Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clunking and Tapping

I am getting the afternoon sleepies, and now the sirens as I type this. I had a reasonable sleep last night, not full restitution for the previous night of sleeplessness. I had the now usual hour of head flipping and outside noise to contend with before sleep was permitted. The noise games were cranked up; buses (seemingly) passing outside at 0100h, countless 2 cycle motorcycle noises as if this was the biker district, and all with the window closed, essentially louder than before. Then later in my sleep, more imposed dreams with the color red, and some kind of ugly renovation challenges thrown in the mix. All complete before my morning awakening, sometime around 0800h. The timing of my getting up was also adroitly planned to ensure that the sunshine coming through the window was splashing upon the zone between the fridge shelves and the opened fridge door, that intervening space where the food I selected passed through, much like last week's games with chocolate at the breakfast table.

I went grocery shopping earlier, and I got the "royal treatment" that only happens in the perverse perp world. A shopping buggy toting "resident" was holding the apartment door open for me to exit no less. Somehow an evasive heading to my mail box didn't occur, read mind-control. I have many pictures of the perp's shopping basket games on this website, but I wasn't prepared for the blatant "at your door" service that I experienced today. And as it "so happens", it was of identical color and design to that of the shopping basket outside the freezer door where I get my gluten free bread. And no less, it was an oversized model, and the remaining >50 others were all smaller, but of the same mid grey color. And to no surprise, an extra loaf of plastic wrapped frozen bread "leaped off" the shelf and fell to the base of the opened door when I retrieved my single loaf.

The gangstalking street action was on the light side for some unknown reason, but a full ambulatory and multicultural gangstalking experience was lined up, literally, for me when in the store. The guacamole was mysteriously absent from the usual cooler case again, and the next choice was tapenade, a particular mix that has some red tomatoes in it, confering an orange tone to the tapenade. And lo, if the closest ambulatory gangstalker 5' away wasn't wearing an identical colored orange chenille fabric sweater. And as it "so happened", she came to the next checkout when I was there later, and became a member of the multicultural human sandwich act that followed.

At the checkout, the perps put two negroes on 12' away, then the above orange sweatered gangstalker (Caucasian woman) was at the next checkout to mine. Then an Asian woman was stuffed right behind her. This was aligned as a "stack", a three deep multirace sandwich in front of me at the checkout, with all parties dithering around to extend this freaking idiot show for longer than would be normal for anyone in that situation.

I got at least four males on me at the dairy case for "my" (read, perp scripted) switch to goat's milk after being plied with many articles on how bad soy extract based foods are. There was the proverbial operative with the brown clipboard taking "notes", for his pretend stocking games, and three others in motion doing the dawdle. Before that, I got the blonde male weird MIB walking in my track in reverse; headed away from me when I got the cheese and the tapenade, and then reversing direction, and not even pretending to shop, and walking from where I was headed (brown tortillas), to where I was. All in this flat black color clothing, the new MIB look. There were a number of other criss-crossing operatives, and then I got to the checkout.

And the checkout had been specially arranged in one of the most bizarre setups I have seen to date. They arranged a sliding door cool case for pop to be parked behind the checkout belt so it was only partially viewable, and at least half of it was obstructed. Access to most of the cooler case was possible because it was a sliding door. And that allowed the operative in front of me to open the case, grab a drink in a brown colored can of some kind, and do the peruse act, pretending to be interested in its contents list, and after a minute or so, she put the can back.

I got an attractive punkish black haired girl as my cashier, but not before she was visited by a blonde cashier from another checkout for some kind of arranged confab, what I term "conveyance of the auric glow of blonde women".

Other perp created store action was this seeming renovation in the center of the store, and today, just for me, there were at least six coils of wire, some in a blue jacket, some in white, hanging from the ceiling at some 1' to 3' off the floor. Perfect for the energy assay activities the perps are up to, as I have come to learn. And now that the renovation has gone on for two weeks, I don't expect any great progress, as it was entirely needless in the first place.

I got out of the grocery store quick enough, and even had a few red plasma and maser on-street action on the way back. Then I read the newspaper back at my apartment. The newspaper reading has become a once per week mega event with not only all the colors on advertisements and the oversized images the perps like to put on, but also constant noisestalking while reading it. And per usual, there was the page folding games, where a raised fold hump would cast undue extra shadow on the page, and when I read the portion nearest the fold, the noisestalking would start up, and all the more when I straightened it out. This has gone on for years, but there is more of it of late.

A tea break with chocolate, and lo, if the offensive motorcycle noise wasn't scripted while a piece had been placed in my mouth. This is third time today, this same noise was scripted for the same event circumstance, eating or handling brown colored food. [Later; post-dinner- four concurences].

And a technology news item; "Electromagnetic Wormhole Possible with Invisibility Technology". In theory, I have no idea as to what a wormhole would look like, but I have seen suspended undulating globular objects that one cannot see through as part of the plasma and maser show, though slightly different in that no light came forth; it was black as can be. I find it interesting that these scientific advances, sometimes theoretical, are old hat to the perps and their manipulations. This is a news item included for documentation purposes only, as I cannot begin to fathom exactly what the perps are controlling at a fundamental level, beyond extra-conventional gravitic and object manipulations, and all electromagnetic fields, which also includes the human brain, mine in particular.

An overhead clunk with a simultaneous zapping.

Here are some more pictures from Thursday, 10-11-2007, when walking to and fro for yoga and gym class.

This same pickup again as on Tuesday, 10-09-2007, and the appliances still in the truck's box. Both appear to be laundry appliances, and regular readers will know how intensely obsessed the perps are about laundry. They even had my out-of-town brother purchase a commercial laundry business which I visited last month.

A brown and red vehicle, and brown and red, albeit a different red, dressed gangstalkers at this intersection where the perps are flooding me with bright clothing colors for the past two weeks. They once put on a supposedly sleeping geriatric at his walker on the sidewalk at this intersection once. Hilarious.

Same intersection, a different direction; a pair of side-by-side white vehicles stopped, two mobile silver-grey SUV's in file, two red vehicles ahead of the SUV's, and then a lead silver-grey vehicle ahead of it. Someone tell me this is random to my face.

The color red was a big one for male ambulatory gangstalkers that day, > 4. Here is the most absurd specimen, the businessmen act at 1530h when there are so few offices around this neighborhood, but at least he got some gangstalk time in next to the orange dayglo traffic re-direction signs. And placing orange dressed gangstalkers to red dressed ones has been evident of late. There is something the perps like about a good color clash, especially these two. Within about 10 seconds, he burst into a run to cross the street opposite to my direction, another gangstalking move, the sudden running "urgency".

The pre-dinnertime stunt silliness; a coughing and hacking from the hallway outside my door, and seemingly, all the better if it is unexpected, as I hadn't heard anyone walking or approaching. More motorcycle noise, as in like chopped Harley Davidson's, still pushing the limits of plausibility that such vehicles are in this neighborhood so often. Time for dinner to end this nonsense for now.

My headphones or my PC internet audio feed has been messed with, rendering any audio or video listening as hopeless, no matter the player software or source. After fucking three pairs of headphones and two CD players over four years, the perps finally relent and let me listen to music samples and some Youtube stuff. Now this jerkaround; I am totally pissed off to say the least.

The perps floated the notion that I could test the headphones with an audio CD. Good idea of theirs, and lo, no problem with the audio now.

More pictures from yesterday and today.

Three silver grey vehicles parked in file and with large intervening distances (~50'), something like yesterday's blog pictures on a different street.

Four silver grey vehicles parked in a cluster, one with both doors open doing the extended egress stunt. One blue one in the center of this all, and more blue action around the corner too. Note the building is also painted silver-grey, something the perps did about 05-2007 if memory serves me, but its first appearance is blogged.

On the other side of the parking lot (above), aligned along the sidewalk straight in, are two more silver-grey vehicles and two blue vehicles, one each side, making a silver-grey "sandwich".

Another look at the above vehicles from the (above) rightmost perspective, looking back. This was taken after I got out of LD and is not in precise chronological order. What struck me was that the vehicle windsheild rake angles are so similar and aligned. The blue mini-van on the immediate left above, is the same vehicle as that on the immediate right, below.

And lo, around the corner is a blue marquee of the LD store, and there is a blue dressed gangstalker on walker duty, aka "sentry duty". She is also on "Plastic Bag People" duty, hanging a plastic bag that is the ubiquitous preserve of any gangstalker near a grocery store.

All my gangstalking pals are arranged as I approach the LD entrance, there being one open door above the blue fleece jacketed operative doing the lean-over move at the flowers. The operative with the black hoodie (why?, warm day) looking into his plastic bag, kept this act up until I got close to the entrance and then pretended to almost blunder into my way, pulling a 180 degree turn and following me on my heels back into the store.

Another gangstalker on sentry duty, the gazing stalker on a walker. She was there when I was heading for the LD store, and this picture is upon exit. She is also in the photo above, (fourth above, with a woman in white crossing her path). This preponderance of loiterers never happened before the overt harassment, so why now? Beyond the woman there are three blue vehicles, three silver-grey vehicles and one red vehicle when I have zoomed in on this photo. More arrangements for me to pass by, not that I noticed until later.

Not the sharpest photo but one worth looking at zoomed in for the anaomalous arrangements of vehicle colors. One the left side of the street, parked in file are: two dark blue vehicles, three mid-grey vehicles and one silver-grey vehicle at the end of the string. Parked on the right side of the street, from right to left are: a same blue vehicle and a same mid-grey vehicle. A mobile mid-grey pickup truck is passing between these arranged files of parked vehicle, with a black or dark blue vehicle in front of it.

That should be enough photographic oddities for tonight, and time to blog off while listening to Eva Cassidy, Time After Time; one of my faves, and the perps know it more than I do.

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