Saturday, September 29, 2007

Winter is Nigh

I am warming up having had tea and chocolate, both substances of intense perp interest. They even broke off half of my parent's teapot lid, and are still dicking around as to what energetics changes drinking tea engenders. Not my problem, so why am I being harassed over it?

Only the noisestalking is an answer to that perennial question; overhead pounding, fake neighbor water usage, sirens, hallway door thudding etc. Not to mention momentary vision impairments that are increasing in frequency, and then my head movements that "counteract" them, which translates to another perp need to keep me moving about as scripted. Now the jaw popping and creaking noises start up, even if there is no sensation to go with it or any jaw movement impairment thankfully.

I have often pondered about the events of many of my work colleagues who were surely in on this harassment in the covert days. One has MS and now communicates by puffing or sucking on a straw that is monitored with a sensor, and another's wife had jaw surgery that caused her significant pain, multiple surgeries, intense discomfort and social stigma, and maybe a lawsuit too. From this, and many other storied events in the lives that I have come to know among all these cooperating quislings that were paid off in some way, I wonder if there isn't another higher level of the perp operations; a meta layer who may fuck with the very individuals who thought they were "just" helping and getting compensation for their assigned roles. It won't be something that I will ever expect to figure out, but it is not difficult to see a pattern among this group and note how it fits the perp's agenda, as I have come to know in all its facets.

But winter in coming on; it is cool today, and with the window open, the perps took to chilling down my fingers and making them a purplish color. They constantly manipulate my skin color in many locations, some of them private, and also interfere with one's perception of warmth. There is a wind warning, and a 90% chance of rain for the next five days, but nothing has come down yet.

I did the Chicken Run earlier before lunch; this is the acqusition of a hot cooked chicken from the nearby grocery store, and is a hallowed event for gangstalking and all the other feints that go on, even if the round trip is less than 10 minutes. I also was allowed to get the newspaper for a long read later, and as these were the only two items my shopping basket, I can only assume there was significant perp interest in how these two items interact energetically. newspapers appear to be a common prop among gangstalkers and shillls, as in the least it offers plenty of localized black and white referencing. As ususal, the perps won't let me turn the pages without a whole lot of hassle; they stick them together by some extra-conventional gravitic control, and I cannot get the pages to separate. As always, I never had this problem before the assholes went into overt harassment mode in 2002.

There is the ritual of getting back from the Chicken Run and once all the other groceries are put away, to then remove the chicken skin and any fat in preparation for eating slices from it for the next two weeks. And today, there was no choice; all the chicken out in the hot table at the grocery store were whole birds, none of the usual portions. This is most unusual, as typically it is the other way; all portions and few, or no whole birds. Anyhow, once the chicken has been de-fatted and skinned, I (read, mind-controlled me), eat some meat directly off the chicken without benefit of a sit-down meal or any other accompanying food. It is my take on this that the perps are still hard at work in figuring out the energetic interaction of steel utensils and implements are, and have much to study in having me eat using fingers only. It is not a big deal, and is the only time I eat standing up at the counter or without utensils.

All those years of eating pizza, and the assholes are still grinding me over their problems of remotely assaying the energetic interactions of foods, meat and metals. Surely with all the wars over hundred's of millenia, most without modern firepower, they have figured this out. But seemingly not, and instead, they wait until their chosen victims take in pollutants that are in the air and water, ones that even polar bears have in their bloodstream, to then make the job of remote (neural) energy assays all the more difficult. This then creates another round of intensified harassment, for which they have spent over five years on top of 47 years of covert harassment with cooperation of employers, schools, friends and family. That seems to be the scenario, especially going by all the pollution news stories that "pop up" on this topic in my intensely controlled and scripted universe. And it is supported by all the PVC pipe bearing trucks that "happen" to pass me by, the ambulatory "plastic bag men and women" bearing plastic shopping or garbage bags, and the "Goretex Guard", ambulatory gangstalkers wearing anoraks and like clothing which has an embedded teflon layer in it.

And I am getting extreme levels of plasma flashes on screen as I write this, so it is time to leave this entry, if not a rant, for later. And as I write this, I am getting more overhead pounding, this being the post-teatime digestion period, also of intense perp interest and machinations.

And so I have come to learn that the family dog I/we had, has come to a sad end, as it had to be euthanized owing to a severely debilitating liver conditon. He was 14 years old, and was with my ex and my daughter since 1999, though I did take him out hiking a few times in the past two years as per the script. In all things of perpland, they like to monitor me, and others, for their reactions to death, mayhem, disaster and destruction or other chaotic elements.

My dinner is done, and it was the usual low level harassment assault to keep me ranting about these incursions and the utter gutlessness of the assholes who script and otherwise perpetrate this upon me. Olive oil flicking played big tonight, same for the dishes water that would take laterals out of the sink and onto the adjacent counter and floor, the cheese was also taking laterals as it was being grated to fall directly down into the frypan, plus a few other stunts that I am not allowed to recall at this very moment. And of minor note, the perps kept me unaware of the time and I was at least an hour later in making dinner than normal. This might because of the dusk onset timing, the rain that has just arrived or whatever other variables they don't yet have control of in terms of energetic interactions. I also noted that the street parking was arranged before making dinner; alternating red, then white parked vehicles on either side of the street, but it was too dim to get a picture of. The fruit fly incursions were also started up, even with no fruit anywhere in my apartment, as were the forced farts, minor skin itching, extra loud vehicle muffler noise from outside, especially when the I was running the water into the sink when rinsing the dishes and so it goes. Just another instance of an outrageous invasion of every thought, action and deed, all at the dispensation of an agency that is collectively psychopathic and functions totally illegally every second of its existence. It boogles my mind, even after five years of intense exposure, as the magnitude of what they are attempting is beyond comprehension, (100% total mind control by remote means), and that is only the part that I can personally vouch for given my experiences to date.

The wind has started up, and that is an excuse for the perps to make howling noises around the windows, not to mention the breeze inside my apartment. The overhead poundings have also started up, and some kind of clunking has also been arranged to come from the hallway.

Always something new, especially on the noise front; the wind started up and now the perps have arranged a howl, more like a kazoo with a little vibrato in it, as their chosen noise that is supposed to be coming from the closed sliding glass door as the wind "somehow" passes through a gap. This fucks up my intended listening to music tonight, as I don't want that going on with the headphones on. And true to form, the window/wind howl starts up just when another noise is also being arranged; beepings, hallway clunking and now jabs in the ass as I sit here journalling,

And as part of tonight's games, I was treated to the above noise for an hour or so, then the perps forced me to take a crap, and then pulled a three-fer; plunging, shit flicking and then needing a shower to clean up, as they like to plaster more shit on my ass in the process. It seems, in the case of this latter harassment, that toilet paper is insufficient, the shit "somehow" stays there. And as I type this in I am getting supreme typo sabotage, so it is time to call this entry done.

Time for some relief and to place some pictures in this blog.

This is one of the brown cardboard packing operatives at work, taking a flattened box into the only high end stereo store in town. All perfectly camouflaged with the surrounding brick work. I usually get at least one box packing operative per outing. Another feint of the same kind is someone packing pizza boxes, even if there is no pizza source nearby.

The perps like boom trucks and jacks for the steel mass and whatever that conveys for them, and they also like to gain a height advantage. So, what better arrangement than to have a boom jack sitting extended for no seeming purpose, (no one in the platform) and to leave it in the same position when I returned an hour later. The dayglo traffic cones are probably legit, but they never give up an opportunity to use them.

This small 8 unit apartment building has a paved parking lot for a front yard, and is not very impressive by any other standard. It nearly always has one or more red colored vehicles in this ersatz parking lot, but this time the perps went all out and placed a charter bus across the front of this apartment block. Hilarious I thought, if it wasn't me being the subject of this blatant idiocy. Note the matching green foliage trim on the panels of the bus to that of the adjacent foliage; no coincidence that. And a little augmentive grafitti in the same color theme on the wall of the building.

Then onto my walk a little further; a gourmet to go business that I have stopped by in the past, but not anymore as I was always gangstalked up the asshole anytime I went in. But it nearly always has special vehicle colors and configurations as I go by, this one on the grey and blue color theme and all minivans save one pickup truck.

Then on my way back, this babe comes from nowhere to get in front of me, and lead-ahead gangstalk me. There was another gangstalker ahead of her, so the pair of them slowed up together, in file. That takes coordination. The turquoise bag slung over her shoulder was the near identical color of the woman's garment who was on lead-ahead gangstalking me after yoga class earlier in the day. And by dint of organized coincidence, the post-yoga gangstalker had a 3" wide vertical stripe on her black track pants. There is no way that the camera took in such a piss poor frame; the composition of the picture is getting sabotaged dynamically as the camera lens is such a wide angle. There are far too many pictures that I get where there is just sky and telephone wires where the camera was not aimed, which surely must be a perp imperative.

And the perps like to put on as many jaywalkers as they can. This is a four lane road with a center left turn lane, and miraculously the constant streams of traffic suddenly abate for this operative to get across the road reasonably safely, though they often time it tightly. Note that he has some white papers or garment; the ambulatory operatives are resorting to more props such as bringing out their disgusting kleenex and blowing their nose into it as they approach me.

Four silver grey vehicles in parked in file with a black one at the tail end (extreme right). Can we say random with a straight face anyone?

Next block, only three silver grey vehicles on the opposite side of the street, in file. But, two dark blue vehicles are arranged in file in front of the three silver grey vehicles. More arranged randomness it would seem. (And perhaps the meterhead in this picture was also arranged, see below).

And when back in my apartment, why I get tempted to take a last picture of the last block I walked with two similar red sedans parked in file at one of their very favorite locations if anyone has noticed a similarity with past photographs of this location. Note that the meterheads are still off; it has been like this for weeks, and I don't really know why this is except to offer a thought that the perps cannot tolerate their electromagnetic signature from this distance, some 200' from my balcony.

Time to call this day done, and listen to the ongoing faked howling that the perps have added into the mix, to no doubt serenade me into bed, and to sleep.

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