Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dull and Duller

A "normal" 9 hour sleep last night, better than four hours each of the two previous nights. The perps have been onto towel blooding again, preferably one just out from the closet. This particular stunt is one where a spontaneous bleed "starts up" and I only find out when I see the track of red on the towel. Four towels in succession, and that is nearly all the white ones. The blue towel is rarely used, and the blue face cloth "got lost", leaving me only one pink one. Every bit of that is managed for some reason, as it repeats so often, even if one didn't (somehow) believe in the spontaneous bleeds.

But they are; last night from my nose, and blood on the towel before I knew it. The amount of fakery is minimal strangely, as they don't attach the event to the coatails of shaving now, like they once did. (Back to the perennial question of; "who are they fooling?") And so with four towels soiled in a week in the same nonconventional and strange way, I got onto doing laundry, usually another fraught scene with the perps.

Not too ugly as it turned out, as the ugly mind-control and harassment action had already been exacted upon me in the course of making lunch. The only permitted food is tortillas, and for some unknown reason "I" (in the collective mind-controlled sense) don't mind when this never would of been the case pre-aware harassment days (before all hell came down four years ago).

The perps have me as a trembling wreck today, clammy and shaking like a Parkinson's patient, another on/off mind-control stunt they apply. In concert with this they also have the objects shake and vibrate too, putting on more energetics assay moments (what I think is their objective). It was back to the usual lunchtime competency assault; dithered proprioception abilities meant fumbling, food flicking, applying and re-applying food onto my hands (three rounds of red onion pieces), pulling objects from my grasp, making a mess on my hands, flicking dishes water about, etc. And the perps made sure to have me yell at their intrusions and as usual, they changed my voice every five seconds or so, constrained my vocabulary choices and then added strange intonnations (the latest act).

They had me visit (a block away) the grocery store for an item that they caused me to "forget" two days ago when shopping last. The perps like to accelerate the usage of certain items; currently it is dish soap (blue colored), mouthwash (same color) and peanut butter (mid brown color). The nightime is likely when they draw down these items.

And as always, going outside is a big gangstalk event, as much as they try to disguise it. A cluster of four silver grey vehicles in three cardinal directions with one embedded dark red vehicle was bisected by the sidewalk, which represents a bonus for the perps. Having me walk through a parked vehicle color coordinated cluster like that of my past driving days allows for them to separate me from my vehicle and all its interaction. Typically such a configuration would be around me at an intersection, but with parked vehicles instead, they have more placement options.

Anyhow, it was orange, red and yellow clothing today mostly; more gangstalkers making blatant moves to cross my path in front of me, and then they stand like a sentry beside me as I pass by. Then the same gangstalker was there when I came back. They put on a obvious teleporter job as well; a vehicle turned the corner to shelter the arrival of a (faux) bum and his shopping cart full of bottles and cans ffor recycling. A bottle recyling depot opened up in this neigborhood a few months ago and it represents the cover story for all manner of shifless types to be packing this material on the streets. LIkely it offers more gangstalking potential as I "frequently" encounter store staff doing the same.

But this "bum" (a very common gangstalker guise) arrived from nowhere that I saw once the intervening vehicle has turned the corner and there is no way I would of missed him beforehand. This teleporting isn't often used on me that I can tell, only for specific certain events. It also serves as a cover to have some 30 shopping baskets cluster in front, some of them in red painted steel (not anywhere near here). The perps do like to put metal mesh or crossed metal members anywhere near me, and steel shopping carts are one of their favorite stalking items.

The usual confluence of in-store gangstalkers applied; they often start me out with women gangstalkers then it becomes all males, who have a particular and obvious head turning and twisting comportment that is a giveaway as to their real purpose. This may be for more energetics readability reasons as they will often turn their heads when changing from one cardinal direction to another.

I am told the perps read people's backbones like an aerial, and this may well be true; they like to have gangstalkers bend over in midstreet or anywhere else near me. When they pulled the firealarm stunt at 0400h one time, I went for a walk in town; 3 of the 6 gangstalkers on duty were in a bendover situation, pretending to look for something on the street. And today, when exiting the building, they had an ambulatory gangstalker put on a sick act and both bendover and then spit copious amounts of saliva on the sidewalk. Past spitting events have included the drivers of top-down convertibles spit into the air ahead of me and have it land inches ahead of my vehicle, once two in one outing.

Having the gangstalkers display their backs at close range is a very common tactic; or even to back into me, accidently on purpose of course. When I returned to college in 1990 for a one year upgrade course, there were no end of incidents of "students" backing through the building entrance doors on their way to another class. I could never figure out what kind of mentality would do that, but now I know, one who is paid to do so.

The buzzing feet sensation/harassment is playing tonight; a constant low level vibratory activity when considered in the full spectrum of tortures is quite benign. Both feet this time, and is a common nightime event when getting to sleep. That and bed shaking, the equivalent, except it is the bed that is moving me in a similar manner.

I have a differing view on the news item where the Chief Fratboy ran his paws on Chancellor Merkel's back recently; he was doing an energetic perturbance stunt so she could be read better for her auric eneergies. Which suggests that the Chief is under the spell of the sorcerers, something I wouldn't doubt. And quite a bit of noisestalking has started up when I wrote this, so that may be a confirmation too.

And while none of the above is any excitement, it should supply more evidence to the nonbelievers (read, clinical staff) who doubt that my life is managed down to dotting 'i's and crossing 't's in my paper journal. It is that way, and even keystroking is mightily hampered by relentless (10x more rate) "errors/typos" that never happened before 05-15-2002, the Day of Infamy.


James F. Marino said...

What the perps do to you with your food prep they do to me on the computer. I am bombarded by pop
ads always seeming to promote their
themes -- pink, alligator, bankruptsy, foreclosure etc.
Always negative.

They often freeze the computer screen on me in the middle of downloads or in accessing Websites,
or knock me offline (even though this is broadband connection).

I have even had my computer screen
go from the normal whitish background to a yellow tinge, some months back - it only lasted a day but gave me a further idea of
the capablities that they have with technology.

OF course there is spying on 24/7/365 and invading our privacy in ways in which the Constitution would have called for them to be
permanently imprisoned.

The orange in the clothing you see
is the ever constant threat that they are going to arrest you -- like they haven't placed you into a virtual prison.

The bending over to search for something is also common with me.

And when I travel towards a bridge
for sometime there were perps even
at 3 and 4 in the morning all hunched over the railing with their
fishing lines out.

I once had a boat pull up to me
while I was sitting on a pier with the name penalty box on the side.

The owner kept casting his unbaited hook straight in my direction. This went on for about
5 minutes.

Another time at the old Marshall Field Estate on Long Island's North Shore, known today as Calumset State Park, I was walking along the beach during winter time
(years ago I would have seen no one). On this day, I was walking
only to find some perp who had beached his expensive liferaft
standing on the front getting ready to disembark in a striking a
Ponce De Leon pose. Several other perps got walked nearby as I decided to lay down on a nearby log.

When I walked along the water a small powerboat pulled along side
with its owner just staring at me.

Other so called fishermen were watching me and mimicking my walk
and mannerisms.

These perps study us for years in an attempt to know more about us than we know about ourselves. They also see us as rabblerowsers because we are always skeptical of the government and the status quo
doctrine. We are a threat to them.

The mind control that they subject us to which can include very complex subconscious invasions of our psyche indictes them in regard to their complicity.

A brief example follows:

When you entrap someone into committing a bank robbery knowing full well that this person would not have done so if left alone,
you blur the line between law enforcement and crime.

You also distort that ideals of truth and justice, when you become part of the crime.

If the guy was not going to rob the bank why set him up to do so?

To prove that you can?

Any person with half a brain can see that in a situation like this it is the provocateurs who are the criminals and not their intended victim.

Yet part of the objective of these perps appears to be creating an inverse between truth and lies.

If John tells the police that he is being stalked and subjected to mind control he is either humored or dismissed as being mentally ill, especially when John's family can be coopted into saying that he is.

However, since John is recounting the opposite and documenting it, we can only arrive at one of two conclusions:

Either John is delusional or John
is telling the truth and a victim of a considerable conspiracy in which lies are being circulated as the truth and the truth is being completely ignored.

Anyone who lives in such a society should be in fear that such a gross
miscarriage of justice can take place in countries that claim to be under democratic rule.

And when a lie can be spun as the truth simply by bullying everyone into accepting this. Kind of like
the Roman Empire removing the doctrine of reincarnation when it
adopted Christianity back in the
early part of the 6th Century AD.

Any Romans who held onto this belief were banned from society
or even murdered at the direction
of the Emperor Constantine and
with the blessing of the RC Church.

Of course if your average Christian
went to a priest today and said,
did the Roman Catholic Church ever
OK the murder of people who believed in reincarnation, the priest would quickly reply, NO.

However, the priest would also say that there is no such thing as reincarnation.

More revised history. If things in the USA continue to go as they are someday George Bush may be read of in history books as a brave and courageous leader who
took on the evil in this world
practically single handed.

Many others as evil or more have been portrayed in such a light.
Try finding one history book in this country that has been published by a major company that
discussed George HW Bush's CIA involvement in the drug trafficking and money laundering of illegal drugs into the USA.

It happened. And the CIA is largest drug trafficker in this country. But you will never read about this in any history book either.

The truth is for the few -- the LIES are for the masses..


James F. Marino said...

But this "bum" (a very common gangstalker guise)

I was attacked by a homeless person, raving wild while on route to my job in advertising in the early 1980's - about the time the mind control/gangstalking campaign got underway.

I behind several people and this
person wearing this decrepit old
faded red shirt was reaching out
and literally growling at them.

He managed to miss everyone in front of me by what appeared to be inches. Suddenly as I move to my left and away from him to pass, he manages to get a hold of the sleeve on my blazer and with his other hand makes a fist and attempts to punch me in the face.

At this point have my briefcase in my left hand and block his punch with my right. I push him away with my right hand only to find him moving closer. Tired of this
I grab his shirt and throw him to the ground, while finding that a part of his shirt tears off in my hand.

He screams at me from the ground but does not get up as he continues sitting in the middle of the city street.

I quickly moved on and reported the incident to a cop on the next block. The two of went back to find this guy but he was gone within a matter of minutes, nowhere in site within the area that he accosted me.

I thought it quite odd that he would leave so quickly when he appeared to be very drunk. I thought more likely that he would have still been in the street or

The 1980's was full of these strange attacks. Other drivers cursing me out when I had done nothing to them -- some even trying to run me off the road.

Other people with the SMIRKS or
dirty looks, while I wondered how I could attract such response having never met them before.

Being made to feel very uncomforable at work, even though there should have been no reason for it.

Finding one day when I had left my cubicle for a few minutes that my desk drawer had been left slightly ajar, my American Express card still in it, while my empty wallet
was taken??

About 20 minutes later some security guard from the next building over had called to say my wallet had been found in a trash bin. I went down to pick it up and
a mini calculator that I had in the wallet was missing.

This was around 1983. I have had so many of these bizarre instances happen to me since that time (and even before) that I just thought myself to be one of the unluckiest people I have ever known.

I now know that I have been targeted for gang stalking all this time as part of a much larger campaign orchestrated by an fbi agent waging his own personal vendetta against me.

I would leave the office and always find someone lurking about in the alcove of the building, regardless of what time I left.

One day I went to yawn and in a rare instance forgot to cover my mouth. An African American male quickly shouted out -- as though on cue, didn't your mother tell you to always cover your mouth when you yawn??

Like said, military style timing and attacks that only someone targeted for decades would ever recognize.

Exactly where in the Bill Of Rights does it state that an American can be denied their right to due process like this, or for that matter have their minds repeatedly raped and thoughts manipulated??

We have become sport for an extremely fucked up group of government employees, who consider the torture of anyone including humans to be acceptable behavior.

Not it my book it isn't...

AJH said...

Lots to comment on, and I am months late in doing so, as I was under the impression that comments would be coming to me email, but then that "somehow" stopped.

The solution to browser invasion is:
Firefox 2.0 and then get the
AdPlus blocker extension.

It is about 90% effective as the latter hasn't been upgraded yet.

The computer display is constantly plagued with yellow-white color games; extra lines, enhancements and always moving about. This color combination has them in a real snit for whatever reason.

That yawn coincidence; a total setup. The assholes always schedule noise when my mouth is open and attending to dental hygeine, and most other times. There is more ready access to another side of your brain at that moment. Hence the gangstalker/operatives doing open-mouthing, eating food, sticking their tongue out, yawning, spitting and other games to expose their mouths or mouth contents.