Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Early Shift Again

The second day in succession of an 0400h get-up time where I was awakened to hear a distant nattering of a faux neighbor. I put a finger over my ear and bought relief for 10 seconds or so until the perps raised the nattering volume level so I could hear it again. How thoughtful. Many TI's call the perps sound manipulation capabilities "voice to skull", though to be fair, I won't use this term, but instead I call it projected sound, as it does NOT come from expected sources, though it approximates such. For example, I get high speed traffic noise all day long when in fact there is some low-speed traffic, but not anywhere near the speed and volume the sound (i.e. noisescape) suggests. The same for the constant all-day noise of chopped Harley-type motorcycles (3 to 5 per minute) that would suggest a biker's clubhouse, bar or meet nearby when there is no such activity in this neighborhood.

Just like yesterday, this is another 0400h "catch the dawning light" stunt (along with the prodigious amount of noise of no conventional causal, per above), while doing my morning PC/internet routine of news, email etc. So in other words, I have plenty of time on my hands again, another state they like to keep me in when I have reflected on this. There have been some employer sponsored durations of no field work to do, either a weather related problem (e.g. helicopter cannot fly) or a schedule "mixup". This is another consistency with the past, stringing me out with nothing to do, also noted as a non-mind control harassment trait in an earlier posting. They have been doing for four years now, but now they have me with no vehicle, this is their big event.

And also, laying on transitory (1 to 5 seconds long; highly annoying) vision impairments as I key this in, the impairment is precisely timed to be coincident with keystroke blundering, outside arranged noises, "neighbor noise" of on/off "water usage" (constant since 0400h so far, now 0730h), etc.

I use earmuffs on and off, and the perps likely manage for exactly that. The earmuffs will progressively take on a din, will crackle, or a "breathing" noise, a whistling sound on both inhale and exhale will "occur", not to mention all manner of seeming muscle pulling and other undifferentiated head noise will be created/amplified. And also, the usual (real and faked) outside sounds can now "penetrate" the earmuffs more readily than they ever did before (another "somehow").


James F. Marino said...

It never ceases to amaze me how
these perps federal and otherwise
maintain a constant ritualistic
vigil at our bedsides and everywhere else.

They like to watch us walk the tightwire that they have placed us on just hoping that we will fall off it.

And when we don't that really really pisses them off. SO then,
failed attempt as usual they pathetically attack someone close to ensuring that we get the blame.

I am convinced that all of our contacts our mind controlled, however we are the only ones who
realize. To say that this is at times a gutwrenchingly emotion
experience is an understatement.

It is very painful to watch the people you love being tormented by others, while you get the blame.

This technology and the adjunct
psywarfare employed along with it
could have only been created by those with a NAZI mindset.

Only a NAZI or likeminded miscreant could possibly enjoy such suffering of others.

And like you, John, who have witnessed enough of this suffering to last many lifetimes, I too have
grown absolutely exhausted of the
pathetic excuses for life that
enjoy their attacks on us.

As I watch them cruising my neighborhood in their Porsche and
BMW SUV's, Mercedes cabrio's and other expensive machinery, while some of those stalkers with less
money drive their old beaters,
it is clear that gangstalking is performed at all socio econonic levels.

In my case these attacks began
long ago by the Federal Bureau Of
Investigation. Very subtle at first.

Since the advent of the Fascist Patriot Act, and homeland security,
as with most others targeted for this abuse, I now find them far more aggressive.

The perpetrators can range anywhere from the soccermom in her SUV, to her husband, the elderly
taking their stroll at night, to the local Fire department and PD.

Of course this is by design, since
if the TI mentions this it would
appear to seem improbable.

However, TI's are well aware that it is not only probable, but possible that perps come in all shapes and sizes, and their goal
is to see us dead.

Consequently, we can point the
accusatory finger in their direction knowing full well that they are complicit many times in
the torture and murder of others.

Like you, I'll not go quietly, but instead send up a flare so that
others can be made aware of the
extreme violation of both Civil and Human Rights which has and
continues to occur, where American
families are torn apart by those
diabolical enough to think that they have the right to take a human life, even in the most covert of ways.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security are the ones who destroyed my reputation and denied me my Constitutional rights, especially that of Due Process.

And with the initiative of a pack
of wild hyenas, have assumed that I would simply just let them get away with such attacks while those around me were either too frightened or hamstrung to assist
me in exposing these miscreants.

However, I will continue to do just fine exposing them on my own,
as I agonize for the pain and suffering that they cause my family
and former friends.

My only satisfaction any longer is
an enlightenment as to the real
status of things in this country.

As Alan Yu said: the mind controllers as he likes to refer to them will let those who don't know about them continue to live their lives while they destroy those who have learned about them.

And in the future, attack anyone
who they decide on some whim deserves it.

This can only mean one thing: that as long as this technology exists
and as long as there are evil people to operate it, no one
one and for that matter, no living thing on this planet is safe.

In regard to experiencing what I will refer to as prestaged fights
that are loud enough for the TI to hear, see Vera's Story on the MC Forum if you have not already.

This is one witty human being who
has done a superb job of capturing the TI experience and the perp's
ritualistic attacks.

She at one point mentions her mother and father having a knock down drag out fight on the front lawn, loud enough so that she could hear it. Yet a short time
later, they were laughing and acting as though nothing had ever happened.

I think that many of us have witnessed such displays in the past. How much of it is being done
without the conscious knowledge of those around us and how much is being done as yet another gaslighting skit remains to be seen.

One things for certain, we are the ones who are targeted for these deceptions.

As for our families, they are sadly
targets in their own way, and usually treated just as cruelly as we are.

I have coined these globally networked stalking groups who attack us and our loved ones and divide us as the invisible demon.

I think this term describes exactly what they are, as they operate out in plain sight and
are in an completely unobtrusive way.

Yet the devastation they cause is
quite visible to those being targeted.


AJH said...

The perps do like to divide families up, possibly to the point of hijacking airliners and keeping the occupants incarcerated for their lives; e.g. KAL 007. Another topic my ex-wife went suddenly dead on when I told her about a theory of "radar tickling" games that was thought to be the case. What I didn't know until recently is that they never found any debris except shoes some days later. More unknown wierdness that smells of deception.

Sometimes the perps have a couple as a gangstalking pair, side by side, and they stop and split apart ahead of me as if choreographed, leaving me no other choice but to walk between them. The "split-couple" stalk I call it. It is very common, which leads me to think that there must be something in energetic terms (per Tom Bearden) that they don't understand, and yet they require a sudden and unplanned separation with both parties alive, but no communication. As I type this, I am getting roundly noisestalked, my first clue as to their interest in what I am typing.

Anyhow, I don't think that we are going to solve any conspiracies on-line in this forum, but I am surprised as to how much of 9-11 is not making sense.

James F. Marino said...

I agree the more you dig into the events surrounding 9-11, the more
the government's explanation just
does not add up.

Too many unanswered questions, and
the FBI is being very secretive
with its information.

With all of the cameras surrounding the Pentagon one would think that the American people would have seen a 757 hit the Pentagon, and from numerous angles.

Instead, the FBI releases one video of poor quality which at no time shows anything even closely resembling a 757.

And even those such as the local
gas station that had their videotapes confiscated are not allowed to talk about what they saw for fear of prosecution under
the new patriot act.

It would seem that the patriot act is giving the criminals in government the ability to hide their crimes under the cover of law and prevent the average citizen from telling the American people about them.

This is how bad things have gotten in this country, when it can be hijacked by some Texan who steals
the elections through the stuffing of ballot boxes, chad scandal and other means, then literally orchestrates with others, a plan to
subvert the US Constitution through the drafting of such fascist legislation as the patriot act, where his crimes are so noticeable that most Americans are
wondering how is it that Bush has not been arrested or impeached?

Of course bush is just a lightening rod for much more powerful people; the ones who bush
does the bidding for.

You mention an interesting point in regard to the perps hijacking
of airliners and keeping the occupants hostages for life.

Film maker Dylan Avery mentions in his documentary loosechange 911
that flight 93 which was supposedly shot down over PA, showed up at an evacuated Cleveland airport, and all passengers were disembarked, led
to an NASA staging area and never heard from again.

Where are these people if they did not die in the PA crash as we have been told?

Avery's documentary was so compelling and gaining so much influence, that he was recently accused of stealing the idea from the two Frenchmen who were filming
on 9-11 and managed to capture the only known footage of the first plane hitting the North Tower.

It's clear that Avery's documentary was on target and that it had to be removed from the Internet, which it now has been.

That has not stopped Dylan from holding regular viewings in cities around the USA. This young man has courage, but he is not aware of just how deep this corruption goes.

Taking aim at this administration and the intelligence community is
constructive, however, there are very powerful private organizations behind them as well,
that Dylan has no idea about.

And his very public accusations are
placing his life in jeapardy. He has been warned many times to back of what he is doing, but his youthful exuberance and innate curiousty have become the force driving him. I just hope they don't get him killed -- a good possibility given the threat to the corruption that his documentary reveals.

As for being hijacked, I think you will agree that your family and mine as well as a myriad of others
have been, and rendered helpless to do anything but obey the dictates of our stalkers/mind controllers or suffer the consequences as we are.


AJH said...

Yes, there are many world events that don't add up, including KAL007, where no wreckage debris field was found. Sometimes I think these apparent "lapses" of the plan, to invoke the conspiracy theory for now, are also designed in. All the better to locate and study suspicious minds and their findings.

I have experienced a number of thought-to-be mistakes by the perps but in hindsight (learning more about their habits) they rarely screw up, or at least in my case. Which suggests deliberate seeding of "lapses" in surreptitiousness for me to detect, and as always, for them to study me as I find and then later recall them. They are big into testing my recall these days; from information minutes old to days, weeks, to years. Nearly all of my web link visitation annotation is stripped out (purple colored) and revised to indicate no prior visitation (blue colored), within a day even. My understanding of the brain's memory storage is that it takes two years for memories to be stored for long term. During that time, the storage is dynamic, and this seems to be their current quest in my estimation.