Thursday, July 27, 2006

The TI Diet

To be fair, it is the diet of this TI and it is highly governed; both by curious never-before habits (read, mind-controlled) and "shortages" at the grocery store. Past blog postings have mentioned the olive oil skirmishes with the perps, which are still continuing; at least another six splats (~ 1" diameter each) "arrived" in the night so to serve as reflective sources of light emanating beside or between my feet in my lower peripherial vision. Same setup as always.

And too, the color brown "problem" the perps have is also served according to dietary "choices". Fundamentally, it is the the same lunch and dinner food each day, now four plus years running, and most oddly, "I" (in the collective mind controlled sense) don't mind. Such never happened before all hell broke lose in 2002. The breakfast routine has been the same too, which is not an abberation from the past.

Anyhow, the lunch/dinner diet is brown colored sprouted grain tortillas to which a base of guacamole or olive tapenade is added, then cooked red onion and sliced cooked chicken meat, per the Chicken Run acquisition, and a topping of grated white cheddar cheese melted on top. Half is for consumption at the current mealtime, the remainder are reheated in the fry pan for the next meal. Every day now for four years, and "somehow" the collective "I" doesn't mind. Even long established variety preferences get jerked around by the thought police. Not a big deal, though the preparation time is an open opportunity for the perps to pull plenty of action-at-a-distance games in flicking food about, foiling my physical moves, and other games to crank up the infuriation level which they do even today, to sub-rage levels in keeping with their newfound practice.

All kinds of other games go on; the packaging gets larger for the same item, then smaller, the tortillas also vary in size, then the tortillas breakup sometimes, they will sometimes rip readily, the guacamole is a consistent green, then varigated greens, the cheese goes flying 18" away when grated by hand, the pan spins readily on an off-level burner, then one tortilla will shrink by 1" in cooking, while the other doesn't and on and on. All those "variants' to the normal get noisestalked as well, or anytime I notice something awry. And this is the same ingredients each time, though some brand differences in say olive oil, cheese etc. Senseless intrusion over juvenile considerations, day after day.

The drinking water supply is another cause for endless perp created permutations and combinations; late night acquisition (for a year), glacier water, same water from differing stores, differing container sizes with the same water, and now that I am vehicleless they have me with only one source, the nearby grocery store. First it was 4l containers, then they changed the brand (which was all over the store), now it is Italian Cutolo Rionero semi-carbonated (the best I have tasted since glacier water) in a sixpack of 1.5l bottles. And invariably when I brought it back, it tasted normal at first (as much as I know the term anymore), and within a day bubbles would mysteriously set up and the water became flat tasting. For a change, they seem to be leaving the Cutolo alone, maybe that is why I like it.

For fruit, there was a blueberry fixation in 2003 for 4 months, then kiwi fruits thereafter. But the next two years no blueberries were allowed, and only kiwi fruits. Now, it is back to blueberries for the season, partially aided by the new grocery source (in this vehicleless location).

No vegetables have been cooked by me since 2002, though I do get some at my parents once per week. From 2003 to 2005 they had me acquiring green salad leaves and adding pressed garlic and the cooked chicken in with an oil and mayonaise dressing that I would blend in. But then that "was dropped" (read mind-controlled disinclination), and now only the tortilla cycle each day with this never-before state of unconcern about the same diet.

And 9 of 10 times the gangstalkers are in place where I want to go in the grocery store; I have only a mental list and yet they are posted in the store locations I shop most of the time. Or else a surrogate, a stocking trolley loaded with brown corrugated cardboard boxes.

Enough of the TI diet; so far, I don't know of others who suffer the same degree of intrusion on this as I do. And the perps are at it again, in my humble estimation; another helicopter crash, this one with a reasonable cover story, happening in Afganistan, and in unreported conditions. Past readers will note my past dissertation on this arcane topic and its prevalent concurrence with my existence. Other aircraft disasters are likely to be included in this quest for the psychic-something the perps are looking for. I have long given up these being random events; in 2005, two separate helicopters crashes/dumps into the Hudson River on one week. Why am I the only one raising the BS flag on this?

Note to JM; I got your message in your lastmost post, 07-26-2006; unlike you, I don't have an definitive agency that I can name. Though they seem to have hired a large number of my confreres in forestry and the swim club. All these folk who now carry on as "consultants". One big hiring machine in my wake, not to mention payout machine. Do you have a story on the web of how it all began somewhere?

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