Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Runners for Old Stunts

Today was the first day of wearing my new runners outside, and accordingly, is a big deal for the perps. I don't really care much about the colors of clothing or footwear I have, I only note the degree of perp obsession over these seeming fundamental components of their remote assays of my bioenergetic signature that appears to be so important for this relentless quest they have involved me in, without my consent.

As the new runners are mainly a grey color with some blue colored trim, I wasn't too surprised to see the identical blue used on some vehicles that were coursing by as I walked the streets to yoga, and then later my 30 minute walk to the OB Rec. Center for gym class. The color matching was more noticeable at first, and then it was onto the silver grey, white, reds, blacks and then the later added vehicle colors of dark green, brown, yellow and orange. I didn't take any pictures today, but I had at least two instances of three red colored vehicles in file, and the same for white colors. It was the usual 600 to 1,000 mobile color coordinated gangstalking vehicles and the same again for parked vehicles on my return trip to the gym. Nothing new there, seeing a orchestrated "rush hour" at 1400h heading into downtown, as there is alwayts another one when I am making the return leg about the same size one hour later.

I had my yoga class earlier, and while I was dressed in all black today, with a teal fleece vest, I had more than my fair share of same color dressed gangstalkers. I had at least three dressed in all black when I went to yoga, and after that I did not notice as many. Per usual, I got my military dressed gangstalker on North Park St., miles away from any base or military office; a woman dressed in a black uniform with a white shirt. When I came back from yoga, and on the same street, the perps put a male military dude dressed the same, only he was packing the ubiquitous white plastic shopping bag. This residential street of no seeming consequence is a hotbed of military gangstalkers every Thursday at least 60% of the time I traverse this street to go, and return from my yoga class. What is the deal about this orchestrated military assholes on North Park St.?

And amazingly, but by scripted design, I "got to" (read, mind-controlled scripted) tell two parties about my story in brief form, both asking how I was doing. This was my accountant when on the phone to sort out that bullshit invoice I got (mentioned in a past blog) before I set off. And once I walked some 10 minutes to the yoga class, my yoga instructor asked much the same introductory question when I "happened" to be the first student to arrive. The reception was uniformly the same, faint interest, which I take to be a gimme for me to notice and blog about.

Interesting, as telling my story, or any direction I give to someone, seems to fit a pattern of repeating a specific speil. Two days ago, I was compelled to help out two gym class members in succession as to how to work a particular exercise machine as it had settings for both inner and outer thigh exercising. So it would seem that the perps are looking for some commonality between two similar events, and then attempting to sort out some kind of bioenergetic signature for all that I said and saw, or whatever else they are looking for.

Gym class was the usual gangstalking show; at least four members, of which at least two were on "do-squat" duty, all lined up behind me, from 10' away to 25' away, perfectly aligned as I could see them all in the mirror. Then the perps passed other operatives through this line at right angles, testing them out for some kind of energetics interaction with me it would seem. Later, on other exercise equipment, they do the same again, forming a line in a different cardinal direction, depending where I am in the gym. It is virtually the same drill each time I go, save the combinations and permutations of the operatives and their clothing colors.

In today's gym class, the new brown skinned male from two days ago was the only other one, the other six were the regular women, plus an extra blonde woman. The latter appeared to be on "blonde aura" duty, often taking off, and putting on her brown colored workout jacket to reveal a teal colored top. In the floor exercise room this blonde woman arranged herself to be behind a short red-haired woman from my vantange point, which is a very common spatial arrangement for the blondes. That is, the perps plant blonde women to hang around those from the unfavored demographics, often beside or behind, presumably for some kind of "auric glow"/energetic signature the perps wish to quantify and then compare to that of the other party. Not a complete or detailed explanation, but this method of planting and visually associating blonde women is highly consistent for ambulatory gangstalking setups.

And after the class was done, the above mentioned male "just happened" to have his locker next to mine, getting in ahead of me for gangstalk time it would seem. He put on the dumb shit act in class, making himself out to be one of the mental health day program's more eligible candidates, unlike some others who seem happy and well adjusted. Anyhow, maybe he too will be "blonded" soon, as I am sure the perps know exactly how I read this dude, and it isn't very positive, casting him into one of the unfavored demographics.

At yoga, before the class had begun and the door was open, the perps pulled a similar blonde association stunt; they had a blonde woman standing in the hallway viewable from the classroom who was talking to one of the kitchen staff, dressed in white, who work in an adjacent facility. The woman staff member's whites are typical for the food preparation trade, and lo, if she didn't need to later pass through the class room to obtain a brown colored chair that she carried through the room past me, within 3'. Another of her staff followed, packing a stack of blue chairs through the room. The perps know more about me than I do, and they either sponsored, or at least surveil me for my response to people dressed in white, especially an all white uniform. I am not consciously aware of this adverse reaction to white uniforms, but I assume it relates to some kind of medical testing when I was very young, before my recall was developed. The only reason I am aware of this white uniform response was when the perps dressed up a woman to exit from a building ahead of me on the sidewalk; she was dressed as a nurse in the typical uniform of the 1950's, replete with the funny little hat they wore at the time.

I had four gangstalkers on me when I arrived at my apartment building from yoga, three of them clustered around an open guitar case in the lobby. Guitar stalking, I have called this, and I have no idea why the perps create this scenario, except if they pluck the strings to create vibrational energies for creating more energetic interference. In this stunt they were admiring the guitar, but it is a mystery as to why this is relevant as I have never played any instrument.

In another prominent incident, an ambulatory gangstalking hand holding couple, one in a brown down jacket (total overkill for the warm weather), split 6' apart at the curb opposite me and I passed them by walking between, as it was plain there wasn't any sensible alternative.

11-02-2007, 1225h
I got screwed out of posting this last night, and again earlier this morning, so without any further editing and review, here it is. Just another example of what goes on; one's recall is totally manipulatable by remote means, as these never-before events cummulate, all since 05-2002 when the overt harassment began.

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