Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Siren Day

Or at least a siren day so far; a cascade of sirens before I pulled the laundry from the dryer, then again when I was sorting and folding the laundry on the bed, and then a round of sirens while eating my lunch after that. In the latter case the perps even put on a 1960's style of siren, just for me I assume, as that was the era of boyhood and my emulation of that sound when playing with Corgi toys and the like.

And it was another sleepless imposition, always on Mondays, or nearly so. And again, I wasn't permitted to recall that very very fact until I was at least halfway through the head flipping games, left side, then right every minute or two. I was also being fed streams of garbage thoughts, none particular insightful or topical, and only allowed to stay on one thought for a maximum of 20 seconds or so, then it was switched on me. All the while there were noises scripted; overhead pounding and rumbling, sirens, faked neighbor water usage, etc. from 2230h to at least 0100h. I was also awakened later for virtually no discernable reason for a short time; something the perps have started up in the past week.

And the real excitement for the perps might have been breakfast time when there was a new loaf of bread started, a new package of coffee, and a new jar of peanut butter begun. The latter activity brings no end of perp noise games, harassment and rage-fication as it is a substance that gives the perps no end of trouble for whatever reason. There are a few properties of peanut butter that seem to incur the perps increased harassment; being of brown color, one of their problem colors, and also containing oil, something else the perps are relentlessly attempting to understand in energetic terms. All a big deal for them, and pissing me off was part of the elevated harassment games that they like to pull for "special moments", as the peanut butter takes about 6 weeks to use up.

And plenty of plasma and maser games, especially while shaving today, also with a new can of shaving cream and a new Gillette blade. The shaving cream was a new can that "showed up" in my stored belongings that were unpacked in 05-2007. I reckon the perps put it in the box by way of their magical methods, as I would not of packed it assuming I was not mind-controlled to do so. The perps also have me keep a can of the same shaving cream at my parent's place to save transporting it, but more likely to serve as some kind of variability reduction. It was the can that I took travelling three weeks ago, as they had me "forget" to pack the shaving cream that was in my apartment. Not my problem, so why am I being fucked over for this?

The weather has been threatening to rain all day so far, and I am due to head out for a 30 minute walk to the gym as part of the regular strength training class. I suspect there will be some rain games when I set off; typically it is a slow onset of intermittent showers that they script for me.

The fake-out phone calls are also increasing of late; the presumed telemarketers who take some seconds to respond, by which time I have put the phone down and their automated calling system does not try again. The perps used to force me to hear out their sales pitch, then later allowed me to verbally terminate the call, and now the harassment regimen is that I am allowed to see who the caller is on call display, and if a 1-800 number, put the reciever down quick enough to not incur a two-way connection. And that is but one example of how methodical the perps are about details, as this permitted progression of dealing with their harassment calls has taken over five years.

Even my handwriting gets sabotaged, and when repairing a portion of a letter, they noisestalk me on this very small and short term activity. And I am sure that the perps have been at this since I learned how to write, as I have long been stiffed with making no end of handwriting errors that needed to be scrubbed out and rewritten.

The siren cascade is in progress as I write this. There was an earlier siren show when I was walking back from the gym.

I was wearing all black colored clothing at the gym, and it seems that the perps don't need to put their operatives in as close when I am in this color scheme. As usual, there was the open mouthers, the tongue hangers and others playing with their mouth or mouth contents in my proximity. And there was the usual contingent of those in the gym doing absolutely nothing but sitting on the equipement staring into space. The "do-squat" rate was 60% when I checked it, (gym members doing nothing), lower than the 80% of past visitations.

And theb perps put on two new faces in the class; one dude doing the greyscale clothing routine, (wearing grey color variants) and a young blonde woman in a green shirt who looked atrocious as she didn't appear to have a chin, just an open mouth. This makes her a combination of the favored demographic, blonde women, and the unfavored, the chinless. (These are demographic groups the perps appear to draw from for their gangstalkers). And she made sure to step in my way a few times, so she is in on the game. Others in the class also did the obstruction games; pretending to move in a certain direction and effectively blocking it as well as where they are standing. This happened three times in succession over the mat returning, getting my recording book, and then finding somewhere to stand and record the floor exercises. I cannot turn around at times as there is an operative ready to step into my tracks.

On the way back I did the Chicken Run; the perp's big grocery store event in gangstalking me up the asshole while shopping and buying a cooked chicken to eat over the next three weeks. Strangely, or because I was wearing all black under my olive crab jacket, they didn't lay on the usual swarm on me. And they even let me out of the store with an availible checkout, no obstructing gangstalkers save the granny ahead of me who took her time to assemble her grocery bags and move on.

The perp's color theme for gangstalking seemed to be blue today, though there were plenty of the red, white, silver grey, grey and black vehicles coursing around me, at least 600 to1,000 over both directions (60 minutes of walking), plus all the parked vehicles which is that much again. As it "so happens", my olive drab coat that I wore today is stored on the coat rack between two blue garments, one of which I have worn to the gym in the past. And I even got a partial blue haired freak; dyed into the jet black hair of a woman with her native Indian gangstalker buddy all dressed in white. Just another pair in this nonstop freakshow that has been arranged around me.

I got double blonded lead-ahead gangstalkers when walking to the gym; one who was 80' ahead, and another 30' ahead, with a grey dog that was running hither and yon, even when on a leash. There is a picture below.

I have been getting continued plasma projections off the LCD panel as I catch up on movie reviews. The plasma projections are synchronized with my blinking, or any other eye perturbations the perps dream up, but as this never happened before, what else could it be? Someone must have a script for me as to when to blink, and have a plasma projection to temporarily interfere with my vision, with these events programmed together as if cause and effect. It isn't even close, and these intrusions just "happen" to occur when I am reading proper nouns, bookmarking a page, selecting text in a copy and paste move and the rest of perp deemed plasma worthy events. Meanwhile, the noisescape continues, and even the church bells have joined the fray.

Some pictures from today; these are the better photos as so many of them "somehow" got changed or sabotaged on me. I took a photo of an operative doing the "drycleaning strut"; walking a garment (black today) with the typical lightweight transparent plastic covering, and lo, if the picture came out with the person missing from the photo, and just the background instead. As mentioned in past blogs, there is no drycleaning business nearby, so the cover story was patently absurd.

The parked red vehicle "sentry"; a one way street with a red vehicle on either side, and various colored vehicle passed between them while I walk by. On the left building, top floor, left most balcony, there is a round exercise ball propped up on the deck. And it "so happens" that at the gym I am headed to, there are exercise balls of the same kind we work with.

More reds and same vehicle types and shape arranged at an intersection, "backed up" by two white vehicles behind them.

The "copy turning" trick; having two vehicles in close proximity making the same turn move, in parallel. In this case a blue vehicle (taxi), and the red vehicle. Then more organized vehicular confusion ahead of them. The power pole has been spray painted, aka "vandalized", as part of the harassment and color games.

Two blondes on lead-ahead gangstalking duty, the blondest one being further ahead, as referenced above. In another arranged coincidence, a similar semi-blonde woman as the closest woman was leading our gym class today in floor exercises.

A "blue day", in terms of color preference for the harassment games today. Here is a blue painted steel fence the perps put up since I was here last. As part of this, a blue vehicle is added into the color mix. And as always, a collection of weirds at this bus stop which doesn't add up, especially at 1430h bound for downtown, as this area is only partially residential.

A pair of reds in the parking lot next to the sidewalk on my way to the gym.

Then only 20' further, another pair of reds arranged for me to walk past, and additional white vehicles behind them, as "backup", or more accurately, a reference color.

This is a regular event, putting on the skateboarding gangstalker. The perps like the skateboards for the multiple faceted non-grip surface. I count four of seven vehicles in the photo being a white color.

Another arrangement of parking; two white vehicles between two silver-grey vehicles.

A reverse arrangement much further along; two silver-grey colored vehicles between two white vehicles, a truck and a van, and near equi-spaced in file.

Time to call this blog done for today. I have just suffered another perp incursion; my order for a new keyboard got messed up, something they like to do, deconstruct every activity down to infintesimal details. So, stalling me out when making an order online, and screwing with what I intended to do, fit their plan perfectly. (For the record, the characters on my keys have experienced "accelerated wear" down in the last month, and the perps have leveraged this to be the cover story for their increased typo sabotage).

Blogging off, and hoping the typo sabotage isn't too bad.

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