Monday, October 08, 2007

My Abiding Masers and Plasma

After a stayover at my parent's place, and Thanksgiving dinner last night for which my in-town brother came for, I am always glad to be free from the nut show that goes on, observing the usual perp scripted routines that have become so predictable. Still, the big thing when watching TV is for my parents, and now my brother, to be playing with their feet, and arranging them in a mirror image symmetry, feet as close to being in my view of the TV as possible. And I got to ask my brother about these bizarre routines and relate how they are identical to those of the ambulatory gangstalking community on the street, and he blew me off again, putting on his trademark smirk. It is so fucking tiresome to be constantly fucked with by those who keep playing games and won't even answer a basic question without being evasive. Getting supreme typo sabotage.... time to stop journalling for now.

A succession of noises, now with at least four loud mufflered vehicles in the last five minutes, as if a biker bar was nearby. All projected noise, and nearly always suddenly getting louder as I am about to plug my ears to the long trail off decay. That takes coordination, timing :my" (read, governed) reaction. And this "happens" most often when I am reading web pages full of text, in varying font. color and lineweight sizes. The perps have a total obsession in how I percieve text, words, paragraphs etc. They even have one SUV vehicle driving around with a four foot high letter "A" on it. And I get to see it at least once every two weeks or so, and it even parked outside my last place for over two hours. I do not know why the perps are so rabid about text perception, and this is just to document it only. Other games they have going on TV is placing text over someone's face, showing fragments of text, text morphing into other shapes etc.

I suspect facial recognition is also a big obsession for the perps. Today they augmented my mother's face by placing a sheet of maser energy on the side of her face so they could then have a defineable separation of her face and neck. And she seemed to know that was the case at the time, holding her head still while she was talking. All the hand and arm waving that goes on around me, temporary visual facial obstruction, must surely feed into this objective, whatever it is.

This current noiseflurry has started up while I was reading about aliens, and continues as I blog these very words. Overhead pounding, clunking, hallway thuddings, outside brake squealings etc. Time to give this one a rest, and go get something to eat.

More pictures from last week

This stopping at the traffic control in the crosswalk is getting plenty of action; this is the first of two that were allowed to be photographed today. The hokey ladder on top is for whatever reason that the perps have at least 5% of the vehicles packing ladders for some strange reason. Another "ladder moment" occured later on this walk with two operatives carrying one accross the street just outside the yoga classroom building, and is shown in a recent past blog.

This picture of this strangely dressed man for the shopping neighborhood is for the out-of-focus grey trailer on the left. This must be a set-up as I did not notice that this very same trailer "happens" to show up in the next picture. This would of been ~1420h when I was walking to the gym.

Then at 1535h, after my gym workout, at the same intersection immediately above, the grey trailer "shows up" in the center of three burgundy colored vehicles arranged in the intersection, and still hauling some kind of blue plastic in it. The vehicular gangstalking is particularly beserk immediately following my gym workouts, just as that of immediately following yoga when they often put on military dressed gangstalkers, and now negros as soon as I get out the door.

Then the confabs in the street act; three operatives standing immediately outside the exit door of the drugstore, one with the red hair, one of the unfavored demographics the perps like me to exposed to. Later on this trip, the perps arranged five dudes hanging outside a parked vehicle at the curb, door open. Also of note is the MIB dude, walking ahead of me with his black watch cap and who was putting on the waddling-while-walking act. I eventually caught up to him as passed by with the usual fast gait that I am allowed to have. Then, only 150' further on this sidewalk, when a bus was pulling into a bus stop on the opposite side of the road, this MIB operative comes running up behind me on the sidewalk, cuts in front of me and runs across a four lane thoroughfare that "happened" to be free of traffic, waves for the bus driver's attention to hold the bus, and then boards it. I have never seen something so bizarre in all my life, walking to get to a bus stop on the wrong side of the road. Or else this sudden change of plan, which makes even less sense.

And this is very common now; stopping for a red light in the middle of the crosswalk. It used to be that pulling past the stop line was the perp standard routine, all to have a wide white line under the vehicle. Now, pulling across the crosswalk is "happening" at least once every gym outing. And, no coincidence either, most of the crosswalk stopping pictures have been altered in my camera, and this is the second such picture allowed. (Above, being the first, same vehicle, note).

And to finish the above off, I very loud motorcycle noise came on as I was re-reading what I typed, and now some chair bashing, where some kind of nudge is applied to the chair, and it would now seem, the perps can control if I notice this latest incursion method.


After some extremely aggravating harassment while making and eating dinner, e.g. olive oil flicking, leg jabbing, pant leg vibrating, applied pressure to my kidneys, crotch jamming (as if my pants had bunched up there for unknown reasons), and railing at the assholes per mind-fuck "reaction", I now get forced to take a pee when I didn't need to. Only in the bathroom do I find out that the perps also caused this new coldsore at the leftside mouth corner to bleed while all that was going on. Just another stunt for them, extreme aggravation for me. Now they have started up the forehead numbing.

Something I found at this link is excerpted below;
The experiment has been confirmed in US Patent 6 587 729, “Apparatus for Audibly Communicating Speech Using the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect” [6]. This patent is for an improved version of the apparatus used in the 1973 laboratory experiment, issued on July 1, 2003 and assigned to the Secretary of the Air Force. It provides scientific evidence that it is possible to hear threatening voices in one’s head without suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.
I haven't yet verified the information above, but this is not totally new.

I tried to verify the above patent, but came up with something way weird. Needs research to ascertain accuracy. This looks like the real thing, and it is funny my doctor never gets into just what his diagnosis is.

I got fucked out of posting this last night.

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