Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Shut-in Saturday

Two mouse arrow placements over exactly where I wanted to type in the first 10 seconds of starting this blog posting. This trivial pursuit of the perps has long been arranged for me, even in the pre-overt harassment days, but is getting to occur "more often", parking the arrow to partially obscure a portion of an alphabet letter or a forced typo. And when I vocalized my complaint and move the mouse arrow out from where I want to see, there is a scripted noise from outside; loud mufflers etc. Seems like a long row to hoe to have me look at portions of alphabetic characters, which is surely what they are doing. Unbelivable bullshit that I deal with all the time.

I seem to be slated for a shut-in day, as yesterday's dysthymic games have continued for today. Most days are unplanned, and often a shut-in day will occur even if I have no such intent, and desire to at least undertake some errands. Sometimes I even get setup for these, and am made to answer the phone in a depressed voice, and lo, if the perp shill doesn't remark on that as the conversation unfolds. Another gotcha, and another instance of being a continual door mat for the games that go on, right down to brown crumb inundation at lunch.

Three tortilla crumbs "lept" from the tortilla, one landing on the plate and the next on the right side of my jeans crotch, protective measures of leaning forward and eating on the plate were defeated. Then a third crumb later lept from the tortilla to land on the left side of my jean's crotch, also flying by some extra conventional gravitic means, hitting the plate to make it ring (vibrate) some, and then "somehow" landing on a retaining fold of my jeans again. This represents presumed progress over five years of having my life totally trashed on top of the 47 years of covertly fucking me, and many of my endeavors. It is time the perps checked their head honchos into the hospital and get medicated for being batshit crazy. And then come out of the closet and front for their depravity with a significant wad of cash in hand. One of those bundles of cash they lost in Iraq will do.

A new annoyance has started up, "click stalking"; this is adding a rightside click from no discernable or normal source, and timing these as I am keystroking, imposed typos and all. It is bad enough to be noisestalked from outside, where I cannot actually see if there is truly a genuine source, but this infernal clicking will likely shorten all future blog entries.

More siren cascades and other noisescape additions while reading about alternate energies and the like. Someone wants me to stay on this topic, even though I have no means to effect any such devices, lacking money, and have learning disabilities that pre-empt such a consideration. And, anytime I take on any project, I get unmerciful extra harassment; screwdrivers "slip" constantly, my hands start shaking, and an entire stream of imposed technical adversity builds. All my simple PC add-ons are done by someone I hire, and the only time I looked in the case of my 10-2006 rebuilt PC was when an "expert" who happened to offer his services inside this apartment building wanted to look inside. As it "so happened" that was entirely needless as only the motherboard drivers needed to be installed for audio, something that was "overlooked" when the PC was repaired after a take down with two simultaneous hard drive failures in 01-2007. Another sore point, but also adding the list of improbable events that continue every day. And it is roundly clear, if not a perp promoted notion, that I am the only one who is challenging this cummulative list of improbable events, and saying they are orchestrated. And of course that is known by the party to whom I am speaking, and even mentioning it is part of the mind-fuck script.

I just got a simultaneous zapping and an overhead rumbling noise, the standard one that follows me in my suite. And as this is the post-meal digestion period, I would surmise that the perps are attempting to sustain some kind of food digestion and color energetics interaction, and they especially like to do this from afar, and haven't the gumption to front for this continuing depravity. Fucking someone over after they have had a meal, day in, day out, for over five years. And a billion dollar budget so this can be done remotely, so they won't show their faces, operating illegally every moment of their organizational existence. And with government cooperation, as when needed. This in a supposed free country.

These photos from two days ago, this being a pair taken in sequence at an intersection; four red colored vehicles, one white vehicle, and two silver grey vehicles.

The traffic has proceded some, and two more white vehicles that were behind the rear most silver grey vehicle of the left side. All very arranged, and consistent, - the perps seem to have problems at intersections as they are always laying on more vehicles as well as ambulatory gangstalkers.

My pals again, the operatives "sleeping" beside their shopping baskets, the chromed steel variety which don't come from any shopping center close by, the next possible source is at least 1.5 miles away. As before, this operative was "sleeping" there for over two hours, as he was there when I set off for gym, and there when I came back. Another perp trick is to move the camera in my hand while taking a picture, which is what happened here.

Almost time to put this dull day away; kept me occupied for the last two hours, and I am almost through all their music samples and will need to find a substitue. Another challenge to be sure in this ordered environment I am kept in.

While the headphones were on me, (that means magnets for the perps), I had the usual parade of noise, and voices from either direction seemed to be the big deal tonight. Just as dusk was turning to night I noticed three black colored vehicles parked outside on the street, and one light metallic brown colored vehicle, the four in file. The usual impeccable timing, too dim to take a picture, but I have plenty of red vehicles lined up, so do I really need one of each major color? Not really, it is the planted notion at work I suspect.

Time to blog off and call this done for the day.

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