I was annoyed by. Ergo, another screaming yell at the assholes as it came in plenty loud with hearing protection on. This is fucking insane to be treated like this. I want a rendition flight instead; then it is over. And I wouldn't be surprised that the sordid business of rendition torture flights wasn't for the perps. Why not, especially when they have an abiding obsession as to to how high I am off the ground, and sending me on flights in the early stages of the overt harassment in 2002.

Another thundering noise overhead, and another screaming yell at the assholes; sound familiar? It should be, now "happening" in four of four of my last residence locations where there was an overhead tenant. The only residence location that was on the top floor still had the odd "workmen" pounding on the roof under the guise of building maintenance.

More temporal lobe assaults; these are the "floaty" sensations, and the perps seem to be pulsing me with this, as they are coming on at regular intervals. This is highly invasive and disrupting, and I have these occasionally since 7 y.o., and learned the cause was temporal lobe de-energization from my ADD research days, when I was lead to believe that was the problem. Little did I know that it was an accurate assessment, but that it was totally controlled and directed all my life. Fucking sick.

More zappings and jabbings; the perps have been jabbing me in the nuts more of late, and it comes on when I am entering or leaving a building, one of the locations where they put on the gangstalker swarms, as there is someting immediately different about me in terms of body energetics that they cannot yet figure out. Not my problem, so why am I swarmed at every building entrance and exit?

A near all-quiet for the past hour after riling me up as per above posting time. A background noisescape this time, and none of the overhead pounding, especially when an uncontrolled thought comes to mind. It was brutal before.

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