Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Whine Before Its Time

The whine of putative nieghbor water usage continues after lunch, just as it did before lunch, and is appearing to be a neural energetics tracking stimulus. The perps are obsessed by the digestion process, and this likely relates to one's digestion energetics, of which food color is important. This is totally consistent with what transpires every mealtime at my apartment.

Breakfast started out with the usual piss off over placing peanut butter and jam on my toast. Then, wearing my freshly laundered jeans, they jerked the spoon of cereal and milk at my lips and then flew the milk to drop between my legs and laterally onto my jean's pant leg that would of been obscured by my knees. All to play more games over laundry no doubt, and it seems that this kind of intrusion will benefit the perps for weeks of testing, even if the pants are laundered.

And plenty of overhead pounding is going on, all to keep me annoyed for longer. Last night's bullshit fire alarm was interesting in that the overhead pounding sounded just before departing down the stairway, and it sounded again when I got back, being one of the first to learn that it was a no big deal fire alarm. Which is another way of saying, it is highly unlikely that a genuine overhead floor pounding "neighbor" could time his floor pounding over me exactly for pre-departure, and again for immediate post-arrival with the same noise, when I was one of the faster turnarounds in getting back to my apartment, with the elevators still being shut down.

Nothing new there, as I figure most of the noise is generated remotely, and projected to specific locations, often with vibration. No one yet has explained to me how anyone could pound 4" of reinforced concrete by walking around. I can only assume that the perps wanted me to know this, as part of their secondary campaign to have me notice all these oddities. Recent harassment and mind-control games indicate that they can screw me out of noticing anything in the moment, never mind the more retrospective thoughts that occur.

More jabbing in my nuts these days, and the perps aren't shy about when it happens. They have started up with more "cause" variations and are attempting to bring it into "practice" such that I won't notice the stunt, much as they do now with the myriad of mouth, neck and jaw noises that "happen" all the time. Rare is it that I am aware this mouth noise intrusion is going on, and it must serve more of the perp's neural energetics mapping purposes. Invariably, some plasma and maser action is happening at the same time, and of late, the perps have been displaying vertical beads of white light for subsecond exposures in my central vision.

A short posting today; I am due to go to my parent's place and work on that tree stump removal. The stump has been pulled, but as it "so happens" there is a large buried Douglas-fir stump in the hole as well, and it needs to be removed for the new planting. My plan is to chip it out with an axe, as it it partially rotten, though with some residual strength. I consider this "stump under the stump" as a source of perp planted browness, and with black colored soil falling upon it in the dug hole, there has to be major perp color games going on.

More sirens again; at least the fifth time today, and on a Sunday. It gets harder and harder to believe this has any relation to reality other than perp sound projection games.

I am getting the overhead rumbling noises as I clean up individual letters, the forced typos that "somehow" got missed. And as part of it, a maser immediately comes off the LCD display, toward me, in the vicinity of where the letter was located.

Time to blog off for the day.

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