Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To Sleep with Overhead Pounding Noise

The second night in succession where I have been kept awake to hear the overhead pounding noise, a deep sound with a vibrational co,ponent. As mentioned in past blogs, this is a steel-concrete 12 story building I live in, and "somehow", extra-conventional energies are applied to make it sound as if someone were creating this noise by walking around on a carpeted floor above me. The overhead pounding started up after 10 minutes of getting to bed, both nights.

This is how the perps put me to sleep last night, and the night before, and while they kept me awake for at least 30 minutes to hear their serenade. The also started someone singing as well, and not a stereo, but an acapella male voice. All part of the games to access neural structures in the brainstem area it would seem, as this is the tareget area for the maser strikes of late, above my Adam's apple. I don't get them in the head too often currently, which tells me that the neck strikes are as close as they can get to the brain region of interest.

I suppose the big perp excitement was the 15 minute round trip to the LD store to get my prescription handed in and filled. There was an emphasis on native Indians and others of like skin color. When walking to the store, the perps pulled the "split couple" move, this time a native Indian couple, who offered no room to pass by except between them. They were walking toward me about 20' away, and then the male deliberately changed his walking track and walked on the curbside of the sidewalk, and she kept going on a straight track along the building, looking particularly afraid. This left about 5' between them, the only space to pass by on the sidewalk.

Then more of the brown skinned weirds/gangstalkers in the LD store who managed to keep "showing up" in places I intended to visit. One brown skinned gangstalker put on the act of having a red handled mop in hand, as if he had selected it for purchase. I even had to ask him to remove it from blocking my egress in the aisle. I had only one thing to acquire in the aisle, and he was posted there.

And some more games with financial transactions, something the perps like to noisestalk bigtime. First a botched transaction online last night to order a new keyboard, and no confirming email as stated on the order form. No big deal "I" thought, I will deal with it tomorrow. And so, a phone call this morning where I explained the problem, and the seeming Asian woman took my details to make the transaction and so it was done. This occured just before setting off to the LD store, and of course I needed to acquire some things, hence another transaction with the gangstalkers all over me. Then another phone call when I got back from the PC hardware company to confirm that the keyboard was ordered and will be in the latter part of next week. Still no confirming email of course, so I wonder if this is going to be a total jerkaround much like the deliberate games OD store of 10-2006. (Ordered online, and not delivered, even when they "looked into it").

Anyhow, all of the above, save the blatant gangstalking is not a big deal, it is just so strange that a billion dollar budget operation still needs to hound me everytime I buy something, and won't come out of the closet. Sounds like the definition of idiocy, hounding someone for over 50 years and still looking for the "magic" or aural energies related to financial transactions. Never mind the other fetishes the perps have over colors, shaving, doing dishes, showering, footwear and feet, and the demographic groups they persistently draw from to feature their gangstalkers.

The perps have me back to taking an afternoon tea break now. It is the Chinese green tea and now also added back in, 100g of chocolate, per their brown color problem. I would seem, given the extensive variety of noise that is arranged while I eat chocolate, or any brown colored food, that the perps are using this to test and remotely assay my brain energies while these substances are in my mouth. Hence, a significant number, >70% of ambulatory gangstalkers I encounter, have their mouth open, spit, yawn, sneeze, eat food or otherwise expose their mouth contents in my proximity.

The perps are now pulling a new jerkaround related to putting the kettle on to boil. I was in the kitchen and put away the lunch crockery and utensils and then was mind-controlled into leaving the kitchen and sitting down to wait for the kettle to boil. What the assholes did was plant the notion that I had filled the kettle, placed it on the large burner and turned the burner on. But I hadn't, I was mind-fucked into that perception. Then I was mind-fucked into being extremely enraged at this incursion, which has to be at least the 30th such event today. All these perception mind-fucks, and it is getting extremely tiresome to say the least. Anyhow, this was a first time total jerkaround on putting the kettle on, as before it was only reserved to putting the burner on.

Meanwhile, the very loud two cycle motorcycle engine noise, think chopped Harley Davidsons, are still ongoing even though none are to be seen. This is a constant mystery as to why this noise is so prevalent and there are relatively few such vehicles, not to mention any location where they would congregate within five miles. All part of this harassment scenario, and has been for at least three years since the perps had me live downtown where there is a greater cover story.

More skin jabbing today, usually while at the kitchen cleaning the dishes; sharp jabs in my leg, foot and nuts, and occasionally in the eye. There are no end of laterally flying water drops from the sink water when doing the dishes, hence it would seem the perps have a problem with me doing this activity. This is similar as to when taking a shower and shaving. There are no end of plasma and maser games going on at the same time, and I have largely given up on reporting this phenomenon as they are so ubiquitous.

And the same for drinking tea; there is a pair of zinger masers that "arrive" each time that I bring the mug to my lips and imbibe tea. These are the small, 1/8" fuzzy balls, a greyish blackish pair that are about 1" apart and sit about 2" away from my face. When I put the mug down the maser zingers are gone. Then it repeats each time. Not a big deal in the entire harassment scope, but it does underscore the notion supported by the previously measured densified electromagnetic field that I am being contained in. All three of my gaussmeters have "failed", and the lastmost reading in late 2002 was with a rented meter.

A long read of Dogtor J, a veterinarian who has studied the effects of the immune system problems due to gluten and casein intolerance in both animals and humans. His experiences are astounding, which includes his own personal rebound from the symptoms of sub-clinical celiac disease. The link is here. I can only assume the perps wanted to expose this to me again, as I knew much of this from my studying ADHD (aka ADD). And this topic is of considerable interest to the perps, who, thankfully, took me off milk by the time I was 15 y.o. or so. They also guided me onto using olive oil and not cooking with vegetable oils that my parents used. I had moved to Vancouver, BC from Victoria and was living in a house in the Kitsilano area, and as the neighborhood had a large Greek population it was the done thing to use olive oil. And that has been the only cooking oil I have used ever since. Since food oils are of continuing interest to the perps, at the obsession level, I can only assume they wanted to take me off the more deleterious vegetable and hydrogenated oils. And it was the time that I quit using margerine as well, one of the latter category of food oils. Currently the perps have me using cheese as a melted topping for the everyday tortillas they have me make, and they also have had me using soy milk, another thought to be food that causes problems. Maybe they want me to change the latter staple as part of this education stunt they have me on.

And more noisestalking while doing the dinner dishes. I "forgot" to mention that the perps also flip my underwear hems, while my pants are on, when undertaking this activity, and are especially fond of doing this when I am mind-fucked into yelling at them in response to their harassment pranks like flicking sink water, adding a tea leaf onto the dinner plate while cleaning it and other sick minded intrusions. Now the sirens have started up, this being the post-dinner digestion period, always a compelling event for the assholes.

Outtakes from yesterday. These are some of the photos that "somehow" didn't turn out, and were inexplicably fuzzy, especially if an operative can be visually identified.

When in doubt in Perpland, place an appliance nearby, or even in, the vehicle. This two tone brown colored pickup needed a reference color the perps figured. And lo, today, for all 15 minutes of out time, the perps put on an cardboard (brown color) appliance box next to the front door, and an appliance service van parked outside, predominantly white colored.

Both phone booths on my way back from gym were populated with operatives, jawing away. Rarely is even one busy, but both on the same leg of my return trip is amazing.

Another anomaly; this woman if front of the bus walked OUT of the post office with her brown cardboard box to then place on the hood of her red vehicle. This after having the door open for at least three minutes while I was walking toward it.

Every so often I get a "just stand there" operative/gangstalker looking totally stupid with no cover story.

Two like green colored vehicles and both minivans, neither being a coincidence. That a brown colored vehicle is framed between them likely means this was a setup for me to take a photograph.

More bad photos, this time from 10-94-2007, the previous set.

The "drycleaning stalking", except this time it is legit as there is a drycleaners close by. I figure the reason for this is to have a color reference shrouded in plastic as a reference to the plastic polluted brain cells the perps are attempting to analyse and ultimately govern. Plastic pollution appears to be a big part of what causes them problems for remote neural assay energetics.

Another bad photo, though what struck me was that it was an Indian woman, brown colored skin, followed by a Caucasian male, in "Plastic Bag Man" mode, wearing a brown colored coat.

And a three distance blue test; a mid colored blue vehicle in the middle distance, between the male on the crosswalk and the white van, the aforementioned male, and the woman who is closest to the camera on the right. The latter being on plastic bag duty as well, one of the most abiding props of the ambulatory gangstalkers.

A string of four silver-gey vehicles parked in file, with a gap provided for me to take the photograph and include the arranged string on the opposite side of the road, a red, blue and a brown colored vehicle.

Same vehicles as above photo, but adding two blue vehicles behind the lastmost silver-grey vehicle in above photo. If I recall my count correctly from a Picasa zoom-in, that is five silver-grey vehicles parked in file ahead of the closest mid-blue vehicle.

Two identically colored light brown vehicles in file, in motion. The leftmost pickup truck is carrying two ladders in its box, projecting upward from the rear base of the box and over the hood. I had never seen this style of ladder packing before, and it is now ubiquitous in this town. There must be something about the nature of the hollow rungs that confers some extra advantage for the perps. On the right, closest to the camera is a Volvo 745, one of the perp's favored vehicle makers to gangstalk me with. That I drove a silver-grey Volvo 245 for 16 years until mid-2006 is likely the reason, though I don't understand the amount of variations that I get, e.g. other colored Volvos and other models.

The backpacker loitering around the school yard, the second instance of this in the same location in a week, and at the same time, when walking back from gym. I cannot think why anyone would have such an enormous backpack in a schoolyard, let alone just "hanging around".

More music sample listening. Time to blog off and call this done.

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