Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Runners

I am due to head out and attempt to procure new runners, as my current pair did not wear through, it "developed" an never-before accelerated wear pattern, a scalloped (concave) heel. That is correct, and if I don't get my recall messed with, I will post a picture of this soon.

Currently, a noise flurry has started up, overhead pounding, faked water usage by "neighbors", vehicle horns, the electronic chirp noise of no known cause, and a few others. Also "happening" at the same time is a spasming right lower eyelid, a new "ailment" of the past week the perp have put on, also in concert with vision perturbations. As this is about an hour after lunch, this is likely the post digestion interest/harassment session they script for me.

Earlier, it was another event if significant perps interest, laundry. Nothing too dramatic in the way of harassment or mind-fuck games happened, just pulling a few things from my hands to piss me off and serve as a reason to vocalize, usually the outcome that they are looking for. I had two bursts of hallway voices as well, one with making the bed with the freshly laundered sheets, and another that followed when making lunch, the action of cutting up the cooked chicken meat. In the latter case, the perps are also wild over noisestalking and adding other phenomenon into the mix while I perform this task. This is at least a five year "interest", and I have no idea why; perhaps it is all about the "soul" of the chicken or something equally infantile that keeps the perps busy.

A new trick on top of brown crumb inundation; changing the color of the crumb! That is correct; for the first time, these static props that come from nowhere, and often in a brown color should any of the same colored food serve as a "source" (usually, though crumbs from no ostensible source can happen), can now change color when I am not looking. (When else would something "new" arrive?)
I suppose this is the near equivalent of having gangstalkers chase me from outside to inside a building with artificial lighting, as this is also happening more often, e.g. yesterday. Totally bizarre to say the least, and I am sure it won't be the last time.

The new runners are on my feet being broken in for satisfaction purposes as they can be taken back within 48 hours if not damaged with wear. The roadworks is taking place outside the store; two yellow excavators, two dump trucks with the same color as that of the green PVC 18" pipe that is placed alongside the 4' trench that is dug in midstreet. No wonder the sales dude took so long to retrieve the runners from the stockroom. And three green dressed gangstalkers were loitering around me, the location where I had stood looking at the runners on the shelf. The greens were ordered in a progression from light lime green up to a mid green wool sweater.Then a lardass of a suit came in, not your typical running store customer, just to add to the demographic flavor. And finally, a woman in yellow came by as I was finishing up in the shoes area to then position herself near the cash desk only 20 seconds before I got there. Amazing how they know where I will be ahead of me. And she appeared to leave the store, and then "showed up" in a change room, again facing the cash desk. Very strange, but as the perps are constantly on my ass to walk in the same track as I am, and walking through and onto locations where I was standing, it is no surprise that more teleportation acts are happening, as these operatives would have a different bioenergy signature coming from somewhere else, rather than us mortals who don't have access to that travel arrangement. (All of the above referenced clothing color has nothing to do with Halloween (today), and it was only when I was finishing up the transaction did a "staff member" arise wearing a black cowboy hat in some kind of Halloween motif).

The gangstalking on my way via a post box was extreme, with another mid-crosswalk placed white colored vehicle, a near identical stunt to the one that I have a photo posted three weeks ago. And at the same crosswalk as well for crissakes. And I had no camera with me today. And a male gangstalker brushed by me just after passing by the rear of the crosswalk embedded vehicle, attempting to get a better bioenergy interaction I assume, the central role of the gangstalkers and operatives.

As the new runners fitted well, and were the least expensive, I can assume that these are the very ones that the perps picked out (scripted) for me. They have a fine checkerboard pattern to the grey colored fabric, similar to my fitted sheet. The runners also have some mid-blue trim, and some same colored inserts on the sole, another likely "helper" in the ongoing color games they constantly ply me with everywhere I go.

It is also curious that the timing of the cessation of the tree stump hole digging at my parent's also coincides with the acquisition of the new runners, though I am sure there are many other perp perspective based dependencies should I be permitted to ponder the topic at length, usually not the case I have come to know. Just the permitted thoughts, that is all.

Overhead thumping and pounding is going on as I bookmark some possible movies that I might one day get to see. Any lateral associations also get a thundering reception from the same location. The perps have also pulled my left index finger from its fingernail, creating extra sensitivity as I type, and not even a cover story to account for it.

Another new perp trait is copycatting; having someone in close proximity do the same thing as I am doing. This has always been true for vehicular gangstalking, but of late this has been extended to the gym. Invariably, there is someone lifting small free weights just as I am doing, and timing their up and down strokes to mine. My supposedly demented father is also doing this; he puts his teacup down at the same time as I do, and is also true for lifting it up, and he even held off his entry into the vehicle where he duplicated my very action, timed to the subsecond level of mirroring mine. Quite the feat for dementia patient, but this is not the only "blown cover" act he has pulled. He regularly lays on the dementia cluelessness extra thick, and does a little show befuddlement everytime. Way too consistent, and way too obvious, making this an exercise a "gimme", something the perps want me to notice.

A few firework and firecracker noises are part of the current noisescape, but overhead and hallway ructions are the main noise source at present. A hallway dormitory-like yelling has continued on and off so far this evening, and the overhead tapping noise has also started up. A boomy stereo has been added to the noise mix, and no explanation as to where the noise if from, but that doen't bother the perps any, just make the noise and dispense with the cover story. All this while I am reading about the Chernobyl disaster of 1986 and attempting to tie this into my history of harassment which has had a few associations with non-ionizing radiation. (Wilheim Reich found that ionizing radiation sucked out all the good "orgone" energy). But no, there is no significant timing association of the ongoing harassment games to the Chernobyl disaster. It was about the time the perps began hammering me with panic attack symptoms, but again, wholly coincidental as far as I know. Little did I know the panic attacks were the perps hammering me with strange energies and sensations, and bringing on near death like notions, as the symptomology can be very much like a cardiac arrest. It was an extremely stressfull time, also engendered by moving to Nelson BC for three years, possibly in the shadow of Hanford, WA, the home of the military based radiation lab.

Some faux male jucularity has erupted in the hallway outside my door. Sound familiar, like the last place I stayed at? Funny how these noise sources find me wherever I go.

More music listening on YouTube; and more odd glitches that seem to be constructed around creating a slow and measured introduction to an artist; e.g. a partial view, a frozen video, still images all the way up to a full video with the artist plainly visible without any voice to video synchronization problems. It takes the perps at least five of these "glitch iterations" before they will let me watch a video that anyone else can see with no sabotage.

Time to call this day done.

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