Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sewage on a Plane

Onto a gritty item off the bat. Another one from the brown camp; raw sewage backups on an commercial aircraft. I have mentioned in past blogs that the perps are obsessed with all things of brown color, and have a particular fondness in sabotaging me when taking a crap, forcing extended plungings for over a half hour, showers to clean up and many more shit stunts which I will refrain from divulging. And, they like to exact the same kind of games at elevation, as well as a depth (e.g. deep subsurface mines). So here is a news item which suggests their dark hand is at work in exercising their brown games in the first mentioned category, on a commercial aircraft flight, likely at over 30,000' elevation and then into a airport to get the problem fixed. Then it backed up again on the next day leg, after the problem was thought to be repaired.

It is just my speculation of course, but it does fit the pattern of the perps attempting to correlate events at the earth's surface to other elevations and that might be why they also pull abductees into their flying saucers and stick a probe up their ass. The "touch" of having the problem being thought to be fixed and yet it backed up again is straight out of the perp playbook of having a repeat run in creating the problem. (Ditto for the Paris Hilton jailtime when she was released for a day and then sent back). And I have no idea how sewage is handled in deep mines, and I don't want to know, but I expect that the perps will inform me in some way when a future deep mine sewage pond bursts and fills a mine shaft with miners who will be compelled to swim in it.

In the past year there was a confectionary plant worker who fell into a vat of chocolate, and who knows what else the ever imaginative perps have being up to in the form of testing. They haven't run a sewage services tanker by me for over 7 months, and I assume that represents progress on their part. Onto coring cattle anuses and the like I assume.

I called it in yesterday's blog, that I would be kept awake for a minimum of an hour before being allowed to get to sleep, as it happens nearly all Mondays following a stayover at my parent's place on Sunday, and arriving back the next day. I was correct, it was a two hour sleepless event, and any thoughts that were not planted were immediately noisestalked with overhead pounding, "neighbor" water use noise, street hollaring, traffic noise and the rest of the phenomenon that suddenly erupt with unerring exactitude. And also, not just noise, but remotely invoked farts that had the same impeccable timing and coincidence as the noisestalking. Put that one in your clinical context and tell me a story for all you assholes that beat on this particular dead end.

I got my PC sound fixed, the drivers were not loaded by the folks when they repaired the two disc drive failure. After the PC Technician doing his "review", opening up the PC and looking around, it so happened that I had the Foxconn DVD with the drivers on it, and he loaded them up, and now I have glorious sound, including the cheeps and beeps that I don't wan't to know about it. If I am real lucky, they might even let me listen to music at length, though the last time they cut me off after a few days of Happy Rhodes. But the price was right, only $20 for a half hour of his time, and I got to talk to a "real person" for a short while. We got onto topics about music, trading favorite singers and performers, and then about computers, which takes me way back to 1974 when I first started using the IBM mainframe via keypunched cards. The perps made sure I was fogged and clogged in articulating what I wanted to say, and also fucked me out of being more explanatory than I was. It was difficult for me to find the words that I wanted to use, and the assholes made sure that I knew that.

I did yoga and strength training today, and the weird woman who comes in halfway through and stands there also came again. I swear she is a morph-over of my mother on gangstalking duty. At least she didn't stand over me this time. It was the usual setup, somehow I got there a minute late and they were all there, and a navy blue mat was set in place for me to use. Everyone was using mats in variants of blue, one person using a stack of three. And three of the six were dressed in clothes of hideous red, burgundy and orange combinations, all to incite my deep neural centers and all the past (I assume) traumatization associated with those colors. All I know is that the perps are planting these colors in the form of clothing, vehicle colors, building paint, sidewalk markings, street banners, bus stops and more, everywhere I go.

They put on nine red parked parked vehicles in a cluster at the recreation center when I was walking there, and at least four more arrived, two identical colored larger vehicles in file, when I was looking out the window on an exercise machine. I got some more pictures today, and I will have to see how they turned out, as there were more red dressed ambulatory gangstalker and red vehicle gangstalking combinations today. I also got at least six of the "just sitting", a gangstalker in the vehicle act, who just happens to be on my route.

Another member of the strength training class "somehow" caught up to me after 15 minutes of walking home, and then he disappeared. I assume he teleported, arriving on the opposite side of the street and walking in parallel, as there was no way he could of caught up to me, and I have never seen him in that neighborhood before. He might be a morphed-over brother gangstalker, though he doesn't look very similar, unlike the last one who was a dead ringer, a doppelganger.

And there might of been a slip of the tongue from the yoga instructor when she mentioned the begining of the class was in the morning, and then corrected herself that it was "when we started". As it so happens, the yoga class didn't start until 1300h, so morning wasn't part of the picture unless one was at the rehearsals for the class, IMHO. And there were some confusing instructions at times, and yet they all knew what to do, the population of students being "mentally handicapped", which they like to let me know about. There have been a few slip ups like this, and it is all becoming clear, these classes are all rehearsed, and very likely with a stand-in for me as part of the arrangements.

I went into downtown in the morning to deposit a check at the ATM, and what a zoo it was for the throngs that have been planted there. I even had a posse of three males all wearing navy blue, and walking ahead of me by 10' to 25', one on a cell phone, per usual now. And the amount of people now wearing red has gone up, and of late, they are coalescing into clusters of red clothed stalkers. I was glad to get the hell out of downtown, as it was a Saturday afternoon level of pedestrian/ambulatory gangstalking on a Tuesday morning at 0930h. Bizarre to say the least, but that is one of the worlds that I live in, and this is my documentation of it, should I be allowed to keep this knowledge of what I know and predict. And now that the perps can access my knowledge, routinely, they could rewrite my entire life and I wouldn't be the wiser.

I have been listening to music tonight, now that the drivers are loaded. Eva Cassidy on Youtube; simply a stunning vocalist. Time to call it a wrap.

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